Meet the Mayor of the Unofficial Capital of Palestine (Full Documentary)

An intimate and darkly comedic look at what it takes to be Musa Hadid, the beloved Mayor of Ramallah, during the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Mayor | The Short List, a full documentary, plus a conversation between "Mayor" Director David Osit and VICE Co-Founder Suroosh Alvi.
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  • I was in Bethlehem in the Christmas of 2018 and, I must say, the people of Palestine are some of the nicest and welcoming human beings you will ever meet. You'll never guess the amount of pain that they have to endure every waking day.

    Jesus LapuzJesus Lapuz7 timmar sedan
  • Palestine will be the size of a football field by the end of the decade.

    BlueBlue2 dagar sedan
  • Long live Israel . There was, not is and never will be Palestine (It might remain in dream camps of communist and Terrorist)

    y raiy rai2 dagar sedan
  • I really hate the Israeli government

    LaylaLayla3 dagar sedan
  • They're trying to give the people of Ramallah a semblance of "normal life" that cities from other places in the world gets to live in.

    Damia E. ZulrushdiDamia E. Zulrushdi3 dagar sedan
  • 1:16:51 We usually see this scene in the media But rarely do we see what happened before. 1:14:30

    Damia E. ZulrushdiDamia E. Zulrushdi3 dagar sedan
  • Can someone explain to me why Israel and Palestine aren’t on good terms? I don’t understand the hate they have between each other :/

    ZapTic- OrioNZapTic- OrioN4 dagar sedan
    • Jews started settling on Palestine around 1870s while it was a Ottoman controlled territory and establish Israel in 1948 with help from English because at that time it was a British colony. Sone arab countries tried to get back some areas but actually lost in wars. Hate because Israeli trying to get rid of Palestine and make them Israeli citizens. I didn't explain why jews had to move away from that area for Europe sone thousand years ago. I think you should learn iy yourself.

      Slovaj LeclercSlovaj Leclerc3 dagar sedan
  • Best thing I've watched in a really long time

    Non.DualityNon.Duality7 dagar sedan
  • Ouch this really looked like HUGE propaganda video! Just after some minutes the president is lying massively, saying they almost get no help from the outside, no help or money, and that if there was a solution he would love to make it good for the people. They get a ton of aid from other countries around in the world, Israel has a lot of money they have offered but Palestine has not taken it. Israel have several several times wanted to come to a conclusion on what is best to do but Palestine have not wanted to speak. They do not want freedom, they want to destroy and take away Israel!! All the countries around Israel went to war against them and Israel took out Egypt's flybase so they had control of the airspace and won the war. During the war they had gotten control of Gaza Strip and West Bank. According to the laws, if you take it over in self defence war there is no unlegal. Jordanien took over West Bank directly after UK left it but they did not to keep it because it was a offensive war. Gaza Strip was given back to Egypt and given to Palestine, where Hamas terrorist organisation is today. West Bank was in 1990, during the Oslo deal, signed a deal by Palestine and Israel that the West Bank should be parted in three areas, A B C areas. Where A is totally Palestine and C totally Israel and B more Palestine but OK for Israel to be as well. Palestine does not want to have a peace talk!!!

    RubberTagRubberTag8 dagar sedan
    • @Pop Smoke Did you read anything of what I wrote?

      RubberTagRubberTag5 dagar sedan
    • Free palestine 🇵🇸

      Pop SmokePop Smoke5 dagar sedan
  • You could really ramp up the views, if you hired the voice translator. Not a lot of people would be able to watch this though for 2 hours just reading subtitles. Otherwise a fantastic documentary!

    empower93 empower93empower93 empower9311 dagar sedan
  • I hope something positive comes out of this docu.

    MrGenenmiMrGenenmi12 dagar sedan
  • The like to dislike ratio is better than I expected

    okok12 dagar sedan
  • He seems like such a nice guy. Wish he was my mayor😢

    C067142677C06714267712 dagar sedan
  • Great docu, very grateful for being able to see this

    RubenRuben12 dagar sedan
  • Reminds me of our rural municipal mayor in Lebanon. He would always be back and forth on a scooter constantly chatting and checking on the village people while dealing with his daily errands. 🇵🇸♥️🇱🇧

    Eman TarabayEman Tarabay12 dagar sedan
  • i wonder exactly how corrupt/rich this "mayor" guy really is? Since the palis dont really have a good track record of proper representatives (terrorist and mass murderers included).

    iwme8eiwme8e13 dagar sedan
    • Always have to find something negative. Just don’t click on this video if you don’t like Palestine

      Hermanni HeinzeHermanni Heinze12 dagar sedan
  • Vice, this was very nice.

    lupo1thewolflupo1thewolf13 dagar sedan
  • Them not respect human life, and Sport terrorism

    Baruch LoveBaruch Love13 dagar sedan

    bla bla blehbla bla bleh13 dagar sedan
  • please VICE, more of these documentaries about this subject: Palestine/Israel

    CommendatoreCommendatore14 dagar sedan
  • I'd love to hear about the topic, but it seems this is a 2 hour subtitled video mostly in non-English and I really can't just stare at a video non-stop to consume it. I want to do other things at the same time, walk around, etc. and I can't do that when I need to literally stare non-stop at a screen to not miss the subtitles .. I'd love to hear when there's a version spoken in English.

