Inside the Adult Baby Fetish Furniture Business

They’re a couple of Southern guys who worked in construction and marketing - but now they’re building giant cribs for discerning adult babies.
In this episode of SIDE HUSTLES, we meet a couple who left everything behind to take over an ailing friend’s bondage and fetish furniture business, including custom-made cribs, highchairs and changing tables for the Adult Baby/Diaper Lover (ABDL) community. With demand rocketing, Wes and Richie try to provide for an underserved demographic, reinforce highchairs for babies over 300 pounds, and grow their new craft into a million dollar business.
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    VICEVICE20 dagar sedan

      Rain DogRain Dog20 dagar sedan
    • @Sudamwhosang18 It’s just reporting on two great guys that are supporting people in American communities.

      Helen PaulsHelen Pauls20 dagar sedan
    • Stop watching then.

      Wes MayWes May20 dagar sedan
    • I never thought I would see vice news go this downhill.

      Sudamwhosang18Sudamwhosang1820 dagar sedan
    • Inside the Adult Baby Fetish Furniture Business 1723pm 18/4/21 auto erotic craziness... jeeez... ok... that's your bag that's not my schtick, man...

  • I love how surprisingly wholesome this turned out to be. 2 guys in love helping out a sick friend by making products for an underserved community. I would totally watch their youtube series!

    Pointy clawsPointy claws6 timmar sedan
  • 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Intergalactic ExecutionIntergalactic Execution10 timmar sedan
  • these guys are wierd

    KraczaKracza16 timmar sedan
  • as a lifestyle abdl- i would toss thousands at these guys for my dream nursery!!! they are the type of people i want to not only support but basically make my dream come true 💕

    higurashiishigurashiisDag sedan
  • Adult high chair

    communism Will wincommunism Will winDag sedan
  • Did anyone catch Totoro in his office?👌🏻

    Melissa LopezMelissa LopezDag sedan
  • We stray further and further from the light of God 😨😨😨😨😨😨

    Christian GarciaChristian Garcia2 dagar sedan
  • Wait, why haven't they bought the business from founder yet or started their own business? The son is still micromanaging it and yet he does none of the manufacturing....They don't need the son....

    E PE P2 dagar sedan
    • The reason that any of this is still happening is because of the son. Otherwise the business would've been dead and buried by now. We're all making his father's dream a reality.

      Wes MayWes May20 timmar sedan
  • Maybe I’m old fashioned, but this is disgusting.

    MikeMike3 dagar sedan
    • Not old fashioned. Just an ass**le

      Wes MayWes May2 dagar sedan
  • reading the title being like: aw c'mon man, what now? watching the video: oh right sure, that's... better. finishing the video: this was kinda heartwarming and sad at the same time WTF

    Elias110194Elias1101943 dagar sedan
  • Yeah no iam judging

    coreone 369coreone 3694 dagar sedan
    • It's OK. We're judging you, too.

      Wes MayWes May2 dagar sedan
  • "We do the packing stuff together." Gross

    odinataodinata5 dagar sedan
  • Wants to destigmatize... immediately calls it “whatever this is” lmaooo

    Jacob MartinJacob Martin5 dagar sedan
    • You didn't watch very closely, huh?

      Wes MayWes May2 dagar sedan
  • Wow, this fetish is almost as disturbing as photoshopping smiles onto photos of victims of genocide.

    Watchman WillWatchman Will6 dagar sedan
    • "it's weird and I don't understand so I am going to compare it to ethnic cleansing". These people just want to do their own thing without being harassed

      Gich101Gich1012 dagar sedan
  • There are people who take VICE seriously lol

    Styxhexenhammer666Styxhexenhammer6667 dagar sedan
    • Yes, because learning about different communities is the worst thing in the world

      Gich101Gich1012 dagar sedan
  • The baby music..... "Jeez Louise"

    Le TrollLe Troll8 dagar sedan
  • Burn them. Burn them all!

    James DoeJames Doe8 dagar sedan
    • They are different so kill them, stop acting like a Nazi

      Gich101Gich1012 dagar sedan
  • Unfortunately the high chair looks like the kind of chair a life guard would sit in....certainly not a child's high chair. The proportions are all wrong. Glad you are offering this furniture, but you don't seem to respect the people who purchase it.

    krpbdpkrpbdp9 dagar sedan
    • @krpbdp thanks for your irrelevant perspective. I'll log it away and never refer to it again. Assh*le.

      Wes MayWes May7 dagar sedan
    • @Wes May The fools may be the people who pay good money for this sort of thing. There are legitimate carpenters making high quality furniture; it might be helpful if you were part of the community.

      krpbdpkrpbdp8 dagar sedan
    • Listen to this fool. Doesn't know a thing about anything and trying to tell others what they're doing wrong. Nothing but happy clients and we don't respect them? Gtfo.

