Will Robots Be the Drug Dealers of the Future? | The War on Drugs

We ask three experts about what might be coming next in the ever-changing picture of the War on Drugs.
A world flooded with ultra-powerful synthetic opioids, people buying drugs from AI dealers, Mexican cartels pouring methamphetamine into Europe - there are some terrifying prospects on the horizon. And yet, the US, the birthplace of the War on Drugs itself, might just be beginning to turn a corner in how it thinks about this whole failed enterprise.
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Ladda ner



  • I don't think traditional drugs will die out. I don't really enjoy fentanyl that much, I enjoy the old school stuff much more, and there is many just like myself who just don't like the synthetic stuff.

    Jimmy RusselsJimmy RusselsTimme sedan
  • I mean if they grow it yes

    christian garciachristian garcia5 timmar sedan
  • Companies should be shut down & ceo's put in prison, along with sales people, ....

    Victor ZarateVictor Zarate7 timmar sedan
  • Drug dealers and chemists making and selling drugs that could kill you at first use. That's not sustainable when all of your clients are dead.

    MVN *MVN *8 timmar sedan
  • This host creeps me out. I can't tell where he's looking

    Horizons OneHorizons One11 timmar sedan
  • First a documentary, about sex robots..now drug distribution bots.. robots are going to replace,human on human contact..

    Scott ChicagoScott Chicago17 timmar sedan
  • if people exist then drugs 2 PERIOD

    neofitos mihailneofitos mihail19 timmar sedan
  • Giving Decentralized Autonomous Organizations a new meaning

    mcspiritmcspirit20 timmar sedan
  • robots taking away all the jobs:(

    Joel MichelJoel MichelDag sedan
  • Do we care about the middle or upper class whites? Just asking

    Xavier CervantesXavier CervantesDag sedan
  • Leave it to vice to turn drug problems into racism!

    Throat PunchThroat PunchDag sedan
  • Does the mean they will take card🤑

    Xavier CervantesXavier CervantesDag sedan
  • Transformers:The War on Drugs

    Adrian BecerraAdrian BecerraDag sedan
  • The whole 'you can OD by touching fentanyl' trope is an urban myth and needs to stop. Also, fentanyl can be used fine, but you need to use it correctly. Like dosing with pain med plasters or properly dissolved & measured IV.

    cyriliocyrilioDag sedan
  • That's some good reports 👍

    Vulture ll SocietyVulture ll SocietyDag sedan
  • "Yo Ding Zhao Ping, let me get a pack of that fetty."

    Lil MookieLil MookieDag sedan
  • I know drugs kill but the Philippines will literally kill you.

    Ghanjah Man MusicGhanjah Man MusicDag sedan
  • Heeey reeeed stand back I gotsa practice mah stabbin

    chastity fetishchastity fetishDag sedan
  • Soo CarFentanyl is 100x stronger than fentanyl which is 100x stronger than morphine ? So like 10000x ? Like 30ug (0.00003g) of fentanyl transdermal like on your finger is enough to get you pretty fuckeduply high... CarFentanyl ? Wtf Even 2mg of pure fentanyl which is about less than 10 grains of salt is deadly

    CeaudeCeaudeDag sedan
  • You can tie narcotics to a drone with a string and fly it literally anywhere. Right now. This very second. Not even in the future. How is this a 12 minute long video?

    Armory KittingtonArmory Kittington2 dagar sedan
  • Future drugs will be all synthetic. You can already synthesize substances with an infinite potential for potency over "naturally" derived old school originals.

    Gene BeugletGene Beuglet2 dagar sedan
  • Will they front it to me?

    Vivian HayesVivian Hayes2 dagar sedan
  • Beep boop bop

    JG310HOEJG310HOE2 dagar sedan
  • But The real question is are you invested in doge coin

    pancho albapancho alba2 dagar sedan
  • No change in drug use will ever happen until people wake up & see that drug use will eventually end you. How much evidence do you need just open your eyes & look around simple !

    brian gillisbrian gillis2 dagar sedan
  • Its that they blame mexican cartels when its all brought in from china biden allowed china to ship across the globe well no wonder why cartel gets it duh fuk quit bein stupid

    Billy Jack Sr. ArmentaBilly Jack Sr. Armenta2 dagar sedan
  • what a brilliant idea...

    supertevsupertev2 dagar sedan
  • There will be robots that synthesize drugs on demand, like a vending machine.

    unter menchunter mench2 dagar sedan
  • How tf is a robot gonna re on the hardo???