    LietuLietu14 dagar sedan
  • well the palestinian seem to be harmless(small rock is not gonna do anything to you), and the army using full military gear,

    onemanshow oneonemanshow one14 dagar sedan
  • Jerusalem was always official

    Precise ArrowPrecise Arrow14 dagar sedan
  • Had to enable vpn to watch this in the us

    Moe AludimiMoe Aludimi14 dagar sedan
  • Good to see you lads decided to release this great documentary to your general audiences in English speaking countries. But why here and not in Vice News, where it is already available for the rest of the world?

    Chilena Promedio AprueboChilena Promedio Apruebo14 dagar sedan
    • @Chilena Promedio Apruebo yes

      Zea PicZea Pic7 dagar sedan
    • @Zea Pic They released it on Vice News first.

      Chilena Promedio AprueboChilena Promedio Apruebo7 dagar sedan
    • @Chilena Promedio Apruebo?.I mean i also saw that they released it there too.

      Zea PicZea Pic7 dagar sedan
    • @Zea Pic That's why I'm asking.

      Chilena Promedio AprueboChilena Promedio Apruebo7 dagar sedan
    • It's there too

      Zea PicZea Pic9 dagar sedan
  • Palestine and Gaza strip should enter Turkey! If they voluntarily enter Turkey and become Turkish citizens, it will open up their borders (through Sea) and Turkey can establsih their military there, then IsraHell will not dare to attack and gazans will see economical growth inshaa Allah.

    J TJ T14 dagar sedan
    • Nonsense first Zionist settlement is in the time of your sultan abdelhamid your greed and feelings of entitlement mean nothing the Great Arab revolution didn't happen so you would spew this bs KEEP DREAMING 😄

      Ahmad beikAhmad beik11 dagar sedan
    • In your dreams

      Jesse CohenJesse Cohen13 dagar sedan
  • Only Israel Exist!!!

    N BN B15 dagar sedan
  • Please make subtitle for other countries too... idk if community caption still works. But, at least someone with skill to translate this into another language could support them, even by just pray or sympathy.

    Ilove ChocolateIlove Chocolate16 dagar sedan
    • The community subtitles doesn't work anymore, unfortunately. I really want to share it with Spanish speaking friends.

      Chilena Promedio AprueboChilena Promedio Apruebo14 dagar sedan
  • Incredible film! The audience can witness these truly beautiful portrayed little stories within the life of the mayor, a man full of hope facing numerous challenges. Sometimes the documentary leaves you laughing, sometimes it even provokes anger. A lovely piece of art! Let's hope, like the mayor has made clear in the documentary, that more people in the world get to know the current situation of Palestinians in Ramallah and beyond.

    Mimoun KoubaaMimoun Koubaa16 dagar sedan
  • name a city Ramallha in india and there will be riots

    Manish K SManish K S16 dagar sedan
  • So sad , they have 1908 on there walls like it is the date of theire independence . Those years these poor people believed the Brits and lost everything they had to the jews . They were thinking that the Ottomans were invaders they handt seen an invader untill the jews came :)

    mk bijnaammk bijnaam16 dagar sedan
  • That's just one sign, Zionism will fall sooner or later. there will be nothing called "the state of israel" in the future

    FrenchFatFatherFrenchFatFather16 dagar sedan
  • Soon west bank and gaza will be part of Israel 🇮🇱🙌🙌🐖💨☪️

    Gourav kunduGourav kundu17 dagar sedan
    • 🐖💨✡

      FrenchFatFatherFrenchFatFather16 dagar sedan
    • just 15 years later the state of Israel and it's Zionistic ideologies will will fall in the trash can

      FrenchFatFatherFrenchFatFather16 dagar sedan
  • you can feel the sadness even in celebrations . Palestine you have our heart and prayers . " Dignity is not negotiable " . Free Palestine

    asma waniasma wani17 dagar sedan
    • @RubberTag Really ? How naive are you to expect that anyone would just give the land that they were born , grown up and eventually die in for free to a complete stranger that doesn't even have anything in common with their culture , language or religion without resistance ? I'm not saying that palestine is only for arabs or muslims but anyone who believes in true justice would agree that occupying a country and oppressing and forcing out it's native people is not only wrong but a crime.

