The “Socially Harmful” Cult that Believes in Aliens & Double Orgasms

From teaching that children living with disabilities (or who’ve been sexually abused) are being punished for their errors in a previous life to carrots being as dangerous as heroin, Serge Benhayon's teachings may seem incredible, outlandish and dangerous. But to his followers, he is a god-like figure with healing powers.
Despite an Australian Court finding that it was true to say his organisation, Universal Medicine, was “a socially harmful cult”, it has continued to attract followers around the world and tear families apart.
We hear from Esther Rockett who was taken to court by Universal Medicine and Robin Clifford whose family was destroyed by his ex-wife joining the group.
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  • Just like AJ MILLER ! he’s the Australian Jesus.... he’s a past Jehovah Witness elder who left and says he’s Jesus...we are so gullible 🤪🦘

    LUCY : Ignorance brings chaosLUCY : Ignorance brings chaosTimme sedan
  • Only LGBT hit the like button

    Private DahonPrivate DahonTimme sedan
  • Is it only me or the high IQ meme guy now works for vice?

    Sergio SoerjantoSergio SoerjantoTimme sedan
  • I wanna be a cult leader!!!!

    eff the policeeff the policeTimme sedan
  • All i seen wuz dat Henny bottle on the desk 🍾 #Cultura

    Boogie RodriguezBoogie Rodriguez3 timmar sedan
  • These cults need shut down

    RackeyRackey7 timmar sedan
  • All the followers the biggest fools on earth!

    Bdui DangBdui Dang8 timmar sedan
  • Ok my assessment this guy is fucking awesome and you Soy laden dipshits are just upset he's got a better scam running then you slimey SJW clowns at Vice. Human beings are petty worthless collectivist parasites that deserve to controlled by those with a measure of self awareness.

    Moriel LogosMoriel Logos11 timmar sedan
  • Double orgasms oh no

    Moriel LogosMoriel Logos11 timmar sedan
  • 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Intergalactic ExecutionIntergalactic Execution12 timmar sedan
  • Delusional and at the same time manipulator

    Marius LevisteMarius Leviste13 timmar sedan
  • I dare you to do a video about my channel. I am Jesus.

    Richard BrownRichard Brown15 timmar sedan
  • Humanity appears to be in a deep decline.

    Panama FredPanama Fred19 timmar sedan
  • "...Those who self appoint themselves as more evolved than you can only bring you into the light of their own darkness..." Samara Abzu 12/10/2019 Quartzite AZ

    Samara Lalia AbzuSamara Lalia Abzu23 timmar sedan
  • Looks like he read about Karma, past life, reincarnation and somehow made a business out of it. Thats how people are tortured in lotsa Asian countries.

    Sharmistha NandaSharmistha NandaDag sedan
  • I was right people are dumb ass believing in God

    santoshji kumarsantoshji kumarDag sedan
  • What sort of nincompoops follow such cults😂 Tip for the next messiah: your religion must talk of aliens.

    CurlyTechCurlyTechDag sedan

    BigHulkingWar_MachineBigHulkingWar_MachineDag sedan
  • I feel like I'm watching the onion

    Emily789Emily789Dag sedan
  • This is sickening 😳

    Rochelle SimsRochelle SimsDag sedan
  • These cults are ridiculous! People who follow crazies are so weak minded. Joseph Smith use to speak in a hat 🎩

    Eden FrazhoEden FrazhoDag sedan
  • osho reincarnated 😂😂😂

    cooldudeimrcooldudeimrDag sedan
  • "socially harmful" is a pretty ambiguous charge, however it sounds like did comit fraud, sexual assault, and other crimes. Clearly he's a predator, and taking advantage of these people.

    August VonMackensenAugust VonMackensenDag sedan
  • Australians love a good cult

    Edith AllmaEdith AllmaDag sedan
  • I’ve used books to make ppl believe there a piece of dirt before hahaha lol your dirt my friend

    MrTWIX17MrTWIX17Dag sedan
  • Hmm I thought the popes where the only ones that exercised.

    MrTWIX17MrTWIX17Dag sedan
  • Ephiphany in the Toilet????? That's the First Massive RED FLAG

    Falken VirFalken VirDag sedan
  • I also just saw that 666k people have viewed this video.... Creepy considering what this video is about. Lol

    Dead soulDead soul2 dagar sedan
  • Why? Why? Why? Why?..... WHY? AND HOW? HOW? HOW? DO people fall for this crap so damn easy? My God we've all heard about these wackos types but yet still so many people fall for it again and again. I don't get it. Especially this guy. I mean come on, we were given brains for a reason. What happened to people actually using their damn rains anymore? So sad.

