The 9/11 Boat Rescue That Saved Half a Million People | I Was There

Most people are aware of the tragedy that unfolded on September 11, 2001, in New York City and the swift action by first responders to the scene. A lesser-known rescue effort is the historic maritime evacuation that took place that day - one that was greater even than Dunkirk. In this episode of "I Was There" VICE meets civilian mariner Pete Johansen who assisted with the world's largest boat lift that rescued half a million people stranded on the seawalls of Lower Manhattan.
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    VICEVICE23 dagar sedan
    • VICE where can I find the rest of the Audio from the USCG? Is there a link to a USCG Archive somewhere?

      Augustine TabelingAugustine Tabeling21 dag sedan
    • @taz santiago 0433am 16/4/21 they will wheel this footage out every so often to bolster the threat - whatever threat may have been part and parcel of this event - or to remind folk about some disastrous set of acts that proclaimed the end of the american dream... i have no desire to see this - again.... either now or in the near future. that is not a call for censorship, as much as you may demand an excuse to implement it... i may engage with the events later on in life if someone does produce a documentary of a serious nature without relying on schmaltz, soft soap or highlighting the misery that came with this attack. at present it's all simpering piano sound tracks and images of people hugging each other. america is still reeling from this. i would liken the nation to a rabbit frozen in a car's head lights.

    • I was smoking weed in a work van six blocks from The world trade centers that morning, we were parked in an alley 30 minutes early. I noticed people running in One Direction so I told the guys I’ll be right back to see what was going on I went down the alley and looked down the street to see one of the World trade center buildings on fire. I ran back to the van and the guys had the radio on so they already knew what happened. We all got out the van and started walking toward the scene when a second plane came from behind the buildings and nailed the second building the fireball was over our heads and all sorts of debris was falling around us. I noticed a lot of Burnt people were leaving the area when one of the building starting to fall I never ran so fast in my life. I keep remembering the smoke cloud coming toward us I jumped in the doorway of a store with a bunch of other strangers and duct as the smoke cloud hit us all. We all were choking eyes were burning hard to breathe it was eerily quiet all you can see was faint emergency vehicle lights through the thick dust in the air. 😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓 I will never forget that day I was 21 years old I’m 40 years old now and it’s for that reason only why I left New York City I love you New York I miss you God bless all those people who lost loved ones, I volunteered the first six days to help look for people but after two days it was obvious no one would be found alive. Thank you for making this video VICE I ended up with thousands of people walking over the Brooklyn Bridge covered in dust and coughing I never want to go through anything like that again, nobody should ever go through that.

      taz santiagotaz santiago23 dagar sedan
    • The World's Largest Boat Rescue You've Never Heard Of 1926pm 15/4/21 don't really wanna see the twin towers footage, for some reason...

    • First Comment video sir like and shear 🛂

      Saddam 420 420Saddam 420 42023 dagar sedan
  • 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    Intergalactic ExecutionIntergalactic Execution11 timmar sedan
  • Think what John Stewart had to do to get these heroic people care.. sad but true

    Ajay PaiAjay Pai19 timmar sedan
  • American drama

    muneeb alimuneeb aliDag sedan
  • Know dose anyone believe that this was a set up I do

    theend is neartheend is nearDag sedan
  • This is if you think about it , this is the modern day equivalent to the Dunkirk evacuation

    Unix 2816Unix 2816Dag sedan
  • ISLAM: Headache to the world

    Anmol SharmaAnmol Sharma2 dagar sedan
  • they never taught me this in school. all these people were heros on that day and saved so many lives

    Jayrec12Jayrec122 dagar sedan
  • 'Until the first building came down' Vice proceed to show various angles of the north tower falling....

    tropicalpalmtreetropicalpalmtree3 dagar sedan
  • Much respect to this guy !!!

    Amanda NixonAmanda Nixon3 dagar sedan
  • I was on those boats also! So tragic!

    Pete AcevedoPete Acevedo3 dagar sedan
  • Bless you all.

    Auntie Fan420Auntie Fan4204 dagar sedan
  • Amazing video, thank you Vice for informing us about this horrible days! Also love with all the families and people that died and just overall effected by this tragic ending for peoples lives.

    CadenCaden4 dagar sedan
  • Wow what an amazing feat. When all hell breaks loose and there is mad chaos all around you, We Americans take care of each other and do what’s necessary and what needs to be done. May the souls that were lost this terrible day Rest in internal peace ✌️ 🪦 Bless the firefighters and all the hero’s that risked their lives saving other lives.

