Cartels Are Trafficking Drugs Through West Africa | The War on Drugs

Over the past decade or so, South American cartels have found a new way to get their product into the vast European market place - West Africa.
The region’s porous borders, endemic poverty and weak law enforcement make it an easy target for international organised crime. But now drug use is spilling over into local markets, and the corruption inherent in the War on Drugs has begun to warp entire societies, leading to the emergence of Africa’s first real narco-states.
In The War On Drugs Show, we examine the social implications of prohibition worldwide.

Any attempt to shut down the trade in drugs such as heroin,
cocaine, ecstasy, ketamine or weed invariably sets off a chain of events that just makes things worse, leaving a trail of death, illness, violence, slavery, addiction, crime and inequality across the globe. Everyone loses - except, in a weird kind of way, the drugs themselves.
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  • Watch more of The War on Drug series here:

    VICEVICEMånad sedan
    • You can fight a war _for_ drugs, but a war _on_ drugs is impossible. Also, that scale is only possible with support of an established state, such as the Regan's selling of cocaine.

      Lemur GulliverLemur GulliverMånad sedan
    • A lot of names can be spoken of here in Suriname. Being in the cocain business or in sranang we say ' in a weti' is almost normal here in Suriname please check it out. Youll also see that the americans know about it but they do like its not happening.

      Quitino de KomQuitino de KomMånad sedan
    • Look at Suriname its above Brazil, between Guyana and French Guyana , the president and vice president were in the drug world and now their ruling over the people of suriname, and the cocain business here is booming, everyone is busy shipping cocain to the netherlands. Please check out more about Suriname. Our country is being doomed by politicians. Please look into the drug trade from suriname too the netherlands open up peoples eyes let the vice president and president get locked up...the same with Desire Delano Bouterse and Hoefdraad. Look into it please.

      Quitino de KomQuitino de KomMånad sedan
    • ❤❤❤❤

      GR PointGR PointMånad sedan
    • @David S Cameron how is that racist.... your the problem...

      Cameron BettencourtCameron BettencourtMånad sedan
  • Of course always blame the source but not consumers

    barefoot professorbarefoot professor2 dagar sedan
  • America does the same thing were did all the heroin come from ten years ago Afghanistan us military brought it to America sold it to there own people

    Jon BoyJon Boy2 dagar sedan
  • Notice this happened after white people came 😂😂😂

    Jarrod Tha1Jarrod Tha13 dagar sedan
  • It should be legal to sell cocaine wtf

    Bro BrahBro Brah4 dagar sedan
  • What's the point of the changing camera angle? Is it supposed to make me feel like I'm hopping from chair to chair? Bloody annoying.

    JCO2002JCO20025 dagar sedan
  • wtf is mean to do europe? Legalize cocaine and make a dangerous big scale drug legal in an entire continent?

    MemesAntonioMemesAntonio6 dagar sedan
  • What IS the position of vice's journalist in this crisis? victim? guilty? spectator? Actor? Judge? Waiting for what's? it's a question, for real. Respect from 🇨🇵

    WaLLaDWaLLaD7 dagar sedan
  • Yea I’m Cape Verdean and it’s full of cocaine now. People I know who got deported turned into addicts because it’s so plentiful and cheap. A lot of people getting rich too living in huge mansions, it’s very corrupt so the big traffickers don’t get touched

    Zippo FlameZippo Flame7 dagar sedan
  • What Africa needs is shrooms and acid.

    9th Maestro9th Maestro7 dagar sedan
  • Nat Geo did the same video 15 years ago.

    Grom MikeGrom Mike8 dagar sedan
  • - Chief, we did it we confiscated 40 kilos of cocaine ... -20 kg ??? -in fact, leader, 10 kilos !!

    invisible bulletinvisible bullet8 dagar sedan
    • @maddestruction1 I know cops in my town that ask for 1 joint from junkies..

      invisible bulletinvisible bullet2 dagar sedan
    • There was an incident in my country where the cops said rats ate the cocaine that was seized lmao

      maddestruction1maddestruction12 dagar sedan
  • 😢😢😢

    official_Lil mossieofficial_Lil mossie10 dagar sedan
  • There should be a War on Government 😎💪❤️🌴😂

    Friends of The Amazon JungleFriends of The Amazon Jungle10 dagar sedan
  • The biden coup is the head of human trafficking. Can we arrest them instead of worrying about africa?!