      Wes MayWes May8 dagar sedan

    Harith AmsyarHarith Amsyar10 dagar sedan
  • I wonder where they get their materials from, and how they get it to their house

    S LS L10 dagar sedan
  • What is the company's website or can I have their phone number pretty please

    justfortodaykatjustfortodaykat10 dagar sedan
    • Are you trying to order your husband a changing table?

      Darion BuckDarion Buck5 dagar sedan
    • Just look up lustlore. They are deleting every link we put up on here so it's pointless trying.

      Wes MayWes May7 dagar sedan
    • I would suggest going and trying to Google or seek out the etsy shop. They are deleting any comments where we try to include our website and such. Not sure why they refuse to let us use this to promote ourselves but it's their policy I guess.

      Wes MayWes May8 dagar sedan
    • @Wes May right like it's not even in the video information section. I live in Oregon and would absolutely love to talk to these two and maybe do business or at least see about having something made for myself. So to vice... Please reply with there info. And edit the videos about section and include there information.

      justfortodaykatjustfortodaykat9 dagar sedan
    • No idea why they didn't include that on the video

      Wes MayWes May9 dagar sedan
  • Man this world is full of idiots...

    Michael ArriolaMichael Arriola11 dagar sedan
    • @Darion Buck defending an adult's right to do in private as they choose, as long as it's not hurting anyone. None of my business, mate. That's the very core of the concept of individual liberty. Maybe try remembering that's something your country purports to be defenders of.

      Wes MayWes May5 dagar sedan
    • @Wes May says the guy defending adult men laying on a Changing table

      Darion BuckDarion Buck5 dagar sedan
    • And you're the king of them all

      Wes MayWes May10 dagar sedan
  • There really is a market for everything 🤣🤣 good for them

    UnfortunatelyUnfortunately11 dagar sedan
  • What could cause such a fetish ?

    TB 3TB 311 dagar sedan
  • I bet these guys got a looooooooott of action when the stimmies dropped 🙈

    mongoose08mongoose0812 dagar sedan
  • They have a shnauzer... I LOVE THEM EVEN MORE!😍😍

    Coconut LadyCoconut Lady12 dagar sedan
  • "I'm a baby" - pays 1000$ for a chair

    H5Jev StandardH5Jev Standard12 dagar sedan
    • A baby with a lot of disposable income.

      Wes MayWes May12 dagar sedan
  • I cringed this whole video

    Jason SantosJason Santos13 dagar sedan
  • P this is interesting I might I might watch this later but I am I have to put away all my artwork and the greatness I'm doing I have to go sleep floors so that people can sit around and watch celebrities play beer pong and argue about shadows on cables I'm not sure why I have to go see floors so they can do this but I guess that's just the maturity level that we have in America right now and it's just not a fetish it's just I was just the way it is

    Subclavian BHZTSubclavian BHZT13 dagar sedan
  • What a miserable existence

    BeepBoop_BopBeepBoop_Bop13 dagar sedan
    • Maybe if you're a miserable shite person. Not all of us are toxic, deeply unhappy people who only see bad in the world.

      Wes MayWes May12 dagar sedan
  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Robyne de VillerioRobyne de Villerio13 dagar sedan
  • 😁

    Toutai PaluToutai Palu13 dagar sedan
  • Wired on multiple levels

    Dijon ThomasDijon Thomas13 dagar sedan
  • What. The fck?

    Katelyn MKatelyn M13 dagar sedan
  • what ? what ? what ? CHINA PLZ invade the USA

    mike foxmike fox13 dagar sedan
    • @Shadowthepup Now you know why fascist exist.

      mike foxmike fox4 dagar sedan
    • @Darion Buck ​ yea by far, then u look at the us or uk population and the us is the smallest by far.

      ShadowthepupShadowthepup4 dagar sedan
    • @Shadowthepup no way. Really?

      Darion BuckDarion Buck4 dagar sedan
    • Don't tell him.thar China is the largest abdl community

      ShadowthepupShadowthepup4 dagar sedan
    • Noahgettheboat

      Darion BuckDarion Buck5 dagar sedan
  • These dudes need some people on the West & East coast building for them.

    Kwality KontrolKwality Kontrol13 dagar sedan
  • Okay...which club? Chute, or connections or jungle?

    Jiggy funJiggy fun13 dagar sedan
    • Chute

      Wes MayWes May13 dagar sedan
  • Ahh the levels of perverse the human mind can sink to never ceases to amaze me . Remember, we can “ choose “ to go the other direction, towards good , and light , and positive too .

    rick poghllrick poghll14 dagar sedan
  • These enablers should be stopped.. it only makes sense.. I’m starting to think Vice is part of the propaganda.

    Sasha blackSasha black14 dagar sedan
    • What is Vice enabling exactly?