      سعدسعد7 dagar sedan
    • @ok Palestine does not want to have any peace talk with Israel though... They have written an agreement, called Oslo agreement, in 1990, that the West Bank should be splitted in three parts solution A B C. It is not even a occupation, all the Arabs countries around Israel attacked Israel in 1967 and Israel won and at the same time they got Gaza Strip and West Bank at the same time. According to the rules, because it was a defending and not a offensive, from Israel side, the Gaza and West Bank is theirs. Gaza was given to Egypt who gave it to Palestine and Hamas took it. West Bank was as it was and Israel tried to talk with Palestine but no agreement could be made. As I said before, 1990 the Oslo Agreement happened and A got Palestine, B got Palestine and Israel and C got Israel. I believe that there is a spiritual warfare over all this. If Palestine would've wanted peace and freedom, they would've agreed to talk with Israel to come up with a solution but they want all or nothing and that will not work...

      RubberTagRubberTag8 dagar sedan
    • Both countries exist and both countries want peace but violence from a few Palestinian and Israeli trying to stop the violence split them apart. I'm mad at the British government for not taking care of the land they used to own and just left it unstable like Israel - Palestine, Pakistan - India, etc. I'll probably delete this later but idk imma let you read this random facts so... Fun facts: there's plastic trash 1000s of m under the ocean

      okok12 dagar sedan
    • @one two Israel ? What's that ?

      asma waniasma wani13 dagar sedan
    • @one two palestine exist before your great great grandfather balls dropped

      سعدسعد13 dagar sedan
  • Finished watching this, persona seems really honest in his beliefs and it's sad that the other side is preventing the development of human life in their region by not cooperating/communicating with them.

    MMOStarsMMOStars17 dagar sedan
    • @MMOStars don't be fooled by the media

      Jesse CohenJesse Cohen13 dagar sedan
    • @Trancestor At least this people in the region seem to want to do that, besides that don't get me involved into religious issues.

      MMOStarsMMOStars16 dagar sedan
    • You’re talking as if Palestinians want to communicate.

      TrancestorTrancestor17 dagar sedan
  • "When it comes to dignity, it is not something negotiable." I guess it should be a slogan for every mayor around the world.

    M. T.M. T.17 dagar sedan
  • 10:09 He said something like "occupation forces", not: "soldiers". Vice should seriously try and cover topics in an accurate, honest and good way.

    Mohammed Al-KaabiMohammed Al-Kaabi17 dagar sedan
    • @Mohammed Al-Kaabi thank you

      AlexAlex9 dagar sedan
    • @Alex As far as I remember yes, and I don't mean translating a bit different for the sake of understanding instead of litterlay translating, but actually leaving parts behind etc. However in this specific case I don't dare to tell you for sure, perhaps someone else or another time I could point some obvious points out.

      Mohammed Al-KaabiMohammed Al-Kaabi9 dagar sedan
    • Are there any other misstranslations ?

      AlexAlex10 dagar sedan
  • Free Palestine

    Mohammed Al-KaabiMohammed Al-Kaabi17 dagar sedan
  • Vice is back baby !!

    MEME DOGMEME DOG17 dagar sedan
  • damn. this is good work

    freshramsesfreshramses17 dagar sedan
  • imagine if this city was full of tourists. they wouldnt dare come in like that and shot

    SkrymtSkrymt18 dagar sedan
  • this is one great human

    SkrymtSkrymt18 dagar sedan
  • How come this is blocked in UK🤔its a shame that such a brilliant content isn't available to more people

    MariaMaria18 dagar sedan
    • It's this one blocked there too? There's a version on Vice News, from a couple of weeks ago, but it was blocked in most English speaking countries, I thought this was not. Perhaps it's a copyright issue, regarding distribution in the UK. If you can, watch it with vpn.

      Chilena Promedio AprueboChilena Promedio Apruebo14 dagar sedan
  • It’s funny how Muslims celebrate Christmas and Christians don’t celebrate any holy months of Muslims 😀

    مقاطع مضحكه لولمقاطع مضحكه لول18 dagar sedan
    • They do in my country Christian always come in our iftar in ramadhan

      Ilove ChocolateIlove Chocolate16 dagar sedan
  • I'd like to see more of full documentaries 😃😃😃

    Iron FoxIron Fox18 dagar sedan
  • Fantastic visuals of Palestine. Great work @vice

    Thulani BuciboThulani Bucibo18 dagar sedan
  • 🇮🇱 🤝 🇵🇸

    PowerMennoPowerMenno18 dagar sedan
  • What a brilliant look into the everyday life of a man and a country trying to keep its head above water. The Injustice is overwhelming.

    Lalita ShahinLalita Shahin18 dagar sedan
  • #FreePalestine

    Emil JohanssonEmil Johansson18 dagar sedan
  • Suport for Israel from Bosnia .