    Rebecca LevyRebecca Levy10 dagar sedan
  • I was looking forward to getting my almost 9 minutes of decent vice video until I realized it's really just this 18 year old child talking. Booooooooo

    Nina BinaNina Bina10 dagar sedan
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    Andy HomeAndy Home10 dagar sedan
  • Cartel de Sinaloa Worldwide 💰🌎✈️🇺🇸🇲🇽😌☺️Free El Chapo

    Chapito NYCChapito NYC12 dagar sedan
  • Opi starting sounding name ? Igh starting sounding name making me go through this

    Amanda BeairdAmanda Beaird12 dagar sedan
  • Ali starting name or word using magic watching me

    Amanda BeairdAmanda Beaird12 dagar sedan
  • Vih starting sounding name or word almost fremch or italian

    Amanda BeairdAmanda Beaird12 dagar sedan
  • M name ? P name ?

    Amanda BeairdAmanda Beaird12 dagar sedan
  • 6:14 lmaoo fucking vice blaming Europeans for everything. In almost every country cocaine is illegal

    Lcaa InvalidLcaa Invalid12 dagar sedan
  • José isn't pronounced ho-se, it's pronounced joe-ZE, like the name joe then ze. There are no h noises nor s noises.

    Alexander MacLeodAlexander MacLeod15 dagar sedan
  • Dont worry vice won't report on 30 people shot a day in Chicago

    Daniel BDaniel B15 dagar sedan
  • I wonder how worse or better the world would be if drugs were to become legal worldwide🤷🏻‍♂️

    Scott -OScott -O16 dagar sedan
  • isnt this the same guy who made the documentary about potent super skunk

    laurence wemplelaurence wemple16 dagar sedan
  • Like the Prager follow up. The Truth is like that.

    paul rosspaul ross16 dagar sedan
  • The narrator in this video looks feminine

    MrAttack23MrAttack2316 dagar sedan
  • They need pho GA tbh

    Victa NguyenVicta Nguyen17 dagar sedan
  • *That supreme shirt looks awful.... Not on him. In general. And they probably charge 300 for it because you know.. kids will buy it.*

    Tegridy FarmsTegridy Farms17 dagar sedan
  • would have like to see the footage more on screen than the guy just narrating - below par

    raj hameedraj hameed17 dagar sedan
  • This is nothing new...

    Lisa LeeLisa Lee18 dagar sedan
  • Everyone out here acting surprised that an entire continent that weve basically raped and pillaged of their natural resources for centuries whilst simultaneously somehow ensuring that they remain crippled in debt is somehow open to corruption from drug money lol......hell i mean you could probably get the country to look the other way over a Barcelona shirt and a Nokia 3210.....defo not hard to understand at all imo

    rtorbsrtorbs18 dagar sedan
  • cartels vs boko haram

    rocco roccorocco rocco19 dagar sedan
  • Read Toby Muse's Book ( KILO ) You'll See Why This Will Never Stop.

    2000Cowboys2000Cowboys19 dagar sedan
  • What's so hard about decriminalizing all drugs and letting the world decide if they want to use?

    Wolf TreyWolf Trey19 dagar sedan
  • anyone wanna send me any of that ibogaine

    Colonel MaxwellColonel Maxwell20 dagar sedan
  • Good dope really worldwide.

    Eddie De LeonEddie De Leon20 dagar sedan
  • All drugs should be legalised

    hmalikhmalik20 dagar sedan
  • Colombia from 70s until today better say

    santiago Torressantiago Torres21 dag sedan
  • How hard it could be to get the drugs back from gambia or west africa police.They probly have bows and arrows

    santiago Torressantiago Torres21 dag sedan
  • This is propaganda to fight war on drugs in GB. GB has oil !