      Gich101Gich1012 dagar sedan
  • Yea i cant wait for this world to end.

    anthony mendozaanthony mendoza14 dagar sedan
    • Why wait. I'm sure you can find a way to leave if you need to

      Wes MayWes May12 dagar sedan
  • wtf

    damn bruhdamn bruh14 dagar sedan
  • What a fucked up world we live in

    Piet PostPiet Post14 dagar sedan
    • Maybe you do. The rest of us aren't horrible, miserable ppl like you tho

      Wes MayWes May12 dagar sedan
  • Tell me you haven't gone insane.

    R JR J14 dagar sedan
  • Great documentary that really opened up my eyes and my worldview! I respect these people and vice for giving the video a personal touch

    PayneDeathzPayneDeathz14 dagar sedan
  • VICE you have changed for the better! This was super interesting! Also no sensationalist stuff? I’m impressed. Keep it up!

    SentraSentra14 dagar sedan
  • Please, add ROLEPLAY or some other filler word between "BABY" and "FETISH". Those words are too damn close to each other dudess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ugandan SonicUgandan Sonic15 dagar sedan
  • How did I get here ???!!!! Humans are strange

    lespaulr6lespaulr615 dagar sedan
  • Theo Von has a good side hustle

    Addison GAddison G15 dagar sedan
  • What about the dog? Does the dog consent to pup play? 😂🤣

    Kristina MittelbachKristina Mittelbach15 dagar sedan
    • Only when you get her drunk first

      Wes MayWes May12 dagar sedan
  • Ooh goodie ! Looking for people who do this !

    Musiclover KeKeMusiclover KeKe15 dagar sedan
  • They're the cutest couple!!! Interesting business! That's adaptability!

    The Real DealThe Real Deal16 dagar sedan
  • Freaking AWESOME piece, Vice!!!! I may have to splurge a bit myself 😉🌈🙌🏽😜

    Vilanya S.Vilanya S.16 dagar sedan
  • awww such a nice couple thank u for helping our huge family comunity as a abdl and babyfur huggs from me to u guys ive been married to my hubby for 9 years and love it so mutch hope to do busness with yhis couple soon huggs

    Jacob CoxJacob Cox16 dagar sedan
  • 1:11 "We do the packing stuff together" So do your customers... badda boom! I'm here all week folks, try the veal.

    Clownsof YoutoobzClownsof Youtoobz16 dagar sedan
  • 👀🤨😗😳😳😳😳🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨😎👌🏾

  • I would pay for HBO Max to see this as a show! Do you hear me Mr.Grey?

    Dong HarveyDong Harvey16 dagar sedan
  • "I'm talkin' about the goo-goo, I'm talkin' about the ga-ga."

    Alex ThompsonAlex Thompson16 dagar sedan
  • "wow I MADE that. I made that dirty diaper adult playset."

    Twenty9point97Twenty9point9716 dagar sedan
    • ​@Twenty9point97 Would be with every fetish to be fair, Since private imagine can simply be ruined by being into bondage, Sado is even in DSM-5 as a mental disorder besides the point, not only you're into ABDL it's by far one of the more common Fetishes.

      Otaku 101Otaku 10111 dagar sedan
    • No shame for sure! That's why the guy has his face blurred.

      Twenty9point97Twenty9point9712 dagar sedan
    • No shame to be into one of the biggest fetishes there is, Twenty9point97.

      Otaku 101Otaku 10112 dagar sedan
  • This is my feel good story of the week! What a sweet group of men

    Anna FarringtonAnna Farrington16 dagar sedan
  • What a kind couple and interesting job. Feels like they’re really catering to the kink community’s needs. They almost seemed more afraid to misrepresent the community than to just be associated with it which is so powerful.

    Él MartinezÉl Martinez16 dagar sedan
  • Thats filling a big niche ! Good for them !!

    Mark PetersMark Peters16 dagar sedan
  • It is a bit weird I must admit but let consenting adults play out these fantasies together instead of children ever having to be involved. Now if people have kids and do this around their kids that would be pretty f***** up

    blayne Eblayne E16 dagar sedan
  • Where do I send a resume. I want in.

    Island LifeIsland Life16 dagar sedan
  • Please keep up the solid content Vice.

    Giovanni DubonGiovanni Dubon16 dagar sedan
  • No judgment here. But........the dude or “baby” who said “I’m married to my daddy” sounded a lil too weird for me lol. Do you but that statement was just a lil too weird for my taste, but then again this doesn’t involve me that’s their thing so I guess be the best baby you could EVER BE. I believe in you baby!!! Goo goo gaga lol

    Zach CummingsZach Cummings16 dagar sedan
  • 😳. They weird af

    Jordan CJordan C16 dagar sedan
  • So well researched and actually doing it from a perspective of understanding rather than fake spectacle or shock value. Great video Vice.