    FiSh D3Ad hEaDsFiSh D3Ad hEaDs4 dagar sedan
  • Women and children first..I saw that sneaky husky slip onboard!!

    RkSmith 051RkSmith 0514 dagar sedan
  • Staged

    El Coyote710El Coyote7104 dagar sedan
  • Wow from stage 4 to 7 years in remission.... that's good karma at work if I've ever seen it 💯✌🏻

    RubyRed2017GTRubyRed2017GT5 dagar sedan
  • I’m from Minnesota, 25, my dad is 69 and neither of us have heard of this. Crazy

    Christina GrizChristina Griz5 dagar sedan
    • the boat rescues?

      Korboy GamingKorboy Gaming2 dagar sedan
  • 9/11 brings me to tears every time any one talks about it, such a beautiful story thank you Vice for sharing this.

    andrew SIRCandrew SIRC5 dagar sedan
  • 9/11 was a inside job

  • 9/11 was an inside job

    Warren SummerlinWarren Summerlin6 dagar sedan
  • It was done by America.... an excuse for invading middle east

    yasar begyasar beg6 dagar sedan
  • As fellow Americans we need to all stand together 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Andy VAndy V6 dagar sedan
  • 9/11 Was An Inside Job

    Ryan McCarthyRyan McCarthy6 dagar sedan
  • Mike Diamond was there. RIP

    James StewartJames Stewart7 dagar sedan
  • People like these should be getting medals instead of campaign donors.

    Alex RAlex R7 dagar sedan
  • *only time this country knows how to unite is when a foreign enemy threatens our livelihood other then that Americans are on each other’s throat*

    C DiazC Diaz7 dagar sedan
  • This is why I joined man, I was a kid when this happened, but I told myself I wouldn’t want something like this to happen to us again.

    Hawaiian 11BHawaiian 11B7 dagar sedan
  • If anyone out there was one of these emergency responders, I want to thank you.

  • I'm hoping someone create a movie about this...

    Kim LantoKim Lanto8 dagar sedan
  • the dislikes are prolly from some mohammeds lol

    CEREALKILL3R _CEREALKILL3R _8 dagar sedan
  • This was one of the darkest days in our history, but it also brought out the best of humanity

    Swirrll FolfskySwirrll Folfsky8 dagar sedan
  • This is awful but I know we aren’t getting the full story. Two planes don’t do that.

    Jack KeeganJack Keegan8 dagar sedan
  • The difference between having employees trained to do a job and one who understood what his job was about and how it fit into the larger scheme of things.

    The All Seeing EyeThe All Seeing Eye8 dagar sedan
  • It didn't save them technically

    Floyd GondolliFloyd Gondolli8 dagar sedan
  • May God bless this man's soul ..

    j rj r8 dagar sedan
  • This happened when guilliani were actually doing good deeds and not unzipping his pant in Borat movie

    Tapp KayTapp Kay9 dagar sedan
  • It is so true when the Bible says that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Make no mistake 9/11 was a conspiracy to get us to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Nathan FoleneyNathan Foleney9 dagar sedan
  • Wow, after 20 years..!

    Dzsot DzsotiDzsot Dzsoti9 dagar sedan
  • I live less than a 5 minute walk to the trade center in the financial district. That day was something you can never forget.

    BASEBASE10 dagar sedan
  • The deep state wanted support for the patriot act and to invade iraq to protect the petroleum dollar. Petro dollar is when someone buys oil they must first convert their money to us currency to buy oil taking some of us debt off the books in the process.

    Mel GibbsonMel Gibbson11 dagar sedan
  • First steel buildings in history to "collapse" from a fire

    Mel GibbsonMel Gibbson11 dagar sedan
    • It was more than a fire and plenty of steel buildings have collapsed from fire before

      CTSH1CTSH19 dagar sedan
  • Jet fuel can't melt steal beams

    Mel GibbsonMel Gibbson11 dagar sedan
    • Well yes. However it weakens the steel, causing it to be maluble. Then remember the weight of the building plus force of impact

      GM45 _GM45 _6 dagar sedan
    • It can

      CTSH1CTSH19 dagar sedan
  • Building 7

    Mel GibbsonMel Gibbson11 dagar sedan
  • 911 was a inside job

    Mel GibbsonMel Gibbson11 dagar sedan
  • This was the last time people pulled together as proud Americans... now the US is half America loving patriots.....and the other half are anti-American pos

    V.A. HOSSV.A. HOSS12 dagar sedan
  • I wish the USA could come together like it seemingly did after 9/11... I know that sparked a bunch of bullshit (WMDs/Patriot Act/Iraq/etc) but it brought us together in a time of tragedy.