    Bosnia Hercegovina AudiobooksBosnia Hercegovina Audiobooks18 dagar sedan
    • @Bidisha Mallick ok ,suport for Israel ,islam = nazi ...all the best from Bosnia ..

      Bosnia Hercegovina AudiobooksBosnia Hercegovina Audiobooks15 dagar sedan
    • @Yunik Hamoudan you are not bosnian bosnian are not muslim we love israel ..

      Bosnia Hercegovina AudiobooksBosnia Hercegovina Audiobooks17 dagar sedan
    • You don't represent us Bosnians :) we actually support Palestine

      Yunik HamoudanYunik Hamoudan17 dagar sedan
  • Good documentary.

    Sergio Almenares ValdesSergio Almenares Valdes18 dagar sedan
  • Go on Palestine, all our love and support, IRE.

    Declan Tiberius KellyDeclan Tiberius Kelly18 dagar sedan
  • I wish someone did a documentary on the current mayor of Bucharest too

    Casi CstCasi Cst18 dagar sedan
  • guess whos side palestine was on during world war 2 it wasnt the russians or the west ,they were on hitlers side......just a lil reminder who they are

    Ojberretta BerrettaOjberretta Berretta18 dagar sedan
    • @Ojberretta Berretta Your comment is Rubbish. Both Arabs and Jews attacked the Brit occupation of Palestine during WW2. The Arab side wanted the Brits out. The Jewish militias attacked the Brits because they blocked immigration of Jews from Europe to keep Egypt happy while they defended the Suez front.

      MaxmartinMaxmartin15 dagar sedan
    • Also, palestine was under brits in ww2. If you read history, we will get group of palestine who served under brits fought nazi, and a group of Independence who want to get rid of British through support of nazi

      No UNo U17 dagar sedan
    • Actually they're neutral and not actively engaged in ww2, same thing happened in countries around the world in africa, asia, and micronesia. For example Indonesia was colonized by Netherland for 350 years until 1942 in ww2, does that mean they're allies? No. And then they're side with the japanese until 1945 because promised with independent (the same case with Nazi promising indepence for palestine) , does it makes Indonesia support facist axis and as guilty and as bad as Germany, Italy, and Japan? Nope, they're victim of oppressing colonialism by both allies and axis who drove them into war. They're pretty much neutral and doesn't support neither ideology from both sides.

      No UNo U18 dagar sedan
    • @Maria france wasnt on the side of germany they lost and got occupied,italy was yes no doubt,but do we see italy attacking israel now?no they do not......

      Ojberretta BerrettaOjberretta Berretta18 dagar sedan
    • So were the French,Italians.. but I doubt you feel the same about them😏

      MariaMaria18 dagar sedan
  • when was this filmed does anyone know?

    Happy DaysHappy Days18 dagar sedan
    • Just search "trump embassy jerusalem", its about the same time when those news arise

      No UNo U17 dagar sedan
  • It's amazing with how few resources they have that they still have a beautiful united city where there's space for all beliefs

    Mads JensenMads Jensen18 dagar sedan
    • @just one youtuber my bad, it was a typo, I meant to write all Jews have been murdered or expelled from Palestinian controlled areas since 1947

      Anton AdelsonAnton Adelson16 dagar sedan
    • @Anton Adelson You clearly dont know what you are talking about. Jew have been living for hundreds of years in Palestine before 1948. And i dont see how jewish tourist spots have anything to do sith jewish inhabitants.

      just one youtuberjust one youtuber16 dagar sedan
    • @just one youtuber Palestinian Jews? There's no such thing. All have been killed or expelled after 1947. Jews used to visit Ramallah a lot before the intifadahs. Research how West Bank was after 1968 and before 1990. Gaza, even. Gaza and Ramallah used to be popular tourist spots for Jews before the terror waves started in the early 90's. So, no, there's NO space for all beliefs in Ramallah right now. Not for Jewish beliefs. And not even for homosexuality

      Anton AdelsonAnton Adelson16 dagar sedan
    • @Anton Adelson I am not talking about settlements. I am talking about palestinian jews. And none of them have ever been in ramallah so today they arent either.

      just one youtuberjust one youtuber16 dagar sedan
    • @just one youtuber Well, first of all, where did you get 400 from? I'd say there's way more. Second of all, these Jews are protected on all sides by soldiers and electric fences. And STILL get murdered every year. Third of all, the article is about Ramallah. How many Jews are in Ramallah?

      Anton AdelsonAnton Adelson16 dagar sedan

    Giulia MarchettiGiulia Marchetti18 dagar sedan
  • I love the Palestinian people 🇵🇸❤️🇵🇸

    Peter LavonPeter Lavon18 dagar sedan
  • In a decent world Israel shouldn't even exist.

    joviatescjoviatesc18 dagar sedan
    • @joviatesc Israel won two wars against Arab countries even before the USA gave support

      Jesse CohenJesse Cohen13 dagar sedan
    • @Avraham Yeuda you are absolutely no one. All what you achive as a country is because of the USA. You got kicked out from over 300 countries trough history and sooner or later you will get kicked out from Palestine too.

      joviatescjoviatesc18 dagar sedan
    • You tried to kill the jews from the face of the land, but we here because we are the people of God.

