Turning 12-Year-Olds Into Drug Dealers | The War on Drugs

For the past decade, the UK has been horrified by the phenomenon of County Lines - big city criminal groups using kids as young as 12 to take over the drug supply of smaller towns and villages.
It’s taken years for the police to even begin to understand that many of these children are groomed and exploited, rather than just arresting them as dealers. We show how county lines are a direct product of the War on Drugs itself.
In The War On Drugs Show, we examine the social implications of prohibition worldwide.

Any attempt to shut down the trade in drugs such as heroin,
cocaine, ecstasy, ketamine or weed invariably sets off a chain of events that just makes things worse, leaving a trail of death, illness, violence, slavery, addiction, crime and inequality across the globe. Everyone loses - except, in a weird kind of way, the drugs themselves.
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  • Watch more from this series: seslow.info/pic/PLDbSvEZka6GGanXjSfH1bQNVheppFQWWo

    VICEVICEMånad sedan
    • @Barrett Everett i am trying it out right now. Looks to be working :)

      Ali JulioAli Julio13 dagar sedan
    • Dont know if anyone gives a damn but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using Instaplekt. Cant link here so search for it on google :)

      Barrett EverettBarrett Everett15 dagar sedan
    • @gdpm this law will change nothing, China and Islamic country's are the suppliers themselves even though they have tough law!! The problem are the politician themselves!! Open your eyes!! Poor people and people without power can't make drugs come to the country, you must be powerful to do that, so open your mind. It's always innocent who suffer, the real culprit are walking outside freely without any suspicions.

      Bianca LabavardeBianca Labavarde26 dagar sedan
    • The head of the snake are the politicians themselves!! Stop playing blind!!

      Bianca LabavardeBianca Labavarde26 dagar sedan
    • Vice, you spread hate and misinformation. Why the provocative click-bait titles? Why the drug indoctrination? Why the liberal stupidity?

      Freemason GovernmentFreemason GovernmentMånad sedan
  • God damn I have never heard about this even though I live in a council house in Yorkshire.

    ____3 timmar sedan
  • The creation of poverty......Oh yeah!..... LET ME FIND YOU CUH.....🧐😈

    masterintheforest xmasterintheforest x5 timmar sedan
  • seslow.info/u/fKhzsqy0oKecntk/video 🔫🪓🟢🔵⚫✊🏽👊🏽

    Intergalactic ExecutionIntergalactic Execution11 timmar sedan
  • The war on drugs is not helpful it harms our communities

    Cyrus CcclxixCyrus CcclxixDag sedan
  • vice: "kids are drug dealers, its awful" also vice: *TRAP MUSIC BLARES*

    mel onmel onDag sedan
  • Sure. Legalise all drugs and see what happens then.

    Ultima NecatUltima NecatDag sedan
  • 12 is pretty late to be getting into the game over in the US

    Jessica XhanningJessica Xhanning2 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone know the music in the beginning?

    ManoMano3 dagar sedan
  • I love how they blame austerity when we're now in 2021. It's single parent household, plain and simple.

    Harambe CatcherHarambe Catcher3 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, war on drugs didn't create it. They were exploited anyway and the war on drugs is an attempt to end it.

    Harambe CatcherHarambe Catcher3 dagar sedan
  • Is it weird the host looks like the actor from "how to sell drugs online" ?

    BeelzebubBeelzebub4 dagar sedan
  • Conservatives would rather exploit kids themselves for votes than invest money in their welfare.

    Alex RAlex R5 dagar sedan
  • Drug dealer *finish the lyrics

    ODL_DRILLZ 24kODL_DRILLZ 24k5 dagar sedan
  • It’s like a modern Dickensian story.

    Joshua WaringJoshua Waring6 dagar sedan
  • This is nothing it’s much dangerous in Brazil especially in the slums

    The C.I.AThe C.I.A6 dagar sedan
  • Dropping the cosby kids off at the pool

    Dean TownDean Town8 dagar sedan
  • lol

  • California is laughing at Britain

    Drew SkeeDrew Skee11 dagar sedan
  • its so normalized in America you cant make a VICE episode on it like you can in the UK

    Sure, why notSure, why not12 dagar sedan
  • Priti Patel is the worst person to ever hold the throne of Home Secretary, she needs to smell the coffee properly, there's no way you can reduce violence via spouting nonsense about things they do not (clearly) understand at all.

