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  • "i don't like for my hands to sweat so i don't wear the gloves, i just bike the bullet and let them get covered in stain instead" 🤔🤔🤔

    C ColeC Cole12 timmar sedan
  • 👍🏼

    Janeth D.Janeth D.12 timmar sedan
  • #ceaxahack was recommended by a friend and he has proven to be the best at what he does I strongly recommend him too to anyone who needs help..

    Nathan LutherNathan Luther12 timmar sedan
  • That might be the best Dark side of the ring episode i have ever seen "it takes more guts to live then to die" God bless you Kevin Von Eric i learned something from watching this thank you

    Jerry JonesJerry Jones12 timmar sedan
  • #ceaxahack was recommended by a friend and he has proven to be the best at what he does I strongly recommend him too to anyone who needs help..

    Nathan LutherNathan Luther12 timmar sedan
  • lucky guy dont have to deal with covid19

    QuangtumGamplayQuangtumGamplay12 timmar sedan
  • He got fired for being unprofessional.

    SLMNWSLMNW12 timmar sedan
  • Imagine life being so bad you rather have aids

    King CrossKing Cross12 timmar sedan
  • Yeah follow a lady named mother God the alcoholic

    jacob Linvillejacob Linville12 timmar sedan
  • TV JOCK alert

    Declan Tiberius KellyDeclan Tiberius Kelly12 timmar sedan
  • We are only another species in this planet who doesn't care for us. THERE CAN BE NO FREEDOM OF RELIGION.... WITH RELIGION. This is the modern prosecution of those who don't align with Christianity.

    xtscarface Mxtscarface M12 timmar sedan
  • Can someone please tell me they also hear the “missed beat” on the intro where it goes “cut my life into pieces-this my last resort”

    Aureus LarañoAureus Laraño12 timmar sedan
  • The overall negativity... it wasn’t negativity! It was FACTS, and she still joined more MLMs.

    Life, Love and Mental Illness a vlog channelLife, Love and Mental Illness a vlog channel12 timmar sedan
  • So it’s like woke Americans

    Jon RugerJon Ruger12 timmar sedan
  • Lol wtf

    ZelZel12 timmar sedan
  • Vaccines are good Earth is a globe Do not question. Pray Saturn

    GandalfGandalf12 timmar sedan
  • Such an emotional video,it really hurts to see an icon ,not be protected at a stunt..

    rafael solorzanorafael solorzano12 timmar sedan
  • this reminds me of the movie role models

    Vintage FilmsVintage Films12 timmar sedan
  • Having Chris narrate all these was the best choice ever he’s perfect for it.

    Jon RugerJon Ruger12 timmar sedan
  • so he just has a spending/greed problem. gotcha.

    ushirebornushireborn12 timmar sedan
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    agnes monnalizaagnes monnaliza12 timmar sedan
  • I'm so happy I saw a review recommending MISTCYBER ON INSTAGRAM he just did mine

    Olayinka MariamOlayinka Mariam12 timmar sedan
  • Conspiracy = Critical Thinking

    Amir HasaniAmir Hasani12 timmar sedan
  • Does anyone feel like talking shite when there off there but right about now

    Alex EllisAlex Ellis12 timmar sedan
  • Did they ask the baby first if it wanted to live?

    kl Lintonkl Linton12 timmar sedan
  • Delusional and at the same time manipulator

    Marius LevisteMarius Leviste12 timmar sedan
  • Well when you get massive unchecked immigration, woke college commie wannabes wanting to tear down the system and anti white propaganda from government don’t be surprised when normal people band together as a response to them.

    Solace _Solace _12 timmar sedan
  • The Kurt cobain of professional wrestling

    Dan GDan G12 timmar sedan
  • if you rush a police blockade, guess what happens! if you jump from a house and brake your neck do you blame the ground for execive violence and murder? no

    Roger IsakssonRoger Isaksson12 timmar sedan
  • if you introduce someone to heroin...that should be prosecuted like attempted murder since a large majority of people end up dying of it. youve basically tossed someone elses dice in death

    alextheromanianalextheromanian12 timmar sedan
  • Someone call Chris Rock and Adam Sandler, we got a movie to make!

    Path FinderPath Finder12 timmar sedan
  • What’s so sad is how Marvo didn’t understand that his dad couldn’t take him. He assumed that he didn’t want anything to do with him and didnt see his fathers love. This is such a heart breaking story

    RioRio13 timmar sedan
  • Once again, thanks for the upload!

    higlerhigler13 timmar sedan
  • My mom works from home selling her body for meth

    Stikmi DikinurasStikmi Dikinuras13 timmar sedan
  • Why am I watching this on Ramadan

    Alev AliAlev Ali13 timmar sedan
  • Using your religion and history to gain money and others people land in genius evil but genius

    Minh NguyenMinh Nguyen13 timmar sedan
  • na this guys a g he tried to buy bedford LOOOOOOL

    Jacob490Jacob49013 timmar sedan
  • How about APPLE... is there a right to repair video on APPLE.?

    Klepto NaisaKlepto Naisa13 timmar sedan
  • Far right = anything other than left. Conspiracy theorist = anyone who doesn't agree with the official narrative.

    TheSethxyTheSethxy13 timmar sedan
  • VICE: Journalism... or Just Propaganda?

    KrushemKrushem13 timmar sedan
  • from like s1e5 this show has went wayyy down hill

    neoniconneonicon13 timmar sedan
  • Elon Musk must have learned these annoying practices from John Deere.