      Avraham YeudaAvraham Yeuda18 dagar sedan
    • in a decent world islam wouldnt exist.

      Ojberretta BerrettaOjberretta Berretta18 dagar sedan
  • Great documentary! Thanks!

    LandgraabIVLandgraabIV18 dagar sedan
  • FREE 🇯🇴❤✌🏾

    LFAM GOATLFAM GOAT18 dagar sedan
    • Nice of you but this is the flag of Jordan

      Ahmed ElshiekhAhmed Elshiekh8 dagar sedan
  • israel is unofficial not palestine! Israel is oppressor

    trionflex jjtrionflex jj18 dagar sedan
  • wow... thank you for this

    Stella FoschiStella Foschi18 dagar sedan
  • To all israeli citizen watching this, What do you have to say about this 'documentary'? Thanks

    le demier 68le demier 6818 dagar sedan
    • רק ישראל!!!

      N BN B15 dagar sedan
    • It’s surely a sad situation to be in and it’s a real shame innocent Palestinians have to suffer because of a minority of terrorists and a leadership that doesn’t want to or is too scared to change the situation.

      TrancestorTrancestor17 dagar sedan
    • Using Christmas to lie to the westerners so they will connect to the terrorists agenda.

      Avraham YeudaAvraham Yeuda18 dagar sedan
  • I watched the documentary now and wow! I must say that its really good and paints palestinians in a new and humane light

    EdinEdin18 dagar sedan
    • @Avraham Yeuda Christianity is originated from middle east, it's jesus of nazareth not new jersey. do you think its from europe because they brainwash you with drawings of caucasian looking god flying in the sky?

      No UNo U17 dagar sedan
    • @Avraham Yeuda How ironic

      EdinEdin18 dagar sedan
    • That the propaganda idea. Christmas in the middle east for the westerners.

      Avraham YeudaAvraham Yeuda18 dagar sedan
  • Wish we had this kind of Mayor in our city.

    Imran ShawImran Shaw18 dagar sedan
  • Can we have some meaningful documentary by vice???

    Shahad JagotShahad Jagot18 dagar sedan
  • Why is it block in the US and UK?

    BobBob18 dagar sedan
    • They dont want you to understand with other perspective, just your media to tell you about Palestine and what is going on there.

      Kağan KartalKağan Kartal18 dagar sedan
  • A Christian mayor in a 99% Muslim nation. That’s why Palestine is so strong they are United no matter what believes you have the ground is Palestine.

    RB LBRB LB18 dagar sedan
  • Wow, this documentary is the first one that I followed whole heartedly. My idea about Palestinian is changing...

    Bengia ApeBengia Ape18 dagar sedan
    • we been waiting a long time for people to utter this sentence you just spelled out, feels surreal lmao

      QAQQAQ17 dagar sedan
  • how care put 7 min of life on this lol

    S - GamingS - Gaming18 dagar sedan
  • Is it still blocked in the US and UK?

    sherif noursherif nour18 dagar sedan
    • It seems it's still blocked in the UK, but free in the US. Otherwise I don't see why to upload it here if it's already on Vice News.

      Chilena Promedio AprueboChilena Promedio Apruebo14 dagar sedan
  • Free Palestine !

    safsa awesafsa awe18 dagar sedan
  • very well done

    sherif noursherif nour18 dagar sedan
  • nn

    mill bmill b18 dagar sedan
  • We are all thinking of you and the Palestinian people's struggle, Mr. Mayor. I apologise on behalf of the people of the UK for supporting Israel and not doing something to denounce the terrible treatment of the people of Palestine.

    ephreephre18 dagar sedan
    • ​@אוריyou can apologise on behalf of the British people for all the crimes against humanity that aren't relevant to this documentary. I'm only here for the Mayor. I hereby make you culpable for all GB colonialism.

      ephreephre18 dagar sedan
    • @ephre stick to the facts and history. sensitive...

      אוריאורי18 dagar sedan
    • only if you apologise to britain for your spelling

      ephreephre18 dagar sedan
    • It will be nice if u apologize as British to Africa, Asia, syria, Iraq, and the Jewish people also. For the way Britain exploited and made conflicts in that areas after the left, just for their own benefit.. All Hell the qween

      אוריאורי18 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful documentary. 2:08:00 David's final thoughts were also great.