    Dead soulDead soul2 dagar sedan
  • That very messy desk makes me uncomfortable for some reason. And what the hell is that half-cheese behind him?

    HrClaimsHrClaims2 dagar sedan
  • Was he Trumps first spiritual adviser? Sure sounds like he taught his pupil well!

    Denise FoxcroftDenise Foxcroft2 dagar sedan
  • Do one on the CULT OF JEHOVAH’s Witnesses please

    LivingHamptonsLivingHamptons2 dagar sedan
  • What is amusing how people are so desperate to believe in something

    Roger AmezquitaRoger Amezquita2 dagar sedan
  • That gentleman whose wife left him for Serge looked like an absolute badass in his prime, sharp, looked like he got it all figured out, with a nice suit to top it off in the day of their bright marriage. Now it's gone, down the drain. If there's one thing I got out of this video is that I will always cherish my husband as naturally as life paves it's way through the passage of time.

    kagurakagura2 dagar sedan
  • Speech level 100

    The Mobile GammerThe Mobile Gammer2 dagar sedan
  • This is guy is a walking joke

    Lucid Sky DiamondLucid Sky Diamond2 dagar sedan
  • You ever look into the face of a corrupt man, morally reprehensible, and fundamentally full of crap, and say, "Man, I wanna be that guy."

    Vaughn RaleyVaughn Raley2 dagar sedan
  • Ohh Boy I am Sure He's Gonna Be In The Next GTA Game

    Dheeraj GuptaDheeraj Gupta2 dagar sedan
  • Me agree reading the title: WTF U GOT AGAINST DOUBLE ORGASMS???

    Gabriel MungarayGabriel Mungaray2 dagar sedan
  • Good for him they are idiots & stupid its ok to scam them . If they truly believe in God they will not believe such stupidity .

    NourNour2 dagar sedan
  • Clicked this video just to read comments lol!!!!

    Josephine MendallaJosephine Mendalla2 dagar sedan
  • He should run for the highest office in Australia and become Donald trump of Australia

    Commander of what’s Right Preventer of what’s EvilCommander of what’s Right Preventer of what’s Evil2 dagar sedan
  • Who says it is harmful? Judgemental farts. You all hold the same ideas about orgasms. Hahahahahahaha! Aliens are real. They are your ancestors. 😎

    Crystal ClearCrystal Clear3 dagar sedan
  • This type again. Make a new 'teaching' by picking things from different religions, interpret them wrongly, and combine them, add sexual touch as 'liberation'. Complete lie

    Dewi 88Dewi 883 dagar sedan
  • Sicko cult.

    Katharine SantanaKatharine Santana3 dagar sedan
  • A top tip for those who are looking for an alternative healer. The genuine healer is NOT ALLOWED to charge any gold or money for her/his services. In matter of fact the healer is obligated to refuse any type of cash, and has to help anyone who is asking for helping.

    ivica caricivica caric3 dagar sedan
    • YEP!

      Jennifer KovachJennifer Kovach14 timmar sedan
  • There is a guru in india called sadhguru ,who is same as serge ... I think serge got inspired from him 😂😂😂😂😂

    Abu MasoodAbu Masood3 dagar sedan
    • @Samara Lalia Abzu You can search about it ... I will also try to provide you links ... And as far as BJP is concerned ..that is obvious from his speeches and lectures that he defends their every policy they make ... And he is hyprocrite also ...he says in west that I don't believe in scriptures ,,and says I I don't believe in any religion ..I am a free thinker ..ete etc .. But in real he is a hindu ... He worships idols ...he worships shiva lingham ( p # n i s of shiva ),,, Drinking snake cobra ... Making people bow down under his feet ....what kind of person is he...he makes people bow down on his feet ....I mean seriously ??... He does all the hindu practices in his aashram ..and in west he appears like he is a free thinker .....😁😁😁... When I first watched him ..I was like wow....a good man ... But now I completely changed my opinion about him.. And the main cause was the he defends fascist hindu right wing ruling party BJP ..and he makes people bow down in his feets ....his superstitious beliefs ...

      Abu MasoodAbu Masood22 timmar sedan
    • @Abu Masood wowzerz! I didn't know that. Thank you for that info...I will explore it more. Do you have any links for me?

      Samara Lalia AbzuSamara Lalia Abzu23 timmar sedan
    • @Samara Lalia Abzu he is the bootlicker of BJP ,a fascist party ruling India ... He has several charges on him ,,, He used forest land to build Aashram ... The main issue with him that he backs fascist ruling party of India ... He supports hindutva ...a radical version of Hinduism ... Same as ISIS ...