    Tj EYMTj EYM2 dagar sedan
  • Already saw this meth

    Sauce GuySauce Guy2 dagar sedan
  • Choppin up a fat gagger on the Garth Brooks cd cover!!

    Manuel Labor 78Manuel Labor 782 dagar sedan
  • This host is a LEGEND👌🏼

    Maksim GhyvoronskyMaksim Ghyvoronsky2 dagar sedan
  • Order on line what's the problem .

    Chris MinnieChris Minnie2 dagar sedan
  • i fuckin hope so, robots unless programmed wont cheap you 😂 so if you find a good one, hold on to it

    Itsa GamesItsa Games3 dagar sedan
  • * robot dealer hands me the cali Me: " if you pull that plug from that socket, which is attached to you , your money is there" *robot dealer goes into shutdown mode. * I walk away with a $20 bill in my pocket 😂😂😂

    Original UnoriginalOriginal Unoriginal3 dagar sedan
    • imagine being so broke you have to skimp a robot

      brandon nelsonbrandon nelsonDag sedan
  • Alita can you send to my house please oh bring your rollerblade but not the blade.

    IblyssIblyss3 dagar sedan
  • Nope. They’ll make 3D printers that are 3d chemists. Little machines you stick cartridges of precursors like you’re swapping the ink on your ink jet. You’ll be able to print synthetic chemicals.

    Tommy OhlrichTommy Ohlrich3 dagar sedan
  • I imagine a robot drug dealer shooting me for forgetting my money at home 😂

    Alabama LockPicking ClubAlabama LockPicking Club3 dagar sedan
  • This propaganda piece .

    Mikie LikesitMikie Likesit3 dagar sedan
  • I absolutely love your shows man. Keep it up love you words of Truth

    Jon DeadJon Dead3 dagar sedan
  • There was an experiment conducted as the result of there being far to many emergencies caused by people eating & inhaling broken glass shards when smoking crack habitually. The idea was to have vending machines stocked with “unbreakable” crack pipes dirt cheap. Whoever dreamt it up never heard, “never trust a junky.” The machines were thoroughly trashed to peaces the same day. The evil tampons is one thing, but, that’s another story . . .

    michael burnsmichael burns3 dagar sedan
  • It also helps the old folks feel safe and they'll get there votes in bullshit politics

    Special-T-419 On Urban DictionarySpecial-T-419 On Urban Dictionary3 dagar sedan
  • There's no war it works for them that's why they say it and plus to make ppl feel safe.

    Special-T-419 On Urban DictionarySpecial-T-419 On Urban Dictionary3 dagar sedan
  • Oh my god I can imagine all the crackheads surrounding a robot waiting for their crack and heroine.

    Kieron PhoenixKieron Phoenix3 dagar sedan
  • Hey Bender let's go on a bender 🤖🍺

    Liam MaloneLiam Malone3 dagar sedan
  • Bender and Wall-E banging on my door with glocks when i owe them money

    Rewster FewdRewster Fewd3 dagar sedan
  • Do they make Dominican robots?

    Main StreetMain Street4 dagar sedan
  • this guy leading the show is biden's, vice needs to spit on trump or the sun will not go out.

    orkestar gvantanamoorkestar gvantanamo4 dagar sedan
  • Robots buying Drugs from robots

    skyswiftskyswift4 dagar sedan
  • "They have very talented cooks their" camera moves over to "Cooks" mixing sludge in a rusty drum over a wood fire

    Mr NobodyMr Nobody4 dagar sedan
    • Viva Mexico

      Manuel Labor 78Manuel Labor 782 dagar sedan
  • Vice keeps making these statements about how -the war on drugs never works. - What they don't realize is that it's worked perfectly all along. The very intention was simply to move money and eliminate/oppress segments of society. The super power elite may be pleased by the idea poor people are putting harmful substances into their bodies.

    Kenneth DallmannKenneth Dallmann4 dagar sedan
  • In another words, this old woman wants the police to be nice to drug dealers & not use force. Yeah right.

    Tesla LoveTesla Love4 dagar sedan
  • Interesting and then race baiting came in and I’m out !!