    Anthony MelancholianoAnthony Melancholiano18 dagar sedan
  • Nice documentary

    Muhammad TauhidMuhammad Tauhid18 dagar sedan
  • LMAO what’s up with that Santa show💀💀💀

    S DfS Df18 dagar sedan
  • 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

    danial afiqdanial afiq18 dagar sedan
    • @Avraham Yeuda Your whole country is fake

      محمد ابراهيممحمد ابراهيم15 dagar sedan
    • Fake

      Avraham YeudaAvraham Yeuda18 dagar sedan
  • Palestine is a country... israel is not.

    danial afiqdanial afiq18 dagar sedan
    • When was Palestine a country?

      Jesse CohenJesse Cohen13 dagar sedan
    • Lies

      Avraham YeudaAvraham Yeuda18 dagar sedan
  • I just can see the harmony there between the muslims and the Christians. The coexistence is tough, and they are both fighting for their country. The west will never and ever understand the daily struggle in which we are living in the Middle East.

    Hilal Elias FreihHilal Elias Freih18 dagar sedan
  • What a real leader!

    SplintexSplintex18 dagar sedan
    • Yes a great man 👍

      Lars StougaardLars Stougaard18 dagar sedan
  • This the first time vice did a full documentary

    DCSDCS18 dagar sedan
    • @Zea Pic oh right thanks

      DCSDCS9 dagar sedan
    • They mentioned in the video that it was not made by them.

      Zea PicZea Pic9 dagar sedan
    • As far as I know the documentary was independently directed by David Osit and then lateron licensed by Vice.

      That Works MediaThat Works Media18 dagar sedan
    • They didn't make this documentary. They just bought the rights to show it with their shitty logo pasted on to it

      Otto LaaksoOtto Laakso18 dagar sedan
  • Amazing mayor in an amazing city

    selinarminé beckyselinarminé becky18 dagar sedan
  • 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

    Toe ToeganToe Toegan18 dagar sedan
  • Could you upload the documentaries with Michael K. Williams?

    Rolling StoneRolling Stone18 dagar sedan
  • God save Palestine from these Zionists

    Abid KhanAbid Khan18 dagar sedan
  • Wow, thanks for this documentary. It's amazing that we can see quality contents like this on SEslow.

    IKEMEN Osaka-ben!【大阪弁】IKEMEN Osaka-ben!【大阪弁】18 dagar sedan
    • @Smoke This documentary has been up for a while on Vice News Channel. It's seems Vice decided to liberate it to English speaking countries (it was geoblocked), because many viewers from the US and the UK were using VPN to watch it and were asking for it release. And you should watch it, so you will realise it's not that long, it's a little less than 1 hour, the rest is an interview with the filmmaker.

      Chilena Promedio AprueboChilena Promedio Apruebo14 dagar sedan
    • Osaka- Ben saw it at double speed, just go into setting and adjust speed, it can be done 😄

      Lars StougaardLars Stougaard18 dagar sedan
  • "Great documentary!" hahha more like great PR move. But this is Vice soo yea what can you expect.

    Теодор ИвановТеодор Иванов18 dagar sedan
    • Show the westerners Christmas and they will buy everything

      Avraham YeudaAvraham Yeuda18 dagar sedan
    • @Pizza Rat he doesnt care all that cus he favors the israeli regime 🤮

      Pix_dPix_d18 dagar sedan
    • it has great reviews by both critics and the public.

      Pizza RatPizza Rat18 dagar sedan
  • High nobility, nobility, monarchies, aristocratic families, clans, dynasties and families 🇨🇭🇫🇷 Family Hottinger / Hottinguer - finance (high degree Freemasons and occultists) The Swiss-French Hottinger / Hottinguer family was one of the most important banking families in France in the 19th century. They were accepted into the French nobility in 1810 and have been barons ever since. The French branch is called Hottinguer and the Swiss branch is called Hottinger.

    anä sofiäanä sofiä18 dagar sedan
  • High nobility, aristocracy, monarchies, aristocratic families, clans, dynasties and families 🇨🇭Hoffmann, La Roche, Oeri and Merian family - pharmaceuticals and finance (Satanists, occultists, high degree freemasons and Bilderberg) The Hoffmann and Oeri families control the Swiss pharmaceutical company Hoffmann-La Roche, which was the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world in 2019. Roche is one of the largest family businesses in Europe. The family currently owns 50% of the voting rights in Roche.

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  • High nobility, nobility, monarchies, aristocratic families, clans, dynasties and families 🇫🇷 🇳🇱 🇨🇭Louis-Dreyfus family - agricultural industry (high degree freemasons) With a net worth of $ 5.6 billion, the family is one of the richest French families. In 2014 Margarita Louis-Dreyfus still owned 8.1 billion and Monique Louis-Dreyfus 1.5 billion.

