Inside Paris' Illegal Squats

Faced with soaring real estate prices and an increasingly desperate housing crisis in Paris, a squatting collective has been formed to find spaces of residence in buildings that have remained unoccupied for years.
We followed them as they searched for a new place, occupied it, and used their knowledge of French law to negotiate with the owner and the city's local administration.
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Ladda ner



  • People don't care when people squat in these empty run down buildings. Its when they jump into places being renovated or a change of ownership, that people have a problem with. That's stealing, as you are taking it away from someone. A truly empty building, its a win - win. But in the UK, that is very rarely the case.

    Mark_BrennanMark_Brennan2 timmar sedan
  • It's good to see some squatting being done to requisition housing but it still begs the question why would u want to live in Paris?...every Brit knows it's a sh*thole

    JellwesJellwes11 timmar sedan
  • Having a place to live is something that I definitely take for granted. I'm glad that it worked out for them in the end, but it is also crazy how expensive Paris is. At some point, only the rich will make up Paris, and diversity in any sense will plummet. Their housing structure needs to be reviewed big time.

    Alexandra LeurckAlexandra Leurck16 timmar sedan
  • France is lost

    Bob CharlieBob CharlieDag sedan
  • they made that place look hell fuckin nicer id pay them to fix the whole building

    taetaetaetae2 dagar sedan
  • We should try this in New York !!! Best of luck to you guys:)

    Mark LisieckiMark Lisiecki2 dagar sedan
  • ah yes. breaking in. destroying propperty. but hey, its cool. they are "artists" pfff lol.

    CQBreeCQBree2 dagar sedan
    • thats how french laws work , but I agree , its dumb

      Emili o_0Emili o_0Dag sedan
  • Sounds a lot like Vancouver... many of us who were born in the city cannot afford to live in the city.

    Makoto TaniguchiMakoto Taniguchi3 dagar sedan
  • Inspector Clouseau is now in charge

    william villegaswilliam villegas3 dagar sedan
  • Hippity Hoppity, Abolish Private Property

    lameemolameemo3 dagar sedan
  • So... why are they doing it ?

    Pugma PugPugma Pug4 dagar sedan
  • This is dumb... they are all physically able to work...

    Robert stanleyRobert stanley4 dagar sedan
  • Why not turn it into a business, help maintain an abandoned building in return for rights to live there for the duration?

    Jerry ZhengJerry Zheng4 dagar sedan
  • c'est fou cela!

    Massi BMassi B4 dagar sedan
  • Ya mean,these guys are here for survival,but the government man,wtf is it doing

    Senku MeowSenku Meow5 dagar sedan
  • Squatters need to get shot

    ChaseMavrickChaseMavrick5 dagar sedan
  • I thought that was Pewdiepie in the thumbnail.

    cool anime dudecool anime dude5 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if they put all the effort and work into actually bettering their situation. They all could easily afford a nice place to live without squatting in other peoples property.

    Sam NSam N5 dagar sedan
  • Les squatteurs, le cancer de la France. Le type au début nous dis "oui même si je touchai 3 fois plus qu'aujourd'hui, je ne pourrai pas me loger à Paris", mais durant tout le reportage, fume des cigarettes hors de prix et passe son/leur temps à picolé de la bière plus proches de l'urine que de la bière. Pathétique, nous vous virerons tous, et à grand coup de pied dans le derch', bande de feignasses gâtées pourries, allez donc bosser un peu, ça vous changera. Car sans les "riches" que vous aimez tant critiquer, il n'y aurais tous simplement pas de logement à squatter....

    --6 dagar sedan
  • If this was Texas.... ⚔️🔫💀

    aman bondaman bond6 dagar sedan
  • Can’t afford rent but they have car’s and MacBooks. Just cause you were born in the city doesn’t entitle you to break into private property. I see a bunch of losers who blame their problems on anything but their own lack of ambition

    thedarkgreenvanmanthedarkgreenvanman6 dagar sedan
    • Why u mad bruh ? They aren't invading *your* property, they are invading rich people's property so who cares (besides nerds like you)

      Bran ate Jojen pasteBran ate Jojen paste5 dagar sedan
  • Atleast they aren't speaking German, amirite?