    Jed BlochJed Bloch4 dagar sedan
  • It's about time this opioid epidemic ends

    Sherri ClaroniSherri Claroni4 dagar sedan
  • Ultron give me a dime

    SteoorerSteoorer4 dagar sedan
  • Robocop is your future dealer.

    K KangK Kang4 dagar sedan
  • Robots probably will be on time instead of saying I'll be there in 30 min and getting there in 3 hours.

    Cashman ClassicsCashman Classics4 dagar sedan
  • Hell nah no robot gone take my place😂

    Insane JetInsane Jet4 dagar sedan
  • Nuh uh people do synthetic drugs? Thanks vice. Really changed my life knowing this now. Feel like this was filmed in the late 80s

    Burn It DownBurn It Down4 dagar sedan
  • imagine getting skimped by a piece of metal, i'd still take it as progress

    LosAngelesFresh1LosAngelesFresh14 dagar sedan
  • I think calling the disparities in policing racist is counterproductive. I honestly believe most of the disproportionate impacts of policing in the US are a result of ignorance, neglect and irresponsibility. Let’s be honest, the term “racist” gets thrown around way too much these days and it takes the wind out of the sails of the anti drug war position. I’m all for legalization of everything, but I know that many of the legitimate arguments will fall on deaf ears the moment those ears hear racism.

    MaxMax4 dagar sedan
  • I’m from the states and I gotta say that the younger generation has wayyyyyyyy more sound ideas for what drugs are should be used for and what to use and the younger generations want better healthcare to prevent drug use, the older generations are the judgier ones and try to make it harder for us because they thing drugs are choices, all drugs are bad yet still take prescriptions etc, what I’m trying to get at is the states is torn between the old generations who were filled with drug propaganda and the younger generations who see through it and want change.

    Zooted SosaZooted Sosa4 dagar sedan
  • RIP Mike Canfield RIP Jeannie Baum RIP Andy Reed

    Matthew CanfieldMatthew Canfield5 dagar sedan
  • This war on drugs series from Vice is so real

    Philipealonso #Philipealonso #5 dagar sedan
  • This brings a whole new meaning to the plug

    CumberCubeCumberCube5 dagar sedan
  • I think people don't know how a 3d printer works. You have to put the raw material in to print it from a file. You can't put material in and it turns into drugs using a 3d printer?

    Mitchell worboysMitchell worboys5 dagar sedan
  • I sure hope not cause I don’t know how I’m gonna blow a robot for a gram of dried horse semen to shoot up.

    BAgodmodeBAgodmode5 dagar sedan
  • What's terrible is that the problem isn't really the drugs, the problem is about the money the not white "lesser" people make from the drugs.

    Cancer StickCancer Stick5 dagar sedan
  • Fantastic video!

    Dapper DanDapper Dan5 dagar sedan
  • Drugs r bad

    Zackary FlanaganZackary Flanagan5 dagar sedan
  • In the 2000's there was this Idoser thing that people though would be the 3D printed chemicals. In reality it's just static noises in your earphones that is supposed to make you feel things

    Logan MacGyverLogan MacGyver5 dagar sedan
  • they(/we/you) have something to talk about (everyone else either doesn't care or needs a reason to not care, figuring hopelessness - it's painful to have to care if you shouldn't.)

    jacob martinellijacob martinelli5 dagar sedan
  • Where's the drug dealing robots??? baited again...

    Skizmo_09Skizmo_095 dagar sedan
  • 6:47 "You get these military wannabes-mostly poorly trained-and they start seeing themselves as an occupying force." This is a subject for a whole other video, but the military surplus gear is probably not the main thing causing out cops to feel like an "occupying force" who looks at civilians as "insurgents," literally. The main driving factor behind this viewpoint is a training program called the Bulletproof Mind designed by a real monster named David Grossman. David Grossman has trained more American police officers than anybody else in the world, and these terms, "occupying force" and "insurgents" are literally the words he teaches cops to believe about themselves and us. www.iheart.com/podcast/105-behind-the-bastards-29236323/episode/the-man-who-teaches-our-cops-63257870/

    Nick CNick C5 dagar sedan
  • Mephadrone is the worst drug I've ever done...I was paranoid and kept thinking I was gonna die...someone gave me it an lied an said it was molly...so my dumbass eats a whole gram...worst trip ever

    Jay SherierJay Sherier6 dagar sedan
  • Real heroin is 60k$ a kilo....fentynal is 10k$ a kilo...what do you think their gonna choose with the cheaper one being 40 times stronger.