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    • I assume not related to the Dreyfus who was a french officer falsely exiled for something he didn't do

      Benedict MannheimBenedict Mannheim18 dagar sedan
  • Children Next to be Sacrificed to COVID-19 mRNA Injections as 12-Year-Old Girl is Paralyzed During Trials

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  • Your Russian conspiracy theories are all about politics. You and Adam Schiff have manipulated intelligence over and over for political gain. Stop defamation career intelligence agents who have proven you lied. Well, there is growing backlash against the New York Times for its partisan electoral interference. The fake Russian bounty story has angry many people. Corruption goes from top to bottom. State officials, MPs, lawyers, judges, government agencies, boards, departments, colleges and universities, to local officials. You name it and in Georgia it's corrupt. This is America, not Venezuela. If we don't have honest elections, we do NOT have the rule of law. There are child sex trafficking tunnels and bunkers under the White House that lead to the Capitol, where members of Congress frequently sexually abuse children. Trump was informed of the discovery by the military on December 20, 2020. "DRAIN THE SWAMP -TRUMP" It wasn't just a saying ... He DETERMINED it! ... D.U.M.B.'s. TUNNELS underground cities ../ bio-laboratories. Torture chambers..Clone facilities. // Foreign occupation troops TRUTH: Explosion / Beirut port months ago was aimed at D.U.M.B Bio-Anlage / ARMS Bigwigs who visited the Bohemian Grove: George HW Bush, Dick Cheney, Alan Greenspan, Walter Cronkite, Newt Gingrich, Henry Kissinger. Many of today's top US politicians are occult members who attend satanic ceremonies like California's annual Bohemian Grove. Politicians run around naked in the forest and worship a child-sacrificing owl god, but I'm the crazy one ?! Prince Philips' sister, Sophia, was married to Christoph von Hessen-Kassel, an SS colonel who named his eldest son Karl Adolf in Hitler's honor. In fact, all of Philip's four sisters married high-ranking Nazis Philip also attended the ultra-secret ritual meeting of the elites in Bohemian Grove. XX also = 1010. On The Clock ON THE CLOCK means they will shut down social media then internet over floods of the net with evidence then cyber attacks & fake nuclear scare event. Before we go to EBS. We're getting the new quantum internet. The current internet will be wiped out. Everything ties back to the 1871 Act of England Reversal & Operation Mockingbird. Mr. Pool warned us about IRAN earlier. Lexington and Concord: The Shot That Goed Around the World. April 19, 1775 The Shot Heard Around The World As The World Turns. On the clock. Write this 3 ^ in These next coming days until the 20th are the "BE ALL & END ALL" of this entire time in which we live. The tax office says prepare for debt relief. Mr. Pool Black Swan Event ..... A black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially serious consequences. Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity, severe impact, and widespread insistence that they were obvious in hindsight. The Black Swan event will mark the start of the new ISO flare network money family. Everything is ready for the changeover. From> To: Swift> Quantum Financial System BTC> Blockchain ISO Regulated Asset Backed Metals MSM> Starlink & Project Odin $ €> Gold Dark to Light JUST IN - Biden declares a "national security emergency" over Russia. @disclosetv @disclosetv_chat Arresting Gear Arresting Gear "System" emergency preparedness (Q) The Storm Rider 45 was announced a few hours ago (Tuesday April 13th) by Mil. SECURity from Mar-a-lago & flown to a safe place _CCP subs atlanta coast _Russian SUBS _U.S subs. POSITIONED Biden declares a national emergency (Q) The Storm Rider Mil. Report _iraq attack drones / projectiles at this moment _ISRAEL attacked bombing raids hours ago _40 battalion Russian div. Ukr _Turks Russian attack SYRIA boats today Getti Yea. Q 34 arrests = EBS comes Defcon "standby" levels emergency.