    John SmithJohn Smith6 dagar sedan
  • I don't know why I just don't like French people. Sorry....

    Jason DayJason Day7 dagar sedan
  • This stupid poor still exposed the living area , So who care If you are poor.

    kingafendi kingafendikingafendi kingafendi7 dagar sedan
  • I had learned life , even thought I m poor , I m still being talk bad by the poor , it a survival series , the fittest and $ live. It is like who care If you are poor We poor still storm of you the poor

    kingafendi kingafendikingafendi kingafendi7 dagar sedan
  • They all look like VICE freelance journos. LOL.

    Samy ZerroukiSamy Zerrouki7 dagar sedan
  • This is sickening. Their sense of entitlement is gross.

    Jaye JayeJaye Jaye7 dagar sedan
  • They don't HAVE to live in overcrowded Paris. Just some virtue signalling teens creating problems that are not there. Just move.

    Lost SoulLost Soul7 dagar sedan
  • Squatters in London would just go in and wreck the place these french squatters have a certain “je ne sais quoi" about them 😂

    Vincent RenzVincent Renz8 dagar sedan
  • They are breaking the French Constitution, article 17.

    maclane7maclane78 dagar sedan
  • Too bad, I was hoping it was about illegal exercises.

    Scott CooperScott Cooper8 dagar sedan
  • Tweakers

    George_LunaticGeorge_Lunatic8 dagar sedan
  • le mec avec la barbe rousse est homeless et brasse du vent mais avec une autre déstiné jsuis sur qu'il pourrait brasser autant de vent dans une grosse boite ou en etant fonctionnaire

    J RJ R8 dagar sedan
  • si c'est pensable de se payer un loyer à paris. Il faut, comment dire? Comment ? Hein ? Travailler, c'est ça ! Aprés ça, HO magie loyer moi pouvoir payer

    J RJ R8 dagar sedan
  • The dudes are kool. He said if your white it's OK police will leave u alone but if your a migrant they kick you out. You wonder why there's so much trouble in France.

    Mike LowreyMike Lowrey9 dagar sedan
  • I now understand why french girls got flat backs. Make squats legal France!!!

    Billy HerringtonBilly Herrington9 dagar sedan
  • This was so good. Minimal editorializing. Just showing us the people and their story, interviewing them a bit, and then wrapping it up.

    Chris EdwardsChris Edwards10 dagar sedan
  • Are these guys on instagram? Would love to see how they are getting on

    Vinny GreganVinny Gregan10 dagar sedan
  • This can be a good tv series with a lot of quirky characters and different home owners.

    cenkiss2331cenkiss233111 dagar sedan
  • If they applied this kind of dedication at getting a job, they could afford a nice apartment instead of having to do this BS

    Tariq RahmanTariq Rahman11 dagar sedan
    • Who said anything about jobs ? They can't pay rent, doesn't mean they don't work or have ways of getting money. If you think all it takes to be able to afford rent in Paris is 'dedication' than you are saying that ALOT of people aren't dedicated, which is bullshit. People are poor, dude

      Bran ate Jojen pasteBran ate Jojen paste5 dagar sedan
  • Am i the only one who's noticed that they drive around in a Fiat Multipla?

    olandoland12 dagar sedan
  • "but I was born here, I won't be thrown out" yeah sorry that's not how the real world works. you have to pay rent to live somewhere. with that logic, I can be born in beverly hills and live there for free since apparently nobody can kick me out.

    NickANickA12 dagar sedan
    • They're doing it, so cry more about it

      tired peepeepoopootired peepeepoopoo7 dagar sedan
  • What I don't understand is owner rather let their own people homeless and their buildings empty and rundown by inactivity for decades.they don't deserve being called homes or apartment. and it's sad cos these dudes seem like kind, genuine people,not like the criminal type who'd loot and ransack properties yo know

    Neil SangteNeil Sangte12 dagar sedan
  • Good old Vice

    TheTheLeelooTheTheLeeloo12 dagar sedan
  • We also have these kind of people in Denmark, we call them bumbs.