    Cough It UpCough It Up13 timmar sedan
  • “constitutionally god given right”... nope, not at all.

    secret germssecret germs13 timmar sedan
  • This is a man who takes his estrogen levels seriously

    G GG G13 timmar sedan
  • I feel angered by the fact they blame our depression, substance abuse, “deviant” behaviour on being homosexual. Nope. It all stems from a culture that forced us to hide since our childhood, to give our first kiss in some secluded and hidden place, from not being able to hold the hand of our first boyfriend in the streets cause were too scared of being beaten up. We’re depressed cause we’ve been living in fear, not because we like dick. Hooking up and one night stands and casual sex all comes from a society that made it scary and hard to simply go out and speak to each other, so there’s grindr. It’s a dog that bites it’s own tail, but don’t make it about fucking god cause he really doesn’t care

    gianmarco orsinigianmarco orsini13 timmar sedan
  • Boats, motorcycles, campers, etc dropping sales are the first sign when the economy is slowing or crashing.

    Travis BattlesTravis Battles13 timmar sedan
  • Broke my heart fr fr

    The OutletThe Outlet13 timmar sedan
  • Jesus Christ

    #BatWho Laughs#BatWho Laughs13 timmar sedan
  • Wow vice in Russian ....just when I was feeling bored it Russian or Dutch?

    Abhishek ChatterjeeAbhishek Chatterjee13 timmar sedan
  • This is OLD

    John MontagJohn Montag13 timmar sedan
  • Love the DarkSide Of The Ring series. GREAT job guys keep it up.

    Steve GSteve G13 timmar sedan
  • They always blame race and systemic racism but never want to take any responsibility for their own actions.

    Antonio .VAntonio .V13 timmar sedan
  • 🦹

    frawldogfrawldog13 timmar sedan
  • Israil is terrest country 🇵🇰🤝🇮🇳

    Ak 47Ak 4713 timmar sedan
  • *mistcyber* don't need email, password or number he makes everything through himself

    Ability UkemeAbility Ukeme13 timmar sedan
  • Blue flame bowling shirt is the ultimate flex

    Tristan HaukTristan Hauk13 timmar sedan
  • I just can't get over how he said that he's never heard of Christians having "non believers" at gun and knife point to get them to convert, like what? They've done that and everything else in the book.💀

    Lullaby BabyLullaby Baby13 timmar sedan
  • Although I do not agree with these teens I can see the ideology buildup in them and I truly hope that one day they can live hand in hand with the Palestinians They too deserve a future and they deserve to be freed of this ideology of hate

    Mkmed KhaledMkmed Khaled13 timmar sedan
  • I just want to needlepoint her inspirational quotes onto some throw pillows.

    Ashley MegganAshley Meggan13 timmar sedan
  • Man so interesting can’t wait for part 2

    Liendo’s customs and collectionsLiendo’s customs and collections13 timmar sedan
  • Vintage Cabbage Patch kids are basically worthless, but I bet one of Martha’s dolls would be worth a fortune.

    Cross-eyed KittyCross-eyed Kitty13 timmar sedan
  • 99% of people in crypto are trying to get rich quick, have no understanding of the tech behind it, and certainly don't have the risk management or investing skills.

    AdamAdam13 timmar sedan
  • Boring

    I WANT MY SLAW!!I WANT MY SLAW!!13 timmar sedan
  • "Land of the free home of the brave" my black ass......

    Abhishek ChatterjeeAbhishek Chatterjee13 timmar sedan
  • I was so high I thought it was salacious and set the weed on fire

    loomaxx 11loomaxx 1113 timmar sedan
  • He looks like Peter Crouch haha!!

    Juan Miguel NovoaJuan Miguel Novoa13 timmar sedan
  • so fucking rice

    Mauro2K1Mauro2K113 timmar sedan
  • Iron Maiden - Ghengis Khan.. This is what made this band. Literally stolen. lol

    Ryann Von DoomRyann Von Doom13 timmar sedan
  • A gay dude once told me the lyrics were "I'm in need of a guy" and every since then I couldn't not hear those lyrics. 🤪🤨🤪🤨

    sjtolasjtola13 timmar sedan
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    Sunli GanghiSunli Ganghi13 timmar sedan
  • 10:21 he’s not a coward. You’ll thank him on judgment day. Life is short. Eternity is a long time.

    Mister AndersonMister Anderson13 timmar sedan
  • I'll answer the question posed in the thumbnail. No, you shouldn't be afraid of Antifa because they're all pussies.

    A RA R13 timmar sedan
  • I became Muslim 2 years ago to day I’m 17 and my parents still don’t know my best friend is Muslim and his parents were so nice to me and treated me like family luckily his uncle was an imam and he helped me convert

    AREAAREA13 timmar sedan
  • Great 👍

    Jacob BaranowskiJacob Baranowski13 timmar sedan
  • Hate speech

    ALPHONSINE AguillonALPHONSINE Aguillon13 timmar sedan

    Guy SomeGuy Some13 timmar sedan
  • I do not believe one word Vince Russo said about how Jim Cornette did come up with the finish to the Montreal screw job. Cornette came up with it he was the only one with the knowledge of wrestling history to think of it Russo's dumbass wants to claim some kinda credit.

    Ronald DesellRonald Desell13 timmar sedan
  • Had yo stupid ass looking like a punk lmaoooo🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mini RuzziMini Ruzzi13 timmar sedan
  • Your shoes deserve a one star review

    The Executive RuleThe Executive Rule13 timmar sedan