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  • Sun April 11: UST gave the green light for GCR liquidity release. Mon. April 12th: The liquidity release was suspended for 72 hours as members of the Cabal tried to siphon off funds. RV military security teams identified, arrested, removed, and replaced all of them, including three bankers. RV security teams had to take a 72-hour break last Monday through Wednesday April 12-14 to check all connections and make sure the lines were clear of Cabal and banker obstructions. Tue April 13th (Q) Der Sturmreiter: 45 (Donald Trump) was removed from Mar-a-lago by military security and flown to a safe location. CCP submarines positioned on the Atlanta coast, Russian and US submarines. Iraq attack drones / projectiles right now. ISRAEL attacked hours ago. Bombardments _40 Battalion Russian Div. Ukr _Turks Russian attack SYRIA boats. Biden declared a national emergency. Tue-Thu April 13-15, hundreds of test exchanges, bond withdrawals and transactions took place - the tests were all successful. Wed April 14 at 4pm & 5:26 pm PST: Bonds have been released for Tier 4B liquidity. On Thursday, April 15, the over 100 test transactions in the QFS were successful without any obstacles. The U.S. Treasury Department notified the Department of Defense and Trump that the clearance can continue over the weekend and into the next week. Thu April 15 bond dealers were still being liquidated while Hillary Clinton's tribunal ended with a guilty verdict and sentenced to be hanged in ten days, on April 26, after the tattoo. From Fri-Sat 16.-17. In April, the Deep State was completely locked out of the RV approval process by the QFS system. Fri April 16 Military News: Breaking: The United States Commander-in-Chief (Donald Trump) entered the Department of Defense on Fri April 16. Trump had been in hiding since April 13th. The RV start would be from Sun.-Thu. 18-20 April. The courses would be blocked on Value Day Monday, April 19. Tier 4B (we, the internet group) would start on April 20th. From Tuesday, April 20th to the first weeks of May, there would be a black swan in the water event. The internet and social media would shut down, and then the airwaves would be flooded with evidence of corrupt politicians. There would be a cyber attack and a fake nuclear fear - just before the Emergency Broadcast System takes over the mass media. The quantum internet would wipe out Operation Mockingbird (a CIA program that has controlled the mass media since the end of World War II). At the same time there would be a switch to the new quantum financial system and gold-backed currencies through Starlink and the Odin Odin project (, which leads from dark to light. Sat May 1st: GESARA debt relief begins. Mon May 3: The US military is on high alert. Tuesday May 4th: Beginning of the New Republic. Thursday May 6th: New Emergency Broadcast Starlink System takes over all mass media internationally in order to enforce a temporary martial law worldwide, Global Currency Reset announced publicly, general public begins with the exchange. During the ten days of darkness that followed Uncensored news about the tribunals and the crackdown of the Cabal would be broadcast in three eight-hour film sessions per day (24 hours per day) on all media networks worldwide. There would be potential social media and stock market crashes, planes and trains grounded, internet going down and occasional power outages as a switch to the new Telsa Free Energy System was made. Biden would be out, Trump in and a new financial system and NESARA activated. A. Sa. April 17th Fleming's Military Intel Contact: The 72 hour delay last week pushed the RV release into the next week of Sun April 18. The military RV security teams have been working with faster arrest actions and more deadly accuracy in locating and instantly arresting any cabal morons dumb enough to try to hamper them.

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    • Wtf are you talking about

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  • New on National Justice: A Tufts University dental student has been forced to renounce his pro-Palestinian activism after a Jewish group put him on a blacklist. Jews use this list to organize harassment against political activists using their enormous institutional influence in America. Being on the Canary Mission dox list leads to loss of career and educational opportunities, targets you for litigation and even attracts FBI harassment. The only way to get off the list is to declare your loyalty to Israel, which he has decided to do.

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  • free palestine🇵🇸 drive those zionists to the sea!

  • No such state as Palestine, never have been, and there are no today. They are just Arabs, who hate Jews without any real identity themselves. Either they accept the situation or they will have to migrate to other Arab countries because sincerely there is no real difference between Jordan/Palestine/Egypt in my opinion. Sorry if someone finds this offensive, I'm not a Jew, I'm from Northern Europe, this is just my opinion.

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    • I don't care what your creed or color is. I treat each individual with the same amount of respect as I treat another individual with..

      Tiger WrightTiger Wright18 dagar sedan
    • My cousins are African American, Irish and Scottish... People just need to learn to coexist..

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    • I'm Creek Indian, Black Dutch, Irish,and Scottish. And I ain't complaining about a damn thing. I am just thankful to be alive.

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    • @Naif Al-Baloushi its ramadan my man, nobody sleeps lol

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    • @Alex The Magnificent ok my boy it is time for sleep

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  • Like the ancient Chinese “yin/yang” symbol, the Twin Pillars denote the “pairs of opposites” in our world via the following “sun/moon” formula: · The SUN rules the Day (Yang)―but the MOON rules the Night (Yin) · The DAY brings Light (Yang)―but the NIGHT brings Dark (Yin) · The LIGHT brings Hot (Yang)―but the DARK brings Cold (Yin) · The HOT brings Dry (Yang)―but the COLD brings Moist (Yin) · The DAY symbolizes Life (Yang)―but the NIGHT symbolizes Death (Yin) · The LIFE is considered Good (Yang)―but DEATH is considered Evil (Yin) In other words, everything inside Creation...inside the physical world of change…has a “sun” side (yang) and a “moon” side (yin)―including man. Everything in the cosmos, including man, is made of twin complementary opposites. We see this in the Kabbalistic “Tree of Life” design in the image below. The human body’s twin symmetrical halves are depicted by the Twin Pillars of “Mercy” and “Severity.” Of course, these Twin Kabbalistic Pillars parallel Freemasonry’s Jachin & Boaz pillars. Between the Twin Pillars of Mercy and Severity there’s a Middle Pillar―the Middle Pillar of the soul. It’s nicknamed the “Pillar of Consciousness” because the eternal soul is consciousness―it makes us who we are:

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    • Ok...but why are you mentioning this?

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