    Moses FreitzbergMoses Freitzberg12 dagar sedan
  • The met has a mountain to climb when it comes to county lines.

    Moses FreitzbergMoses Freitzberg12 dagar sedan
  • Lol I wanna fly o in a few weeks I went in February 😂

    C1 C1C1 C113 dagar sedan
  • It's absolutely sick that they actually imprison these kids.. They wouldn't jail a kid groomed by a Pedophile, cause if the kid wasn't there the Pedophile wouldn't be able to groom them..

    MrZani90MrZani9015 dagar sedan
  • The police 90% of the time target the weak and vulnerable just as the the dealers do there easy targets for the police

    smurfarooney2003smurfarooney200316 dagar sedan
  • "Here are a few hundred bucks. Go buy yourself a tracksuit"😂

    Otter 420 DrugStoriesOtter 420 DrugStories17 dagar sedan
  • Oi fam. White or brown? "Brown" Cool pass me the tissue 💩

    Let's Try GamingLet's Try Gaming17 dagar sedan
  • I go up country every two weeks with my pack..... I just love feeding the horses their haye.... oh... different documentary

    Let's Try GamingLet's Try Gaming17 dagar sedan
  • Yeah sure sweetheart this crap it’s been Happening for a while children being killed and abused it’s been going for a while Britain 🇬🇧 is a pedophile country the truth

    Knowledge Is powerKnowledge Is power18 dagar sedan
  • It's becoming a more attractive and rational norm. Because the buyers are young adults who come from middle class backgrounds and live a liberal lifestyle. The buyers make these modern drugs as something socially acceptable and not a frowned upon in society. That has a huge influence in the attractiveness and accepting to partake in this way of life, from the youngsters agreeing; point of view. Plus advertising on social media provides a sense of " it's not a secretive operation" the head of the snake manipulate that this operation is being done openly and there's nothing to hide.

    Original UnoriginalOriginal Unoriginal18 dagar sedan
  • shits been going on forever just more out there than ever

    Ahston NormanAhston Norman18 dagar sedan
  • It's only going to get betterly worse!

    Martyn WeighMartyn Weigh19 dagar sedan
  • @vice please can you contact me I will be a episode about this and my time robbing county lines

    potg tv social mediapotg tv social media19 dagar sedan
  • @vice please can you contact me I will be a episode about this and my time robbing county lines

    potg tv social mediapotg tv social media19 dagar sedan
  • seslow.info/u/hpp1mrKojWpqrrs/video

    Yaw JnrYaw Jnr20 dagar sedan
  • Do your time and STFUP...."victims of stupidity of gang life"...."OH i have never had a blunt and now I'm addicted, how, why?!?!?" - be responsible and do your time if needed, or just humble into your "gang" and live your life, no one is pushing no one...c'mon, kids drugs are bad, MkaY!!!!! Stupid

    PromaZin ThCPromaZin ThC20 dagar sedan
    • Gangs are cool for majority of stupid kids, and drugs are "in" and money,lifestyle...so just do not cry then do smthng or shut up. (also goes for parents)

      PromaZin ThCPromaZin ThC20 dagar sedan
  • Kids selling to other kids. No adult will buy off of a kid man! Damn I bet that Adult that does buy off of a kid just robs him instead.

    Kurt MooreKurt Moore21 dag sedan
  • Politicians are delusional, cut the head of the snake 😂 kill 1, 4 more show

    Barrack ObamaBarrack Obama22 dagar sedan
  • I thought they were going to say they recruited Girl Scouts and instead of cookies they sale drugs 😂

    Devaughn WilsonDevaughn Wilson22 dagar sedan
  • I remember being 11 in middle school and being offered heroine from another 11 year old. I'm 22 now so this isn't new.

    Totally BakedTotally Baked22 dagar sedan
  • i think vice is pro weed

    BananaGuardBananaGuard22 dagar sedan
  • Who’s job was it to photoshop smiles on Cambodian genocide victims?

