Filmed by the People: The First Person Look at the Capitol Riot

This treatment of the insurrection recreates the attack moment by moment, tracking the protesters mounting agitation and rage, and some rioters breaking into various fronts of the U.S. Capitol, eventually marching the Confederate flag into the building and occupying the halls of Congress. It also reveals the diverse and competing ideologies that coalesced on Jan. 6: angry Trump voters marched alongside sovereign citizens, Three Percenters, Proud Boys, and Christian Nationalists. Some rioters demonstrated solidarity with the police as others brutally assaulted officers.
The film highlights moments within the mayhem that add to the complexity of our understanding of the attack. It enables viewers to feel what it was like to be drawn into participating in this event. In this 45-minute film we see how the false narrative of electoral fraud that was stated and restated by former President Donald Trump led thousands of Americans to attack their own Capitol, and the unprecedented violence that left hundreds injured, five dead, and a shaken democracy.
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Ladda ner



  • Watch more of Source Material here:

    VICEVICE24 dagar sedan
    • Why is there no mention if jacob chansley in this whole 45 minute video, you think you can make us forget him so they can lock him up and throw away the keys?

      Gen Z euronymousGen Z euronymous6 dagar sedan
    • @The Gray Fox Trumptards and Libtards are just cannon fodder for the elites agenda to created chaos in society! Trump never was a conservative at heart he was only a tool like most political leaders on both sides of the political spectrum! Humanism controls both sides of the political spectrum to the extreme left secular humanism and to the extreme right religious humanism! And political figures like trump use populist emotional and psychological tactics to manipulate their respective cattle to the slaughterhouse!

      ALBIZURESALBIZURES7 dagar sedan
    • 38:40 Rest in piss Bozo ha ha ha ha

      AM AMAM AM8 dagar sedan
    • @Joe wtf you’re not lying! 🤮

      b ridgetb ridget9 dagar sedan
    • They keep deleting my information. They are lying. This is all bullshit

      K. LaneK. Lane9 dagar sedan
  • 28:10 She really tried to plug her Instagram 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Korina MassicottKorina MassicottTimme sedan
  • Even australians can see it was rigged. How you enjoying the new regime. Record unemployment. Its been nothing but downhill for america since. Trump is right there will be no coming back. Love how vice spliced an empty street like trump was speaking to stuff all people. Vice you are disgusting now.

    Peter BoehmkePeter Boehmke2 timmar sedan
  • 10:00 Bill burr is that you at the Capital?

    RuvenRuven3 timmar sedan
  • Lol, devastating when republicans do it...... P. S America is still burning from the summer before....😂

    Paul CrutchleyPaul Crutchley7 timmar sedan
  • I would rather be on a plane full of crying babies and a ten hour layover than with those fascists and rubes

    Janette LavaJanette Lava7 timmar sedan
  • Trump Supporter Twerking

    Martian Hippie PizzaMartian Hippie Pizza8 timmar sedan
  • The cops an anyone standing against these patriots need demolished period

    Michael ThompsonMichael Thompson10 timmar sedan
  • You know whats sad. Where are militia to gun down these terrorists??

    Michael ThompsonMichael Thompson10 timmar sedan
  • This is why we have a second amendment. We need to demolish these terriosts

    Michael ThompsonMichael Thompson10 timmar sedan
  • If they do not stand with us then their against us period

    Michael ThompsonMichael Thompson10 timmar sedan
  • Were gonna have to take it by force period.

    Michael ThompsonMichael Thompson10 timmar sedan
  • Landmines in the lawn. Problem solved.

    Mr. NozzlesMr. Nozzles13 timmar sedan
  • This is quite literally, the definition of pack mentality. Very Possibly mass hysteria

    Snapps64Snapps6413 timmar sedan
  • Boomer zombies

    YuffiesYuffies14 timmar sedan

    Kenny MartinKenny Martin17 timmar sedan
  • The united states don't look so united to me

    AvionAvion18 timmar sedan
  • This will be remembered as the most stupid moment in politics.

    NyarlathotepNyarlathotep18 timmar sedan
  • The only way for America to get healthy again is if the military turned on the government and takes the country back. Because if the military wont do it it's up to the citizens of this nation, trump said himself if you dont fight like hell for your country, soon you wont have a country. The military has shed their blood time after time again for our freedom, it's time for the citizens to shed theirs for the internal infection taking place all manner of corruption.

