Poland’s Far Right Are Attacking Everyone They Hate | Decade of Hate

In Poland, these are just some of the reasons the far right might attack you: for carrying an LGBTQ flag, for peacefully protesting outside a church, for marching in a Pride parade, for being pro-choice.

Why are adult angry white men attacking women and people holding rainbows? In short, the government is encouraging it.

In this episode of Decade of Hate, host Tim Hume looks at how Poland’s populist government and powerful Catholic Church are stripping women and the LGBTQ community of their rights, and how the far right is using the opportunity to physically attack people who don’t fit their narrow world view.

As Poland lets hate groups do its dirty work, we hear from activists who are determined to keep up the fight for their rights.

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  • What about BLM attacks?

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  • The government in Poland is fascist, not populist.

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    • Why fascist? It's normal democracy, not fascist dictatorship

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  • This is real Poland. Watcg this video Vive, you will learn something new: seslow.info/u/houQzce-eYxvha8/video

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  • Police siding with the far right.... where have I seen that before

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  • At least they are fighting for the soul of their country and culture. Which is more than you can say about Americans.

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  • organized religion+far right wing nationalist+lying politicians=gas chambers

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  • Progressives = far right = intellectual fascists.

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  • We are only another species in this planet who doesn't care for us. THERE CAN BE NO FREEDOM OF RELIGION.... WITH RELIGION. This is the modern prosecution of those who don't align with Christianity.

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  • So it’s like woke Americans

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  • Did they ask the baby first if it wanted to live?

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  • VICE hit piece , low effort

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  • Shut up vice. You are so leftist and biased.

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  • Was q-anon big in Poland like it was in germany?

    kuru Kkuru K14 timmar sedan
    • Virtually unknown, people in Poland dont care much for western conspiracies. All they care for is Poland.

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  • Ahh... the Catholic church... that well known bastion of sexual morality.

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  • There just Polish patriots who are willing to stand up for their Country. God Bless Polanski 🙏🇵🇱

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  • Spoiler alert for the rest of the real handmaids (tale) of poland season 4

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  • The amount of people thumbing down this video is worrying (unless they are doing it for the brutality exhibited by the far right ..)

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  • You would think of all places, Fucking Poland would understand how dangerous the far right are.

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    • They were abused, and in pain from that abuse they have now become the abusers. It's tragic, but not surprising.

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  • Hate only manifests more hate so so sad .

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  • This is scarily close to how Nazis would use violence against minorities to restore their sense of nationalism and masculinity during the great depression

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  • When you have literally NOthing to be proud of half a thousand years back, what else can you do other than paint your frustration as ‘pride’? I worry what these bigots will do when they inevitably lose THIS latest battle🤦🏽‍♂️ HATE the hate! (with love of progress)

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  • This is most smart person in Poland, this guy should be popular all over the world: seslow.info/u/iamht7K6Y4uvdpI/video

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  • When it came to German right-wing extremism, the commanders looked very different :)

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  • Far right attacking churches? Money can literally buy you anything you want someone else to say no matter how stupid or nonsensical it makes

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  • This video is a big manipulation and showing only fragments in biased, leftist way: - manifestations held on October were against new abortion law, that's true - however hooligans were fighting with leftists antifa groups and the second were more aggressive. - you do not show young women, participants holding ridiculous slogans and who want to f*ck whole world, government and rest against them - is this really tolerance and respecting each other how they try to present themselves? - churches walls were sprayed with insults on politicians, government, religion and SS symbols (their symbol) so those how you call "right side" supporters were only gathering there to defend churches - there were only a few fights there. - nobody is chasing LGBT people or persecuting them in Poland so stop spreading lies. What you show are just some ultra left side individuals with whom sane LGBT people do not want to have anything in common. I have many homosexual friends and none of them had any issues related with their orientation, can walk in couple freely etc. It is much more worse in Paris or London as far as I remember. I feel sorry for you about how you presented Poland, making it a hell. In reality all is normal.

    poiuytrezapoiuytreza18 timmar sedan
    • If you hate these ‘leftist’ portrayals so much, why don’t you start your own super popular, nationalist, right wing, nazi SEslow channel and then YOU can make sure the “truth” gets out there. When you have literally NOthing to be proud of half a thousand years back, what else can you do other than paint your frustration as ‘pride’? I worry what bigots like you will do when you inevitably lose THIS latest battle🤦🏽‍♂️ Good luck, hater

      Maksim GhyvoronskyMaksim Ghyvoronsky17 timmar sedan
  • Btw, about those who are against church, Christianity... U can fall into nihilism without faith. And Russian revolution, 1917, had nihilistic roots, i claim! So the country has been born - USSR, a country that is built on bones!