    OfficialOfficial22 dagar sedan
  • Karma

    Blue RayBlue Ray22 dagar sedan
  • Most of the yellow peoples are Hippocrate, stay on your part means Europe and we stay on our part means Africa

    Gunman GGunman G22 dagar sedan
  • "The cocaine trade through west africa is largely driven by one determining factor, the decision by European govnerments to keep the massive european cocaine market illegal" "these are european decisions destroying and lives corrupting entire societies in west africa, which to be fair is nothing particularly new" Excuse me? As far as i know cocaine is illegal in pretty much every country in the world. Yet apparently it again is our fault that africans are suffering, so africans have no agency? When west africans choose to traffic drugs and poison european people they are the victims? This is extremely patronizing and literally only assigns blame to europeans. Not to the south american narcos who are making these drugs in the first place or the african trafficers.

    thingamabobthingamabob23 dagar sedan
  • Who’s job was it to photoshop smiles on Cambodian genocide victims?

    Kenneth WilliamsKenneth Williams23 dagar sedan
  • Crazy

    Super DarioSuper Dario23 dagar sedan
  • If you want to keep ppl enslaved you must have a war on something going at ALL times Order Out Of Chaos

    Nathan BladesNathan Blades24 dagar sedan
  • Shout out to Drugs For always winning the war on Drugs :)

    Pedro AlcacioPedro Alcacio24 dagar sedan
  • Why don't you ever talk about the participation of the 'Ndrangheta in the cocaine trade? Every time you pretend it doesn't exist

    QB CommandoQB Commando25 dagar sedan
  • But not via the US border? No? Right, i forgot Beijing Biden was on power, so not people and drug trafficking on the border. Also tell me about you photoshoping pictures with fake smiles. Disgusting

    Jose JimenezJose Jimenez25 dagar sedan
  • 2 billion dollars goin through west Africa. Yall need to be droppin atleast 500 million to them folks. Honestly where are our Somalian pirate brothas at to take if they don't pay

    LewisSmithJrLewisSmithJr26 dagar sedan
  • Look at our ghetto's in the crack 80s marijuana will win the drug wars Darwin wins!

    Robert SizemoreRobert Sizemore27 dagar sedan
  • Wonder how long before you get an 8ball as a public school lunch option

    CockSmasher9000CockSmasher900027 dagar sedan
  • Here we go VICE is trying to make the Mexican border seem like it's perfectly fine and no drugs ever pass through it....what a joke vice is

    E StettlerE Stettler28 dagar sedan
  • Just last week I saw a coca plant grown infront of some one's home.

    Ekua SerwaahEkua Serwaah29 dagar sedan
  • I enjoy watching vice news ✔️

    yamid garayyamid garay29 dagar sedan
  • so according to Vice, the EU is destroying lives in west Africa because they don't want to legalize cocaine ... wow, just wow

    Bogdan ABogdan AMånad sedan
  • 4 years by the US government? Yeah he was telling a whole lot. And is out now in 2017 or 2018.

    Harry PotterHarry PotterMånad sedan
  • What

    silvestre gomezsilvestre gomezMånad sedan
  • Editor must be on coke with how many fast cuts he threw in

    12GageBuckShot12GageBuckShotMånad sedan
  • D13 aka DE" Mafia shout out to the ' cartels ' One Love love yall 4ilfe

    deparis townsenddeparis townsendMånad sedan
  • It's wypipos fault that africans are trafficking drugs. lol

    Cole SCole SMånad sedan
  • Magic mushrooms, LSD, and a host of other psychedelics are medicines that if taken the right way are beneficial to your mind and helps with ptsd.check out they are relaible

    Harry ChrisHarry ChrisMånad sedan
  • when the scale is soo big like 10 tons. then you know who's production it is. CJNG yass. they can bribe anyone in this world

    pratham yadav vermapratham yadav vermaMånad sedan
  • Watching this as a west African makes me sacre of having children , what a waste of life being a drug addict !!