    Kenneth WilliamsKenneth Williams23 dagar sedan
  • Yeah and the same people who kidnaps kids is funded by the government. The fact that weed is illegal means that kids are kidnapped to sell it and it gives people who do the kidnapping money. If weed was legal then everyone could just grow their own and not need drug cartels or gangs unless your some fucking nitty and eat Xanax for breakfast and use cocaine like sugar.

    Ericcartman1992Ericcartman199224 dagar sedan
  • Finaly, vice made something good

    Jack AndyJack Andy25 dagar sedan
  • The real problem for drug dealers is not the police. If they're arrested they go to jail for a couple of years and there are sorts that will fill in for those "positions." Their real problem is rival drug dealers.

    Kevin HealeyKevin Healey25 dagar sedan
  • I’m surprised SEslow suggested this video

    Yeman JamesYeman James25 dagar sedan
  • "We'd like to congratulate drugs, for winning the war on drugs"

    DuuudeMaaanDuuudeMaaan27 dagar sedan
  • This guy is gay. He’s just English so you can’t tell.

    James TrotterJames Trotter27 dagar sedan
  • So what's new?

    illougal nationillougal nation28 dagar sedan
  • Those 12 year olds: DRUGS Me who is 12: KPOP, Kdramas and, Anime

    Yoongles PringlesYoongles Pringles28 dagar sedan
  • The documentary isn’t done well

    Nathan Michigan69Nathan Michigan69Månad sedan
  • Who on Vice set up that interview scene in the bando 😂😂😂

    MartySoWavey #WNWUMartySoWavey #WNWUMånad sedan
  • Good vid, but 1. there is not a "lack of opportunity" in big cities in the UK, there is plenty of work, people make choices. 2. The police are not "extemely good at arresting drug dealers", the police are next to useless as highlighted by the female cops in the vid rushing around playing dress up. UK police needs to be urgently reformed to fight crime instead of being a woke employment agency.

    G FuentesG FuentesMånad sedan
  • Editing sucks, way too many fast cuts

    12GageBuckShot12GageBuckShotMånad sedan
  • Lmfaoooooo uk soft asf no ones scared of uk. What you gonna do? Shank me? Lmao there’s no real gangs or drugs in uk they wanna be like USA sooo bad

    Jon DoeJon DoeMånad sedan
  • Can people end the war on drugs already? Come on now.

    Fell ManFell ManMånad sedan
  • They think county lines is the problem? Any yute will sell to you if you aint a 🐷

    Adam SmithAdam SmithMånad sedan
  • Surely a question we should ask ourselves is, are we part of the problem as we play the role of the “demand” that’s allowing the gangs to recruit these kids?

    HCP PCHHCP PCHMånad sedan
  • That girl hasn't got a clue what she's on about she's bullshit

    Joel McJoel McMånad sedan

    Benjamin HallBenjamin HallMånad sedan
  • Legalize, tax and regulate it all. Problems significantly reduced, how much evidence do you need to show current tactics are pointless!

    3333 Leigh3333 LeighMånad sedan
  • My high school math teacher was very concerned when she found out how quickly my friend could do gram to ounce conversions. Nothing ever came of it though.

    CyfenCyfenMånad sedan
    • 😂

      Otter 420 DrugStoriesOtter 420 DrugStories17 dagar sedan
  • #FTP #ACAB # mybodymychoice

    Martin Henson-WebbMartin Henson-WebbMånad sedan
  • Why they legalize Weed all over Globe , Crack & Heroin may be down drastically . If ppl not mentality addicted .

    rahul Rathirahul RathiMånad sedan
  • Ah yes keep on fighting a war you cant win lil policeman

    JohnTogaJohnTogaMånad sedan
  • This is some explicit ish vice is always on point

    ulises Aguasulises AguasMånad sedan

    A PA PMånad sedan
  • I bought my last bag off a 6 month old. Shits wild bruh

    Callum EvansCallum EvansMånad sedan
  • The police are just to busy beating protesters or murduring women or handing out speeding fines or covering up pedophilia or just being dumb lazy and very racist, using children and the Internet means crime is easy, very easy and extremely profitable, the police in the UK are completely useless and watching them fumbling at each and every turn always brings a smile to my face.