    Unknown HillbillyUnknown Hillbilly19 timmar sedan
  • Summer's eve all over the place.

    Balince MusicBalince Music21 timme sedan
  • TRUMP 2024!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    bmac_336bmac_33621 timme sedan
  • TRUMP 2024

    bmac_336bmac_33621 timme sedan
  • AWESOME work!

    Jake StonerJake Stoner21 timme sedan
  • How come it’s an “act of terror” when trump supporters do what BLM did for months prior to this, but not when BLM does it, it’s a “peaceful protest.”

    Luis ToscanoLuis ToscanoDag sedan
  • Trump was the most dangerous threat to the US since the nuclear showdown with Russia

    Shocked0Shocked0Dag sedan
  • So much for calling yourself land of the free. Free to be criminal and get away. God bless America? God has forsaken you all long time ago, you dont realise Satan is laughing in hell watching you all spreading blasphemy.

    Baron YeeBaron YeeDag sedan
  • I literally couldn’t finish the documentary, it hurt my soul those brave police officers doing their job while Trump abandoned his duties he abandoned his own Vice President he abandoned those insurgents. They were lied to they were willing to do whatever their leader said but he abandoned them. Trump is the worst of the worst.

    Jonaly HowellJonaly HowellDag sedan
  • Shoutout to the guy on the plane filming HIMSELF with his back camera instead of his FRONT camera. 🤦🏼

    Ian SnowIan SnowDag sedan
  • this man speaks like hes trying to promote a boxing bout

    Carlos MartelCarlos MartelDag sedan
  • These are very fine people.

    Ed GoodwinEd GoodwinDag sedan
  • I was really surprised how many people were there

    Lucas CallihanLucas CallihanDag sedan
  • 29:33 they'll really get upset about this and then think protesters on the left should be shot for doing the same thing they are lol

    Gifyifhk hmcucykGifyifhk hmcucykDag sedan
  • More fodder for the FBI, how many more people are going to get charged because of these images.

    Tosca TattertailTosca TattertailDag sedan
  • The battle was lost but the propaganda war seams to wage on 😕

    Jeffery MillicanJeffery MillicanDag sedan
  • I’m so glad I don’t have to hear this voice anymore

    ClaustroflowbicClaustroflowbicDag sedan
  • jew lee ani

    bobbobDag sedan
  • Terrorists...LOL I love how Trump fooled all these people so bad into thinking he actually cares about anything but himself. Such morons😂 get rid of them all

    ClaustroflowbicClaustroflowbicDag sedan
  • American 2021 Big Brain Convention, Trump was right when he said they're special lol

    Joshua WindsorJoshua WindsorDag sedan
  • These people drank way too much Kool aid. Total freaks addicted to money and the politicians that sets the laws to make them richer. It's their world and I have to say we live in it.

    Chad MotleyChad MotleyDag sedan
  • the bagpipes in the background really make it

    Zelie May Wynne-JonesZelie May Wynne-JonesDag sedan
  • I was all for trump till he left his people in the streets dont put on a crown unless your willing to fall on the sword for your people that just proved you are for yourself trump you lost all my respect that day for leaving them to fight for you

    United Snakes Of AmericaUnited Snakes Of AmericaDag sedan
  • Cowards all them wont be kept from chambers whoch they was till everyone left lol

    United Snakes Of AmericaUnited Snakes Of AmericaDag sedan
  • These idiots claim patriotism but ironically worship Trump like a dictator

    James WilliamsJames WilliamsDag sedan
  • Every single fool here should be locked up for life

    James WilliamsJames WilliamsDag sedan
  • They don't back the blue, only the cops that kill minorities on camera

    James WilliamsJames WilliamsDag sedan
  • That is pure gold: people of power manipulating fears and stupidity through fake messiah for own profit. The battle for America is not over yet. Republicans are now party of treason

    NepartinisNepartinisDag sedan
  • It was a nightmare. It still is.

