The Story of "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton

Vanessa Carlton wrote “A Thousand Miles” in her childhood home as a teenager. Little did she know the song would become an international smash hit, a film-soundtrack favorite, and would be repurposed by new artists and the internet for the next 20 years.
VICE meets Vanessa Carlton, "White Chicks" actor Terry Crews, and others responsible for making the song the indelible hit still widely adored today.
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  • Slow clap...👏Thank you for the music, Vanessa 💗🤗

    matanglawin03matanglawin03Timme sedan
  • 14:50 pre fortnite 👌😂😂

    abdulla alkarbiabdulla alkarbiTimme sedan
  • 2:44 now im hooked, i waaana know what happened 😭😭🥺🥺 plz

    abdulla alkarbiabdulla alkarbiTimme sedan
  • the first time i heard this song was on White Chicks😂

    Syaufi ShaharuddinSyaufi Shaharuddin2 timmar sedan
  • this story is very inspiring and full of great teachings

    Giuseppe MennellaGiuseppe Mennella4 timmar sedan
  • this song reminds me of White Chicks movie 🥰

    ell Rebaell Reba4 timmar sedan
  • The song came in the right time but wrong society

    IncognitoIncognito8 timmar sedan
  • Gosh! now I'm curious who's the actor the song was about. Come on, it was a long time ago, it would be fun to know...nvm

    IncognitoIncognito8 timmar sedan
  • make part 2 featuring yungeen ace

    Miggy RoddMiggy Rodd9 timmar sedan
  • 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮

    Intergalactic ExecutionIntergalactic Execution12 timmar sedan
  • Ron is like a magician feeling the power of music going through his fingers

    PeiHsuan ChiangPeiHsuan Chiang15 timmar sedan
  • I LOVE this song. :) Her song does reach to every part of corners

    PeiHsuan ChiangPeiHsuan Chiang15 timmar sedan
  • Love the song. One of the hardest piano piece I have learned.

    Tara_EspañolTara_Español17 timmar sedan
  • This was the first “real”’song I learned on piano, forever my favorite to play still! My little siblings get extremely happy when I play it and they don’t even remember why because they were toddlers when I learned it. Piano and ballet were my distraction from the abuse I grew up in.

    Elphieglindie !Elphieglindie !17 timmar sedan
  • This is so well done. I keep watching it over and over again. Please do more content like this.

    RachMonPhoebsRachMonPhoebs19 timmar sedan
  • This song just like escape time through time.....

    Heron vannileHeron vannile20 timmar sedan
  • She wrong for that serial killer bang though 😂

    Keena CampbellKeena Campbell20 timmar sedan
  • woooow!!!!

    UG Live EntertainmentUG Live Entertainment21 timme sedan
  • was recommended by a friend

    UG Live EntertainmentUG Live Entertainment21 timme sedan
  • i thougt it was marlboro song

    franz kurnia putrafranz kurnia putra22 timmar sedan
  • Keep this video comcept coming VICE! Love it!

    julius ranosajulius ranosa23 timmar sedan
  • She needs a hair stylist.

    dngermouzdngermouzDag sedan
  • Brilliant song and thanks for the insight to the journey to get this to be recorded. Still in my top5 of all time.

    Andrew PhillipsAndrew PhillipsDag sedan
  • The way I love that song a thousand miles I can't even imagine. It made my high school memorable 💞💞💪💪

    Alinda DerickAlinda DerickDag sedan
  • My 7 year old daughter became interested in playing piano as a result of watching this music video two years ago. Very interesting to learn about the back story.

    MCSMCSDag sedan
  • Do james blunt you're beautiful pleaseee!

    Maratib lashariMaratib lashariDag sedan
  • goosebumps when Vanessa started playing and there are clips of all people singing. Always wondered where you been together with Stacie Orrico, and michelle branch and the likes. ahhhhh early 2000s

    Elly AniceteElly AniceteDag sedan
  • What's up with those bangs Vanessa?

    Brian BrownBrian BrownDag sedan
  • I love how she explained the song and its meaning to her now at 40. She says it's like a high school paper but shes a professional writer now in her 40's. That one sentence explained what the song means to her perfectly to us as the audience. It's almost as if it means more to the audience than it does to her. Almost as if it doesn't even belong to her. That's what good music does.

    Joey DalyJoey DalyDag sedan
  • Who I smoke...

    Victor OgbuehiVictor OgbuehiDag sedan
  • Do Michelle Branch!

    Beggin4theBEATBeggin4theBEATDag sedan
  • Wow... such a bitter sweet story. I'm not a fan of the song to be honest, but her... I think I just became a fan n.n

    Cliente PromedioCliente PromedioDag sedan
  • Ooof, that producer is crazy!

    Austin KorteAustin KorteDag sedan
  • Hi Vox! Can you also make a 'The Story of: We Belong Together' or Always be my baby or any Mariah Carey super massive hit song episode🥺🤧✊🏽

    AngeloAngeloDag sedan
  • "THAT'S A HIT SWEETIE!" - Moms

    p dwyurp dwyurDag sedan
  • Just love this piece, wonderful!