    Sean NicolasSean Nicolas13 dagar sedan
  • they: -We are so poor...(works with a MAC)

    NoCap MusicNoCap Music13 dagar sedan
  • This will be amsterdam in a few years. Mark my words. 13 years to get housing here after your 18th as a starter.

    Sinclair MoreauSinclair Moreau14 dagar sedan
  • Good work Vice for shining a light.

    AFatFoeAFatFoe14 dagar sedan
  • Loved this. Wonderful work Vice!

    Liibski90Liibski9014 dagar sedan
  • any1 ID the tune at 5;50secs/?

    Qubika QubikaQubika Qubika14 dagar sedan
  • I'm fucking mad over some kids squatting carefree and getting to chitchat with owners while people fleeing wars and famine are thrown from one place to another because they are not the same color.

    GimmedafonkGimmedafonk15 dagar sedan
  • " We're lucky for the most part because we're white and young." 🙄 Even homeless and squating, white privilege is alive and well. 🤮

    Rachel V. HillRachel V. Hill15 dagar sedan
  • I never did understand why people are so entitled today. that just cause you were born you now have a right to property and have no such thing.... the stuff u want simply isn't yours ... go get yours ......go get a job.

    Issa WatsonIssa Watson15 dagar sedan
  • Sadly America is the same way too, so many empty buildings and so many homeless people. 11:35 yas, “you don’t need drugs 👏🏽 & respect your environment”

    八木キッドYagikidd八木キッドYagikidd16 dagar sedan
  • I had people do this while I was renovating my house in San Francisco. Now, if they had been artists and people who treated it respectfully, I would have been fine with it. Instead, they were generally dirtbags who trashed the place and pissed off the neighbors.

    Sparkey JonesSparkey Jones16 dagar sedan
  • Bottom line Worldwide is that there are more homes than homeless. That's a great start to fixing the issue. No?

    rawdog42rawdog4216 dagar sedan
  • I think Paris should consider creating jobs out of this.

    Hawkinson B.Hawkinson B.16 dagar sedan
  • Au moins ils font les choses proprement, ils ne posent aucun problème et ils sont respectueux des autres! C’est triste que les prix des loyers à Paname (et ailleurs!) soient aussi monstrueux.

    Petit coquelicot DeschampsPetit coquelicot Deschamps16 dagar sedan
  • I like how they put on the Lavandia theme haha

    JollyCoOpJollyCoOp17 dagar sedan
  • Par contre y'a un petit pb dans votre titre les gars @vice

    Thom ThomThom Thom17 dagar sedan
  • Does Paris have rent control? City officials may have created a regulatory environment where Real Estate investors cannot profitably turn these empty buildings into habitable dwellings.

    Determined BuilderDetermined Builder17 dagar sedan
  • This was incredible. The people are so charismatic. Good filmmaking too!

    aliciadearaliciadear17 dagar sedan
  • i missed the most about living in Paris went to every squats met all the amazing young aspiring artists!

    Thani BaliThani Bali18 dagar sedan
  • In Amerika nobody knows how to organize anymore. And if you occupy a building the pigs come in and kill you. Exceptionalism.

    Pierce BalesPierce Bales18 dagar sedan
  • this is so wholesome

    Rafael MRafael M18 dagar sedan
  • so no one's going to talk how the land lord is also kind to them?

    Rafael MRafael M18 dagar sedan
  • Normally they trash the home they take. This is now how it normally goes XD

    MuziektijdMuziektijd18 dagar sedan
  • no money for rent, but a Mac book to plan their squatting action .... no words needed....

    Bastian WaechterBastian Waechter18 dagar sedan
  • This is proper squat culture and with rising prices of rent and real estate in whole world it will become to be a standard!! I lived in squat in Oslo and the pple were amazing there, greetings to H 40 in Oslo ✌️

    Musto211Musto21119 dagar sedan
  • No money for rent but he always has a beer in his hand!

    Tornado Alley StudiosTornado Alley Studios19 dagar sedan
  • Who was the reporter that did this story

    John CapJohn Cap19 dagar sedan
  • SQUATS!!