  • Trump’s America. 🖕☠️🤡🤮

    Lloyd ChristmasLloyd ChristmasDag sedan
  • All these tactical gear wearing wanna be Call of Duty characters are living caricatures. Small 🍆 losers who have zero idea about politics, not even the slightest bit.

    Lloyd ChristmasLloyd ChristmasDag sedan
  • Best part is everyone on the plane in the beginning all had to rent a Divy to bicycle home after Jan. 6th. 😂 #TrumpTreason #TheBigLie #MakeCriticalThinkingGreatAgain 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Lloyd ChristmasLloyd ChristmasDag sedan
  • Funny thing the democrats wanna take away guns with all these white supremacists militas and nazis running around democrats get off on murder

    Ae BudAe Bud2 dagar sedan
  • Where was this “raw material” during all of the BLM riots where rape and worse occurred? You literally tried to House of Cards this by adding the subtle ominous atmospheric music. To make this into a film you would’ve had to have 3 or 4 hours worth. To act like this was a clean and secure election is disgusting. Vice used to be great, shame on you. You fucking made the establishment politicians that have been screwing us for years the HEROES at the end of this. What in the hell is wrong with you guys.

    Star 217Star 2172 dagar sedan
  • Nancy ran and left her CAC in her computer. Props to the dude who got it.

    Dino GarziaDino Garzia2 dagar sedan
  • Riveting stuff

    Dwayne DavisDwayne Davis2 dagar sedan
  • Vice is amazing. The producers do a rally good job.

    Djoser WDjoser W2 dagar sedan
  • These are the types of people who ate paint chips for lunch every day growing up.

    Cullen MitvalskyCullen Mitvalsky2 dagar sedan
  • 40:25 weird to hear people chant the crime their committing.

    MoblemaxMoblemax2 dagar sedan
  • I know most people watching on vice will disagree but our founding fathers wanted government officials to be afraid of the people! This was just a small example of what could happen when government becomes corrupt. If BIDEN keeps pushing for unconstitutional policy eventually January 6th will look like child's play. Our country was made from a revolution and the founders wrote that from time to time a revolution is necessary to keep the people free!

    Shooting UtahShooting Utah2 dagar sedan
  • Using a term like “banana republic” is quite offensive.

    gmm06fgmm06f2 dagar sedan
  • We all know why these morons didn't get shot before they even entered the building.

    Sample EntrySample Entry2 dagar sedan
  • 27:55 she should’ve kept her glasses on bruh🤢

    Void_NinjaVoid_Ninja2 dagar sedan
  • This is the scariest thing I've seen in a while

    SRNSRN3 dagar sedan
  • 28:10 "my instagram--" lol

    SRNSRN3 dagar sedan
  • Everyone at this insurrection should have been gunned down

    killer kalekiller kale3 dagar sedan
    • cmoon man, you no better then them.

      ZeroZZeroZDag sedan
  • Where’s the BLM riot version tho

    JQ11JQ113 dagar sedan
  • “The China virus” - Trump

    Lauren ChristieLauren Christie3 dagar sedan
    • i prefer wuhan virus

      ZeroZZeroZDag sedan
  • Lol can you believe this PSYOP ? what a joke

    Robert YeahrightRobert Yeahright3 dagar sedan
  • Sickening. Trump was the worst thing to happen to America.

    Del GriffithDel Griffith3 dagar sedan
  • this is beyond disgusting.

    Eleanor RistauEleanor Ristau3 dagar sedan
  • Remember when BLM tried to burn down all of America last summer?

    Deagle2 YaDomeDeagle2 YaDome3 dagar sedan
  • This is the beginning of the end for the US

    Nadaya JohnsonNadaya Johnson3 dagar sedan
  • Capitol police leaving other Capitol police, so much for brothers in blue

    nate chavenate chave3 dagar sedan
  • I wonder how many capital cops quit after this?

    James LeeJames Lee3 dagar sedan
  • Who ever did the score for this video nailed it

    James LeeJames Lee3 dagar sedan
  • Dam I just realized every person there besides cops are white

    James LeeJames Lee3 dagar sedan
  • Relevant Just see what these lovely MAGA people say. So charming and respectful!