    SEAL Sea Air LandSEAL Sea Air LandDag sedan
  • She was the last artist I saw live before leaving Nashville. I love how far she's come and the music she has made.

    NihilisticWhimNihilisticWhimDag sedan
  • I love to play piano again when I heard that instrumental.

    athenstar10athenstar10Dag sedan
  • wow............. and here i was with the biggest crush... AND STILL AM....

    Bruce WayneBruce WayneDag sedan
  • who i smoke

    prod. auderprod. auderDag sedan
  • Yesss vice❤️ thank you.

    ppppDag sedan
  • Hahahah Sinatra at the end trying to steal the spotlight

    sophiesophieDag sedan
  • "BOOM! That's fucking smash"

    Ibnu Al-HuseinIbnu Al-HuseinDag sedan
  • Dude I had no idea Vanessa Carlton got into smoking crack and hooking for dope. Not to mention all those times she said the N word. Thanks Vice.

    DR HDR HDag sedan
  • In all fairness to Ron, he did a great job of turning that riff into a hit.

    Olympian GodOlympian GodDag sedan
  • I’m a male but love all her songs

    MPCMPCDag sedan
  • Love Vanessa and both her new and old music, she's still creating nope but some of y'all don't know 😭♥️

    Mykah WilliamsMykah WilliamsDag sedan
  • I love her thoughtfull vibe

    herman depermanherman depermanDag sedan
  • Her mom is so cute and on her deathbed or before I would really hope that she reveals who the song is about

    Addie C.Addie C.2 dagar sedan
  • bro i still remember hearing this song for the first time in my friends house on her small tv as she decided to do this in karaoke

    lacrimosalacrimosa2 dagar sedan
  • This song is just one of those that seem to just flow through the universe and into person who wrote it, as if it came from a spiritual place but was gifted to Vanessa.

    DeepWater5DeepWater52 dagar sedan
  • Annoying to see comments like "she screwed her career, that's why she's living with her parents now" when she just occasionally stays with her parents every now and then, and in this occasion it was shot when she temporarily stayed at her parents' amidst of the height of pandemic last year. She's got her own estate in Nashville and New York and she got married in 2013 to Deer Tick's John McCauley, and it was officiated by Stevie Nicks. She has released 6 studio albums so far, the last 3 of which she went the indie direction. She also has released 3 live EP's and a cover EP and in 2019 she starred as Carole King in the Broadway musical Beautiful. She's never stopped creating art - just under the radar. AND you don't care if she decides to go on full Betty Page bangs for crying out loud. I know all these because I am one of her faithful fans since 2002. And its been great seeing Vanessa create music for herself and for us, her loyal fans post A Thousand Miles.

    Iran EsparragoIran Esparrago2 dagar sedan
    • It’s because they are perennial mobile phone scrollers and cannot be bothered to be informed first before commenting.

      DenniszenDenniszenDag sedan
  • I always thought it was green screen!

    FredFred2 dagar sedan
  • I love A Thousand Miles but Ordinary Day is prob my favorite song ever.👌

    J. DippolitoMartinezJ. DippolitoMartinez2 dagar sedan
  • ok got it. She screwed up her career and now lives with her parents. ..

    Ed TollEd Toll2 dagar sedan
    • Sorry to burst your bubble hon, but she owns huge apartments in NYC as well. This clip is from during quarantine last year btw =)

      kst eikst ei2 dagar sedan
    • Nope. She just temporarily stayed with her parents during the height of the pandemic last year when these videos were shot.

      Iran EsparragoIran Esparrago2 dagar sedan
  • Great story, had haircut.

    Justin BJustin B2 dagar sedan
  • Terry Cruz sitting in the car like in White Chicks sent me lmao

    Datkia ZamoDatkia Zamo2 dagar sedan
  • It's really nice to see and watched this video. I really love that song and Vanessa!

    Akosi MikebAkosi Mikeb2 dagar sedan
  • For a guy who rocks Trivia Night, especially older music, etc.- I NEVER heard of this song before, or the artist.

    Dede XyzDede Xyz2 dagar sedan
  • BOOM!!!!!!!!!

    Syisulis SoleaseSyisulis Solease2 dagar sedan
  • Loved this music

    Mark ChesterMark Chester2 dagar sedan
  • Vanessa’s mom is so proud. Love how she reacts to her daughter’s negativity.

    Andres VillarroelAndres Villarroel2 dagar sedan
  • Who is the Juilliard Student, please someone tell me. 🙃

    Techneeque South AfricaTechneeque South Africa2 dagar sedan
  • I always loved White Houses.