    Steven SmithSteven SmithMånad sedan

    2fast4polizia -2fast4polizia -Månad sedan
  • Palantir could fix this :)

    daniel iversendaniel iversenMånad sedan
  • God damn

    Dregio RamosDregio RamosMånad sedan
  • It’s good business

    George FalesGeorge FalesMånad sedan
    • Yea I'm gonna start selling soon ibjust need a partner

      John DoeJohn DoeMånad sedan
  • This has been happening in the states since the 80s when crack first came around..

    Krumbull EdKrumbull EdMånad sedan
  • Leave them goddamn kids alone at least they are doing something productive crack cocaine is healthy for you so is heroin its very helpful for people with depression.

    Oliver HazeOliver HazeMånad sedan
  • Drug and drag..... Its only future

    True voiceTrue voiceMånad sedan
  • Legalising drugs would be like the end of 1920s Prohobition.

    Aku MaulukaAku MaulukaMånad sedan
  • UK is 25 years behind N.Y. & the States

  • capitalism has failed

    HaroldHaroldMånad sedan
  • That background music makes me nervous as f, I need some gear to calm down now...💉💪🏿

    Puff Daddy FPVPuff Daddy FPVMånad sedan
  • What will happen when capitalism or socialism gets to regulates the drugs. And the definition of Vice turns to something else.’l

    Eric StevensEric StevensMånad sedan
  • It feels like the U.K is turning more and more into America, god help us.

    Ben JonesBen JonesMånad sedan
  • Coronavirus must be Bad in Britain

    Luis LongoriaLuis LongoriaMånad sedan
  • Shout out to Vice for endlessly glorifying drugs, and then making tons of documentaries about the toll of drug demand. Really sustainable business model 👍

    Chandler ScottChandler ScottMånad sedan
  • UK loves their drugs!

    DavidDavidMånad sedan
  • Never ever going to change, prices of every goes up and up. Everyone nowadays wants or needs all the new clothes, gadgets etc etc etc... People been using 1000 different ways to sell illegal drugs in this country for decades lool. The people at the top need to change cause it’ll just gets worse

    Young KenYoung KenMånad sedan
  • You kinda look like me

    MassMassMånad sedan
  • Start criminal cases against the addicts for participating in human trafficking as well for buying from a damn kid

    Andre WilliamsAndre WilliamsMånad sedan
  • Idk why i just dont like the UK

    HashiforniaHashiforniaMånad sedan
  • This happens all over the world. Even in my country Canada

    High BrassHigh BrassMånad sedan
  • in a nutshell if you arrest a dealer then two more would pop up as long as there is a demand someone would be wanting to make a profit out of it. instead take down the market legalize it and regulate it. think is this war on drugs or war on people?

    noone nicknoone nickMånad sedan
  • They make sound that cocaine everyone does it the pope the usa president all presidents all lawyers all doctors everyo e wants that rush rapid hear rate acceleratiom speed OMG

    Jesus Baruc Ramos RomeroJesus Baruc Ramos RomeroMånad sedan
  • 00:09 It's.. a *Key* - issue indeed.

    William PWilliam PMånad sedan
  • This posh guy has no clue about drug culture and it’s so clear also this is all old news vice what happened to you

    JuniorSpeshJuniorSpeshMånad sedan
  • Is that the Gorilla Glue girl?

    Billy DamnitBilly DamnitMånad sedan
  • Just turned 12 today 😎

    conejitoconejitoMånad sedan
  • Each of the bottom kids earn up to $60 a day. Does that sound the same as what they are saying with the 3 million a day number? Just a question. Tragic no matter.

    Gary CokerGary CokerMånad sedan
  • Old news. When I was 12 everyone I went to school with was listening to rap and standing on the corners selling . I’m 40 now

    My TRinhMy TRinhMånad sedan
  • And all i can think about is the exploitation and traumatisatio that the billionaire are ordering our governments to inflict on us for the great reset

    Rap Lion Of The JungleRap Lion Of The JungleMånad sedan
  • This is nothing new. I was brought into the drug world by the time I was 9-10 Actually using by 11-12 It starts at home and spreads out

    Zack TuckerZack TuckerMånad sedan