    Ceesat John BCeesat John BMånad sedan
  • Nice shirt mr. cringe

    Counterfeit ColaCounterfeit ColaMånad sedan
  • 1:09 🤲🏾🤲🏾🤲🏾

    VT - 12ZZ 725595 Streetsville SSVT - 12ZZ 725595 Streetsville SSMånad sedan
  • I bet the demand for drugs will stop when USA and Europe fall economically

    Juan Valentin'Juan Valentin'Månad sedan
  • China ? No not allowed vice ?

    Alexander WesnerAlexander WesnerMånad sedan
  • Vice is pish now

    SoomitoneSoomitoneMånad sedan
  • How much longer until we decriminalize all drugs? It’s more than clear the war on drugs is a damn waste of money and hurts more than it helps

    Ari WAri WMånad sedan
  • Marylanders wya

    Travis VictorioTravis VictorioMånad sedan
  • Foreign made meth, WTF, I wouldn't trust that for anyting. Back in my day meth was made in America, by Americans. If you truly love this country, you will only buy locally made meth. Support your local meth lab, when you buy local, your meth money stays in the local economy

    Joe CummingsJoe CummingsMånad sedan
  • The music was quite upbeat considering the topic...

    androiddangerandroiddangerMånad sedan
  • Yeah another Cartel it

    Golden HazeGolden HazeMånad sedan
  • Who made the USA government the policeman of the Universe?

    TIAculture tvTIAculture tvMånad sedan
  • There's alot more going than drugs in Africa. Dig deeper.

    Truth is KeyTruth is KeyMånad sedan
  • Course they do its poor enough and I bet to buy a 🛃 team off its not going to cost you no million pounds

    randomMandemrandomMandemMånad sedan
  • This isn't new. This has been going on for 30 years.

    Mohamed DiarraMohamed DiarraMånad sedan
  • Great job Vice! I am glad that you are actually doing good journalism too apart from the woke bs.

    Václav ČervinkaVáclav ČervinkaMånad sedan
    • This video has plenty of woke bs.

      thingamabobthingamabob23 dagar sedan
  • wait, what does the American DEA have to do with the interactions between Guinea-Bissau and other states?

    Avior CentauriAvior CentauriMånad sedan
  • without legalization....

    Bujf vjgBujf vjgMånad sedan
  • All vice is now is drug documentaries and anti-white critical race theory activism videos.

  • this youtube channel comes of as propaganda outlet

    Flivver jFlivver jMånad sedan
  • @6:18 of course vice had to throw in some anti European rhetoric

    music 1music 1Månad sedan
  • This is old news. This has going on for at least 15 to 20 years

    Milton CondeMilton CondeMånad sedan
  • So the US is a narco state, since high level federal agencies like CIA benefit from drug trade using it for political purposes.

    mpfilgueirasmpfilgueirasMånad sedan
  • Embalo didn't seize power, he was elected.

    Fergus NewlandsFergus NewlandsMånad sedan
  • why not legalising cocaine is racist

    marc 275marc 275Månad sedan
  • Im rich! Drug money from western africa.... hold my beer.

    skipjack johnsonskipjack johnsonMånad sedan
  • Narcos Africa

    Think Outside The BoxThink Outside The BoxMånad sedan
  • ...and then they smuggle it through our open border. Nothing on that, right fake media? #ViceGoingBroke

    Austin RodriguezAustin RodriguezMånad sedan
  • Nothing like a Blue eyed white guy in a 700$ hype beast t-shirt talking about poverty and trafficking in West Africa. Way to go Vice 💪

    Christine GosenChristine GosenMånad sedan
  • ThE wAr On drUgS

    Jim CornetteJim CornetteMånad sedan
  • I don't know anybody that's tried cocaine and don't like it

    bulldog brucebulldog bruceMånad sedan
  • I agree with legalization 100% but we cant create or get rid of laws just because people in a country across the globe have people who will do illegal things based on our laws.

    gunter smithgunter smithMånad sedan
  • I love cocaine but I can't afford it

    Andrew TuckerAndrew TuckerMånad sedan
  • This format is terrible. Rather watch the videos than to look at this dude’s face all the time.

    OLD RIXEOLD RIXEMånad sedan