I Made and Lost $1M Trading Crypto

Like tens of millions of people, in 2017 Peter McCormack decided to get involved in Bitcoin -- the digital cryptocurrency that allows for direct, transparent financial transactions without a central bank. Unlike most people, he became a millionaire. Riding the highs of cryptocurrency trading, Peter began living a life of luxury, convinced he had figured out the secret of easy wealth. But just as soon as he had become a Bitcoin millionaire, he lost it all again. Now, armed with expert knowledge from his Bitcoin podcast, he's investing smarter and still all in one HODLing Bitcoin to the moon.
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  • The stupid thing is that people who make millions end up living like kings and spend like kings. These people don't last long. It's no wonder people who win the lottery usually end up right back in the poor house. They simply don't understand how to live with that much money. They spend millions like they make millions. If I get 1 million, I'd live like I make 50k a year. Unless you have multiple, stable revenue streams to make you millions per year, you're not a millionaire. You're just a guy who temporarily happens to have a bit of money.

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  • If you owned all the bitcoin you did at the peak? How did you lose it? Oh selling at the bottom of the market like a complete dumbass.

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  • Well that was pretty stupid of you.

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  • he lost it bc he sold instead of buying the dip. additionally, IMO you should always sell X amount to cover your initial cost basis on the way up, then play with "house money."

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  • With a single Bitcoin worth close to 60k now.. This guy really should of held onto it, knowing that these markets go in "cycles."

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