    Jay SherierJay Sherier6 dagar sedan
  • New local Crack dealer C3PO 😂😆🙈

    House Of LennardHouse Of Lennard6 dagar sedan
  • I guess I'll just watch this

    Jake DaumJake Daum6 dagar sedan
  • stay with LSD and weed only

    MADE to MOVEMADE to MOVE6 dagar sedan
  • 100 thousands of lives may have been saved.. Including one familiar deceased African American attempting to pass a fake $20 bill. This is the real reason he died... No it wasnt any overdose but the need to get more and more opiates to avoid being sick. Methadone has saved my life... I know its not the flashiest or prettiest way to get off hard opiates but hell at least im not doing breaking the law or doing dirt to get money for drugs now

    andrew maysandrew mays6 dagar sedan
  • The one thing that all races and genders can agree on and unite around. Buying, selling, and doing drugs! Yea that melting pot loves to get HIGH!

    Cool JayCool Jay6 dagar sedan
  • YESSSS I will be able to od faster now and leave this burning world.

    Brayan GuzmanBrayan Guzman6 dagar sedan
  • I love 3 ho pcp and 5 mapb FUCKING STOP ME I DARE U!!! SHOUTOUT TO THE RC GANG

    johnjohn7 dagar sedan
  • Is anyone going to point out, Yes Obama stopped selling 40 Mike Mike's to Leo's, but it was under obama that US law enforcement could apply for Grant's and get deeply discounted military surplus. OBAMA LITTERALLY STARTED SELLING MILITARY WEAPONS TO COPS, THEN THEY BLAME TRUMP FOR LETTING THEM USE GRENADE LAUNCHES, FUN FACT, THATS THE ONLY WAY TO ACTUALLY USE TEAR GAS, CS GAS.

    comando1911comando19117 dagar sedan
  • Yo the title of this video is a eye raising question!

    Bryan EscalonaBryan Escalona7 dagar sedan
  • Oh yeah cause man made heroin is working out...... lol man made coke.... the streets will be dead. Legalize all real drugs not man made garbage

    Hermes ActumHermes Actum7 dagar sedan
  • The so called War On Drugs was a war against Black people. As if killing our leaders weren’t enough.

    Stranger DangerStranger Danger7 dagar sedan
  • Yeah well this is what happens when u take away all the doctors that are willing to prescribe legit pharma grade pain pills. This is what happens when u take away all the legit pain meds and leave a bunch of people that aren't addict but dependant on pain meds and actually need them, they switch to harder dirtier more dangerous drugs

    Rich FortRich Fort7 dagar sedan

      AR LandscapeAR Landscape5 dagar sedan
  • Maybe let people do what they wanna do without fear of incarceration and it won’t take long to realize that we can actually handle it Yes, there will be people who take it too far, just like they do now, but for the most part we can handle it

    wk cavewk cave7 dagar sedan
  • why is vice making evrything about race?

    MillozMilloz7 dagar sedan
  • an easy fix is to get people to understand to not take drugs

    MillozMilloz7 dagar sedan
  • Jokes on you R2-d2 just served me a pint 😎🤒

    Jah CashJah Cash7 dagar sedan
  • Fentanyl is not even close to heroin not even the same feeling everyone just lumps all drugs together bits like saying well dabs is same thing as flower just stronger wrong!!! Not even close of same feeling young people are just so stupid in 2020 that's all

    Ryan BarterRyan Barter7 dagar sedan
  • You can produce morphine by using yeast fungus, morphine is the precursor for heroin. Here we go.

    Andi DemianAndi Demian7 dagar sedan
  • America never switched sides on Cannabis, Our constitution was made from Cannabis. Classism...

    Louí LopèzLouí Lopèz7 dagar sedan
  • A lot of history here, minimal speculation about the future, and zero comment about 3D-printing. Clickbait dealer.

    Hoptanglish AliveHoptanglish Alive7 dagar sedan
  • Liberals are insane

    tiDDies aTTictiDDies aTTic8 dagar sedan
  • Wel not according to the clowns at BLM.. "Biden is currently sending more military equipment to our neighborhoods than Trump did. You read that right. Our communities are being terrorized at a greater rate than they had been under Trump" 😂

    PHKJohnny WalkerPHKJohnny Walker8 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, good luck getting a robot to front you.

    C SteegsC Steegs8 dagar sedan