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  • m.seslow.info/u/lox1ptyliWSdla8/video

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  • VICE antifa scum remove this propaganda movie.

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  • Poland is based, they fought Nazis, communists, and now globalists. God bless them all.

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  • VICE please don't manipulate facts. This is 100% BS what's your given us here! You guys have no clue what's its all about :)

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  • With Poland's history of constantly being taken over I think the women should rise up and take over the country. Shouldn't be that hard just marching backwards and they'll think you're leaving

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  • I'm so happy to see the PiS conservatives in Poland and the Tories conservatives in UK have successful conservative governments. God bless England and Poland ❤

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  • The Polish economy will expand by 3.8 percent this year, and in 2022 the Polish economy will grow by 4.5 percent, the Institute for Economic Forecasts and Analyses (IPAG) predicts. www.thefirstnews.com/article/polands-gdp-to-grow-38-pct-in-2021-45-pct-in-2022---researcher-ipag-21710

    Tomasz FalkowskiTomasz Falkowski21 timme sedan
    • Without any ue money 🙂

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  • Christianity needs to be protected yes. But the Bible forbids racism. God told us to love, not hate each other.

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  • God is winning in Poland, and the west hates it

    LeymoreLeymore22 timmar sedan
  • saying things that couldn't be said before, is definition of Freedom of Speech and Opposite of Hate Speech restrictions; People aligning alongside the Government is definition of Democracy there is not meant to be a separation; saying People are violent without showing any violence or only a couple of isolated incidents flashed where you can't tell what is happening - is not mass violence. LGBTQ is overexpressed in Foreign-run Media - overexpression is the antithesis of Democracy. No idea where the abortion thing is going though but arguing over issues outside the interest of the majority, is going to end in triviality because no-one experiences it much and so no-one has any personal experience etc etc.

    72172122 timmar sedan
  • Glory to Russia,Poland,and Serbia

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  • Ah, another leftie documentary about a country that is actually doing very well lately. Wouldn't expect anything else from vice. And those leftie tears are just delicious. Cry on.

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    • The irony of you having a Guy Fawkes mask as a profile pic.

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  • one of the only countries where immigrants know their place and sit quietly

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  • Nationalism cannot be stopped

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  • Let's get this straight, political violence has been around forever...thanks to the hate and vitriol spit by people like liberal democrat globalists and their mouthpieces like cnn and vice. What you are referring to in this video is the response you get when people are pushed too far.

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  • You will become nationalist to when your country has been fucked up by several wars and then communism, almost every country in Easter Europe is so nationalist and racist thanks to the same reason, even my country is fucked up thanks to the Ottoman empire, Nazi regime and communist regime

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  • The Left has pushed too far. I welcome the “extreme right.” Someone needs to clean up this degeneracy and stop the western nations’ drive toward national suicide.

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    • Nations are a fiction that aren't based on anything concrete. Ultra-nationalists are nothing but snowflakes who are just scared of change.

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  • lol just another thing future white people will be ashamed of

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  • Respect from Portugal. Defend Europe!

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    • Against what? Rights and liberties. Shut up Nazi.

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  • 30 seconds into video and I get an add for "Ru Paul's drag race down under" Want to know why this is happening There is your answer. Leftism is a disease. Help fi d a cure.

    High Functioning AlcoholicHigh Functioning AlcoholicDag sedan
  • Life, existence, reality for humans is balance. When there isn't balance there's turmoil. The "Far Right" rises too far and the "Far Left" rises to counter them. They clash, big or small and eventually things reset with a balance... For a minute. Then the "Far Left" will get tired of the status quo and they'll start fucking things up. This will cause another rise of the "Far Right." Back and forth, on and on, for all of human history... AND YET... We still don't fucking understand it do we? Diversity causes fights. All must exist, the right needs the left and the left needs the right but eventually they're going to start killing each other, just like EVERY OTHER TIME.

    Erik HaraldssonErik HaraldssonDag sedan