    Blazed-BananaBlazed-Banana3 dagar sedan
  • Dam imagine the amount of adrenaline, and dopamine flooding in yo brain if u were in the crowd past the guard line and about to go in capital where no civilian has been b4

    James LeeJames Lee3 dagar sedan
  • Everything said on that day fell on deaf ears so why waste your time?

    James LeeJames Lee3 dagar sedan
  • Yo controversial comment here, its dreadful that 5 people lost their lives that day... It's not what they did that gets me the most its why they did what they did..... All politics is corrupt...

    Blazed-BananaBlazed-Banana3 dagar sedan
  • Why is vice still alive?

    YunggGee44YunggGee443 dagar sedan
  • “stealing goods from a place” that is the definition of looting.... these people literally took a podium....

    Meghan AraujoMeghan Araujo3 dagar sedan
  • funny thing looser quanon is really full with pedofiles and just outta jail criminals and women haiter narcissist most of them total unintelligent people. Theyre use fake prophets but it was so funny when those fake prophets are went to bottom of trash like their idiots do. Their stupid demon worshiping was so clear than muhaha. Their fake prophets from russia just fallen from their communist sky when their fake god lost haha. And it was even not the biggest shame in their small history haha. So funny when theyre loose every stupid moves what they do. Really their fake prophets are born to be loosers haha. Look how theyre loose on Corona virus. Theyre still denied it lol OMG total idiots. But thats how its going. Its like commercial of idiotism lol. Asom to see how theyre strugl with their fake god fake prophets fake religion fake alternative reality. I think putin created quanon for destroy NA but he will sunk with his own fake trends bigotry this is so funny. God is great and its great pleasure to see how His enemies sunk into darkness of nothing

    egy magyarvagyokegy magyarvagyok4 dagar sedan
  • At least they let the policeman leave without hurting them.

    Hai SunHai Sun4 dagar sedan
  • Was that Ashli, the insurrectionist bobbit? Ashli the Oathbreaker bobbit? Ashli the got two feet closer that the rest of them and got laid out bobbit?

    CCruCCru4 dagar sedan
  • "Sergeant we have lost the capital"

    Cam RobertssCam Robertss4 dagar sedan
  • We built america, not the government

    Cam RobertssCam Robertss4 dagar sedan
  • I genuinely cried when that one riot officer was surrounded and trying to fend for himself 🥺

    distractosdistractos4 dagar sedan
    • Hahaha 🤣

      slim shiddyslim shiddyDag sedan
  • 29:20 when you been on drug tests for a year and get off probation and get in your feelings

    Alex PayneAlex Payne4 dagar sedan
  • Great video !

    F0WKE ___F0WKE ___4 dagar sedan
  • Looting and burning federal buildings is only okay when a leftist does it. then its a peaceful protest.

    dick buttdick butt4 dagar sedan
  • All the blue lives matter folks respecting the blue lives big time.

    Farmageddon Records (Official)Farmageddon Records (Official)4 dagar sedan
  • why didnt the cops start shooting when they breached the Capitol grounds.

    Dabke WarriorDabke Warrior4 dagar sedan
    • Cause they were too afraid

      slim shiddyslim shiddyDag sedan
  • the poor security guards jus trying to make a living props to the blokes who helped them get out.

    Dabke WarriorDabke Warrior4 dagar sedan
  • What did we accomplish exactly? Just curious. I voted for trump but he doesn’t seem to be president.

    Jesse LucianoJesse Luciano4 dagar sedan
  • Morons are getting arrested.

    Mike CynicMike Cynic4 dagar sedan
  • Tbh this is what our government gets for polarizing the nation, in there quest to divide and conquer our nation. just sad that trump supporters did it, hopefully next time it's people coming together that are tired of both our parties.

    grape vangrape van4 dagar sedan
  • I saw a couple of the cops had guns, if I was them I would be magdumping into the crowd

    VentedBus 491VentedBus 4914 dagar sedan
  • I’m surprised the UK’s right wing didn’t try some shirt like this

    VentedBus 491VentedBus 4914 dagar sedan
  • 1:16 lol they say they’re not a cult and then there is video like this

    VentedBus 491VentedBus 4914 dagar sedan
  • Probably the most pathetic leader to exist. Thank God he’s gone.

    Snoop DoggoSnoop Doggo4 dagar sedan