    Lee S.Lee S.12 dagar sedan
  • I've seen hours of 911 footage, but never that angle at 3:30 . Wow Im glad I served. That brought me back more than anything. I'm ready to go back 😠

    James VillanuevaJames Villanueva12 dagar sedan
  • Who else was in the 6th grade during these attacks ?

    Hard LivingsHard Livings12 dagar sedan
  • Inside job. The accident that fooled the world

    A OneA One12 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful! Thank you VICE!!!♥️♥️♥️

    Vangelis SopamenaVangelis Sopamena12 dagar sedan
  • 😎

    Toutai PaluToutai Palu13 dagar sedan
  • Vice may be coming back !!! Lets hope this quality continues. This put more than a few tears in my eye. Absolutely, this is an excellent mini documentary. I wish it was longer. All I can say is thank you, for sharing this story with the people. I've never heard this story and it brings me back to that day. I remember where I was and watched in real time the second plane hitting the second tower. God Bless. Bring back the original Vice quality please!! This is a start.

    john taylorjohn taylor13 dagar sedan
  • 😢

    Geertje MartensGeertje Martens14 dagar sedan
  • a fucked up day , i started it by getting a fuckin parking Ticket and i thought it was the end of the world until i turned the TV on then My problems were miniscule compared to what happened to Thousands of people that day and Hundreds of thousands or Millions a couple of decades later. and some are still continuing to pay for that

    BigBoyEntertainmentBigBoyEntertainment14 dagar sedan
  • This was the cry I needed about that day. Thank you for being there and thank you for making this.

    Brandy ThomsonBrandy Thomson14 dagar sedan
  • Why did building 7 collapse at 5:15 pm? 15 min after the bbc announced it? Did Silverstein tell them to destroy it? Why did he double the insurance policy just months before?

    R PR P14 dagar sedan
  • The best and worst of humanity.

    Neal JacksonNeal Jackson14 dagar sedan
  • The untold stories of the real heroes of a major disaster.

    The 8th GradeThe 8th Grade14 dagar sedan
  • Why won’t VICE talk about how 9/11 was done by American government.

    SkitzozPandazSkitzozPandaz14 dagar sedan
  • Just seeing the boats coming in moved me :') maybe world's not that bad.

    Alya FarhanahAlya Farhanah15 dagar sedan
  • Vice, some of your videos need to be longer and be made into full-fledged half hour to hour documentaries and this is one of the many videos.

    Lost on EarthLost on Earth16 dagar sedan
  • We we're different people back then. We cared about one another. Wtf happen to us?

    Ken MahoneyKen Mahoney16 dagar sedan
  • That was one of the best from vice

    Logan BushLogan Bush16 dagar sedan
  • 20 years ago! whoah. I was 7 years old that time.

    Charlton Gio PrepeñaCharlton Gio Prepeña16 dagar sedan
  • Why women and children first. If these women want equal right they best start letting men on first and start opening some damn doors

    Michael HorwitzMichael Horwitz17 dagar sedan
  • Islam is the truth

    Johnny Declan BarnesJohnny Declan Barnes17 dagar sedan

    ARIA CONTAXARIA CONTAX17 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for making this and showing the mariners perspective

    edpedp17 dagar sedan
  • Stories of this man, and others like the man in the red bandana, are incredible.

    Ep0nzEp0nz17 dagar sedan
  • God bless everyone ❤️

    Olivia VillalobosOlivia Villalobos18 dagar sedan
  • I was in year 8. 12 going on 13 when i returned from school and sky news was on. Crazy

    Vin NayarVin Nayar18 dagar sedan
  • brought literal tears to my eyes. In the face of such darkness, we came together as Americans to save eachother.