    Hellsy DragonHellsy Dragon16 dagar sedan
  • Billy Corgan retired from SP to marry an old guy and build pervert furniture out in the country together.

    factorymanfactoryman16 dagar sedan
    • Some people just sound too ignorant to exist...and boy do you prove that.

      Wes MayWes May16 dagar sedan
  • This is Ancient Rome.. the empire is falling!

    factorymanfactoryman16 dagar sedan
    • No the corrupt politicians and corporations are why the empire is falling, not what people do in the privacy of their homes

      Gich101Gich1012 dagar sedan
  • This was gross, bizarre and yet heartwarming at the same time

    NickNick16 dagar sedan
  • Good for them!

    The ProffitteerThe Proffitteer16 dagar sedan
  • Love it! Sexuality should be honored not shammed... But I must admit, they're selling their work for way too little, you can tell it's quality furniture

    Rob NobleRob Noble16 dagar sedan
  • This is super cute

    MustacheN BeefMustacheN Beef16 dagar sedan
  • Goddamn I love Vice.

    Kevin ClarkKevin Clark16 dagar sedan
  • Big boy crib

    Leslie DuggerLeslie Dugger16 dagar sedan
  • Cedar post have come down? Nice. Wood is really surging now

    Leslie DuggerLeslie Dugger16 dagar sedan
  • Wait....why are they eating the shipping cost???

    Ryan LRyan L16 dagar sedan
  • Strange for me. But if someone has a need it is ok

    Никита АнтощукНикита Антощук16 dagar sedan
  • - wild wasteland perk in real life be like... -

    MAD TYGER_66MAD TYGER_6616 dagar sedan
  • So you make furniture for weirdos these people are weirdos they need to grow up and quit being a goddamn baby you make furniture for weirdos

    Steve CopelandSteve Copeland16 dagar sedan
    • So it's bad for people to be not normal

      Gich101Gich1012 dagar sedan
  • I like this couple. They are good hearted folks.

    Stacey GanttStacey Gantt16 dagar sedan
  • Love you Wes and Ritchie. From your good pal from Scotland. Miss you guys so much

    Liam GrubbLiam Grubb16 dagar sedan
    • Love you too, bruv!

      Wes MayWes May16 dagar sedan
  • Kudos to this couple for being caring and skilled at what they do.

    PogieJoePogieJoe16 dagar sedan
  • I thought Family Guy made this up. But this is actually heartwarming.

    Neil DeepNeil Deep16 dagar sedan
  • Baby fetish businessguys who sold off everything they own in Nashville.... Just what could Vice be referring to?? Just what could it be? Just what, just what??

    h th t16 dagar sedan
  • I hope my kids turn out like that son or any of the men in this video. I would be incredibly proud.

    Coco PersiflageCoco Persiflage16 dagar sedan
    • @SnkrheadArt and that's an issue because.....?

      Wes MayWes May14 dagar sedan
    • Uh i hope not, you realize they gay right?

      SnkrheadArtSnkrheadArt15 dagar sedan
  • "So I had no experience with the fetish community..." Just walked outside one morning and there was the fetish community, parked in my parking spot. Carpe Diem.

    Tim NelsonTim Nelson16 dagar sedan
    • It clearly states in the video, which you obviously didn't watch, that they took over their friend's bdsm furniture business after he fell ill. There really is just no hope for some of you people.

      Wes MayWes May16 dagar sedan
  • Thank you. I needed to see a story like this today. 💜💜

    Coco PersiflageCoco Persiflage16 dagar sedan
  • At first I was oh, these guys are cool. But THEN, I was like, oh these guys are awesome!

    Altar NativeAltar Native16 dagar sedan
  • that pentagram "cross" with the straps is beautiful, they are very talented carpenters

    Lost pelicanLost pelican16 dagar sedan
  • Smart dudes they're super cute together and making people happy while just living there lives as they want sounds like a good life

    Ashley MaddoxAshley Maddox16 dagar sedan
  • Gay guys with a Schnauzer, and self employed. Typical! What else is new!

    Denton FenderDenton Fender16 dagar sedan
  • Respect to those guys

    dude chilldude chill16 dagar sedan
  • Cute couple. Hope their business does well.

    Josh AronoffJosh Aronoff16 dagar sedan
  • As long as everything is consensual that's all that matters

    guy arrolguy arrol16 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if my wood working business is going to take a different direction now, thanks for the inspiration

    1RAH1RAH16 dagar sedan
  • Weid aaf

    WyattWyatt16 dagar sedan
  • Hey, you guys hiring?

    DivorcejaDivorceja16 dagar sedan
  • The handwriting on the wall of a decadent society in decline #Rome

    Daniel MedinaDaniel Medina16 dagar sedan
    • God these kinds of comments are just pathetic.

      Wes MayWes May16 dagar sedan