    Pagan of eastPagan of east20 dagar sedan
  • They should be killed liie is sacred

    panterapantera20 dagar sedan
  • lol they drove the worlds ugliest cars

    MCJO GamingMCJO Gaming20 dagar sedan
  • that one guy looks like milkavelli

    AdamAdam20 dagar sedan
  • its like FRIENDS. He's Joe, Im Chandler, that one hot girl in the video is rachel.

    Jerry NadlerJerry Nadler20 dagar sedan
  • whats the deal with this whole squatter law in europe. i heard of it along time ago, but dont remember what it all entails of. its seems illegal as F to break into a home, live in it, n have the right too stay, despite what the owners wishes were. in america its called breaking n entering, n you have no right to do anything of the sort, atleast to my knowlege

    T RopeT Rope20 dagar sedan
  • *what frustrates me is why the police have to kick squatters out of vacant buildings that literally haven't been occupied for years. like wouldn't you rather have them live there than out on the streets? what "damage" could they possibly do to the building that hasn't already been done?*

    Cel TicCel Tic20 dagar sedan
  • This could lead to a great arrangement. You don't need to be highly skilled to clean and fix a home and there's a saying in Asia that an occupied home doesn't get rundown.

    James LeeJames Lee20 dagar sedan
  • Frenchmen in France are homeless, whilst the government is importing non-European aliens by the literal boatload daily. France isn't lacking the space, it's just overburdened by people who shouldn't be there!

    Emir ECEmir EC21 dag sedan
  • @8.32 Guy wears a Ajax Amsterdam shirt lol

    EasySkankingEasySkanking21 dag sedan
  • Why is that guy so effortlessly cool and charming 😍

    Minnie MansonMinnie Manson21 dag sedan
  • 1:08 does an one else see charlie white (moistcritikal)

    Steven GranadosSteven Granados21 dag sedan
  • 7:17 damn... the things that could happen if BIPOC were caught by the police doing this.

    hyllzzz hyllzzzhyllzzz hyllzzz22 dagar sedan
  • Squatters in the UK could learn a lot from this to replicate the sensible approach taken by the group in this video

    Min BMin B22 dagar sedan
  • Well, be that as it may, all charming and cute with cherry on top BUT it's still stealing!

    gray areagray area22 dagar sedan
  • Respect to these guys.... for driving around in a Fiat Multipla.

    Benoit BvgBenoit Bvg22 dagar sedan
  • 1:44 "I'm not going to be thrown out of here just over a question of property ownership" -French resistance 1943 colorized

    Very Smart Ultra HumanVery Smart Ultra Human22 dagar sedan
    • haha and for full context the 93rd is like 10mins north from thrown out of Paris is a bit dramatic...

      johnnyrockets10johnnyrockets10Dag sedan
  • I wouldn't mind living with these guys 💪🏾🙏🏾 crazy missions 🤣

  • So many fuckin ads on sc i had to come here

    Tim CunninghamTim Cunningham22 dagar sedan
  • Remember when Paris Italy Sweden Germany France Greece Spain London Europe we're safe vacation destinations no tent cities and poverty people could afford to live happy

    Cynthia SonmezCynthia Sonmez22 dagar sedan
  • Cool stuff!

    George BlueGeorge Blue22 dagar sedan
  • La bière en canette, écharpe du FC LANS, tu peux gagner 15059626351x plus un twix restes trop cher

    Loïc MathieuLoïc Mathieu22 dagar sedan
  • Who’s job was it to photoshop smiles on Cambodian genocide victims?

    Kenneth WilliamsKenneth Williams23 dagar sedan
  • Morons....sorry I was born here and I love being homeless

    Jolfer 13Jolfer 1323 dagar sedan
  • These people have amazing work ethic

    Azael _Azael _23 dagar sedan

    karimon 2karimon 223 dagar sedan
  • Good for them!

    dana bozemandana bozeman23 dagar sedan
  • 11:28 Paris has such nice views 😋

    AustinAustin23 dagar sedan
  • I like these guys. Respectful and responsible. Any property owner would be happy to help people like these.

    Ahrk RicardoAhrk Ricardo24 dagar sedan