    John SalinasJohn Salinas18 dagar sedan
  • TRUE HERO'S❗💯❤✌

    Steven GrustSteven Grust18 dagar sedan
  • Where were you when this happened? I was 25 years old, alone, in a hotel room in Japan on an overnight layover as I was flying from JFK to Sydney via Tokyo (flew with Japan airlines) Flying out of NY the last thing I saw were the beautiful twin towers sticking above the cloud line. Around 11pm Japan time & I was half asleep watching the Cheers TV show dubbed in Japanese language. The news flashed live to NY and the first plane had just hit, the Japanese TV reports were showing live coverage from the US but with Japanese news anchors obviously talking Japanese I could not understand what was happening, was it a movie? then I realised omg this happening. I thought it was a terrible accident, then the 2nd plane hit, I realised this was was an attack, I was so scared, but knowing NY and those buildings well (been inside, to the roof-top sky view & windows of the world restaurant dozens of times) I never could imagine they would fall. No chance. But then they did, 20 years later I am honestly still in shock over 911. I feel privileged to have visited the towers & the trade centre, the memories will last until I die. I find myself coming back to these videos every few months because I still cannot get over it, still cannot believe it happened. Peace & Love my fellow friends. XOXOXOX may a terrible terrible event like this please not happen ever again.

    Kingston W VanderbiltKingston W Vanderbilt18 dagar sedan
  • these people should and probably do feel the pain of the US Army rampaging Middle Eastern countries and creating a new 9/11 for them every time that they do.

    Kay AarKay Aar18 dagar sedan
  • Shew. Makes the eyes water.

    Samantha KeeneSamantha Keene18 dagar sedan
  • Extremely hard to watch. But thank you vice for sharing this amazing story .

    serg hserg h18 dagar sedan
  • building just dont fall like that after being hit by plane - why is this not a thing

    dan inglefielddan inglefield18 dagar sedan
  • I know several first responders who have horrible health conditions from what they did in 9/11. Ones basically bedridden for nearly 2 years now and the other has COPD. My dad company responded to help with clean up, they had makeshift showers to wash off the dust of people working at ground zero, my own dad developed COPD himself from working there, it’s mild but it definitely limits what he can do.

    Ninja TurtleNinja Turtle18 dagar sedan
  • This is posted a day after there was a big askreddit post about this. Does VICE go to reddit for ideas?

    William JamesWilliam James18 dagar sedan
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    Dewi OctavianiDewi Octaviani18 dagar sedan
  • If this doesn't give you a over whelming sense of pride for your country then idk what will

    Jose AliceaJose Alicea18 dagar sedan
  • I thank him and everyone else who responded for their service.

    Francisco CruzFrancisco Cruz19 dagar sedan
  • This was not known to me, this will truly go down as a huge heroic moment.

    Sam MehSam Meh19 dagar sedan
  • Real hero’s on the frontline at home much love ❤️

    KevinKevin19 dagar sedan
  • Its like the evacuation of Dunkirk

    Icer IkazuIcer Ikazu19 dagar sedan
  • All gave some and some gave All

    Car KultureCar Kulture19 dagar sedan
  • I will never forget where I was when 9/11 happened I was only out of high school a couple months and it has had a huge effect on myself and my generation! I have never heard that people were being evacuated by boat to this level, it’s amazing! I wish America would come together like we did after 9/11 it was short lived but it was great

    Car KultureCar Kulture19 dagar sedan
  • Tragedies brings the kindness of humanity together ❤

    KindredFlamesKindredFlames19 dagar sedan
  • wow thats something to be proud of, for real maybe I'll buy you a drink some day.

    Garcia sirGarcia sir19 dagar sedan
  • The Mossad demolished the World Trade Towers.

    IlliberalIlliberal19 dagar sedan
  • I love this country SO much and fuk what Fox and the GOP are saying about our nation. Yeah, we're broken but we strive and we love and we unite. Thank you for reminding Me what we're actually fighting to preserve!💋📣

    S. de VeauxS. de Veaux19 dagar sedan
  • So so many hero’s that day.. thank you for helping us in our time of need.. forever 911 hero... and than he gets cancer, my prayers you stay in remission. I had family members as 1st responders, this changed their lives forever..

    Heather Anderson MorganHeather Anderson Morgan19 dagar sedan
  • These mariners were everyday people. They did not have to go so hard to save peoples’ lives but they did, and then some. Powerful stuff.

    Stone TacularStone Tacular19 dagar sedan
  • 666 comments, had to break the cycle.

    Vanilla GorillaVanilla Gorilla19 dagar sedan
  • Dunkirk of 9/11

    WalkingCaneWalkingCane19 dagar sedan
  • “Women and children first”. See women, we are not equal.

    G BG B19 dagar sedan
  • It's still so heartbreaking to know that this happend 😔 still seems like yesterday and not 20 years ago

    doesn't matterdoesn't matter20 dagar sedan
  • God bless you sir!

    K akesK akes20 dagar sedan