    Molly WhartonMolly Wharton2 dagar sedan

    Easy BodiesEasy Bodies2 dagar sedan
  • I encountered the song on SEslow a decade ago...around 2013 and fell in love a second hearing it. The piano riff was so ICONIC that I couldnt possibly forget! So many ppl here in Korea know or at least have heard of the song once. Its the song that will never get old but still be remembered, appreciated and inspire ppl whether in the usa or somewhere far like in Korea

    kst eikst ei2 dagar sedan
  • Shout out to White Houses. That is another Vanessa Carleton bop

    E BE B2 dagar sedan
  • Wow its been a long time this song came out and 1 of my teen life songs.. great song👍

    IblyssIblyss2 dagar sedan
  • I will always remember this song from White chicks!!!🤣🤣💀

    SargentGimpy02SargentGimpy022 dagar sedan
  • I am forever grateful to my best friend Shreesu for introducing me to this song almost a decade ago. She was exactly the one to me like how Vanessa described the person as the inspiration for the song. She is no more now, but she's left this wonderful memory with me forever.

    The Shrestha DudeThe Shrestha Dude2 dagar sedan
  • cool earrings

    Erika zErika z2 dagar sedan
  • I LOVED Vanessa!! I heard this song on the radio. Ran right out and bought this record! Then saw her live opening for the Goo Goo Dolls and have adored her ever since.

    Emily HillsEmily Hills2 dagar sedan
  • What a story behind the song, it met my expectation. I had built an emotional connection when the song came out. Thank u for making this short documentary.

    Richard MolebatsiRichard Molebatsi2 dagar sedan
  • Love love this song regards from UGANDA 🇺🇬

    susan Namatovususan Namatovu2 dagar sedan
  • This sucks eh hehe... eh hehe

    Eliran MishalEliran Mishal2 dagar sedan
  • Hetchs Cool Springs Mall Franklin, Tn every damn day all damn day through out the department store.

    Timmy Chips JrTimmy Chips Jr2 dagar sedan
  • Who i smoke 🚬????? Bibbyy!!!!

    wanjiku Njihiawanjiku Njihia3 dagar sedan

    Juminoto BangshikaroJuminoto Bangshikaro3 dagar sedan
  • I’ve seen her live once a long time ago in Hollywood, she’s an amazing singer. The songs “I Don’t Want To Be A Bride” & “Nothing Where Something Use To Be” are two of my other favorites. 💖

    ANDYANDY3 dagar sedan
  • I remember being drafted and got to travel home during the summer of 2002 and this was all over the radio and made an instant "happy" impression in my mind. I still get a good feeling when I hear this, and I love it! Thanks for this doku :)

    Kalleri13Kalleri133 dagar sedan
  • I need a documentary now for her albums.

    Roger Taylor's CarRoger Taylor's Car3 dagar sedan
  • Now, I need a movie about Vanessa's life.

    Roger Taylor's CarRoger Taylor's Car3 dagar sedan
  • Ron feels music in his veins, I could see it!

    Julfi AhmedJulfi Ahmed3 dagar sedan
  • I still own that Album, I like every song in that album too.

    RurouniMonsterRurouniMonster3 dagar sedan
  • Love this series. Keep it up, VICE.

    gabrewskiegabrewskie3 dagar sedan
  • I love this song .. it’s stilll so relevant

    C. T.C. T.3 dagar sedan
  • Somewhat disturbing story about the pre-internet days of music, enough to make us all less nostalgic... I'll also note that Terry Crews is awesome.

    Roberto ClementeRoberto Clemente3 dagar sedan
  • BAM! RON IS A FUCKING SMASH! Seriously...I love him.

    AndrewAndrew3 dagar sedan
  • Really love you and your skill

    Tribal Pillars of BalochistanTribal Pillars of Balochistan3 dagar sedan
  • If anyone who hates 1000 miles out there, you have no soul not even the devil would put you on his team

    antoine weldonantoine weldon3 dagar sedan
  • This song is Underrated. But legend!!!

    spitzfire1107spitzfire11073 dagar sedan
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    RatatataaRatatataa3 dagar sedan
  • Man she could be killing it on youtube, spotify. She prob has a couple more hits in her.

    Dalton BryerDalton Bryer3 dagar sedan
  • The narrative of "dropped by record label" and "wasn't going to be included on the album" is used to such excess now.

    Nathan Crofton-BondNathan Crofton-Bond3 dagar sedan
  • Super annoying piano tune. Never understood why this song was so special...

    Math is not for the faint of heartMath is not for the faint of heart3 dagar sedan
  • I went to a vanessa carlton concert way back when. I loved it when a thousand miles was sung :D

    lin90210lin902103 dagar sedan
  • I don't know why but I see her in Olivia Rodrigo when she was talking about how she turns to music! So random considering Olivia's idol is Taylor Swift (and I do see strong resemblances in them too). Now I'm wondering if Olivia would ever do a piano cover this iconic track lol. Vanessa still has a way with words when it comes to describing and I'm happy she gifted us this legendary song ❤

    hellocharlieebarleyhellocharlieebarley3 dagar sedan
  • "A thousand miles" the song of my life.

    Joshua GerocheJoshua Geroche3 dagar sedan
  • This is a great documentary. Really shows the human side of everybody especially Vanessa. She is just like all of us except she was able to express herself with a great song that was able to touch people. Glad she is doing good and she is so grounded.

    Dan CollinsDan Collins3 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if she heard The Who I smoke version 😭

    KartifeverKartifever3 dagar sedan