      Abu MasoodAbu Masood23 timmar sedan
    • No, Sadhguru does not lead people into debauchery. His message is for you to find your highest truth...he never tells you what that is and doesn't involve any of these weird sexual practices. Dancing has always been a joyful spiritual experience in most cultures...just bcz he and those who listen to him are dancing is not indicative of cult behavior. If dancing, either alone or in a group, is cultists then consider me an elite cult leader. Dancing frees my tension and is good for my mind and body...that's it.

      Samara Lalia AbzuSamara Lalia Abzu23 timmar sedan
  • American society and culture is a cult.

    Jeremy HollowayJeremy Holloway3 dagar sedan
  • He's a rookie with his 1 meal a day will bring you closer to God. A real cult leaders knows the fastest way to God is never eating or drinking again.

    Michael MarceauMichael Marceau3 dagar sedan
  • This is like spiritual zumba

    Vanessa BeckerVanessa Becker3 dagar sedan
    • I had the same thought when seeing the dance 😂

      exstaziusexstazius20 timmar sedan
  • Esther sounds like a man and seems dumb as a brick.

    abarkabark3 dagar sedan
  • Go to Indonesia, you'll find Lia "Eden" who thanks God just passed away but the influence is still crawling around

    Putri AdiniPutri Adini3 dagar sedan
  • 5/5/21....I'm surprised that some pissed off husband/boyfriend/dad/granddad/friend hasn't already ENDED this guy's life. NEVER heard of this cult until now... but kind of reminds me of the late 80s/ early 90s cult where noth males & females had sexual parts REMOVED + wore cult clothing + laid down on folding cots so the PASSING COMET could whisk them up & away to another planet as it flew by overhead. Police found ALL the cult members dead from DRINKING kind of like the Jones Cult in S America.

    Eileene ClarkEileene Clark3 dagar sedan
  • Aliens are real. Tell me more about this double orgasm thing??? 🤔

    Melanie HawkinsMelanie Hawkins3 dagar sedan
  • Gullible fools.

    T K CT K C3 dagar sedan
  • Meanwhile Africa becomes poorer and poorer due to Western interference

    Dwij GurramDwij Gurram3 dagar sedan
  • Anyone blaming Serge is an antisémite

    NewVideoTech3000NewVideoTech30003 dagar sedan
  • ‘They are nine feet tall and no feet’. Heh.

    Mandy da ManMandy da Man4 dagar sedan
  • Why is it that first world countries have some of the dumbest people?

    Victor MoraVictor Mora4 dagar sedan
  • He literally referenced the 5 senses and human body functions, ultimate pleasure and internal pain with spiritual connection to alien beings.

    Rachel GaryRachel Gary4 dagar sedan
  • Μπούρδες

    Nazar MargarianNazar Margarian4 dagar sedan
  • At least , this guy isn't pretending, he's class A imposter but any fairly intelligent person is able to detect that. Why rich women and men happen to follow him....! Because they were or are opportunists in their life and are taking or have taken advantage of decent humans, so karma is biting them back by taking their wealth away... !! Hooray... !! Everything what is happening in this world is correct..! Wuhan virus might have been purposely created for China to dominate the world in the aftermath, but at the same time the world needed some form of redresssing. Of Course China will still pay for their action at some point...!! Life is a cycle....! What goes around comes around..! If you do good unto others , good will eventually come to you. ..!!

    Ram ShivRam Shiv4 dagar sedan
  • Actually many bankrupt businessmen, became gurus and some thought they were incarnations of God. Some gurus' disciples even named their masters super avatars of God. Obviously total nonsense, just to take advantage of innocent minds and abuse their powers on the vulnerables. Every human can realize and connect with the divine. No need to follow the so called gurus

    Ram ShivRam Shiv4 dagar sedan
  • He got them CRAZY EYES

    Courtly BeautyCourtly Beauty4 dagar sedan
  • It's alarming how many con artists like this there are, and how many people are willing to follow them. 😢😡

    Lars SLars S4 dagar sedan
  • This is terrible but these people are so vulnerable and they're basically groomed that they believe these crazy people

    nicole.jr88nicole.jr884 dagar sedan
  • I've heard of aliens recently, but double orgasm's? Never heard of it.

    KopieKopie4 dagar sedan
  • It sounds like schemers are upset he found their formula. Religion is formed of schemes who can get the all the money and get away with it legally by selling hope that can’t be proven to be fake or real it’s a great scheme. One perfect example is evangelicals their reason for their extreme wealth is because Jesus wanted it for them that is why you have to donate to him what a great scheme

    Luis ZapienLuis Zapien4 dagar sedan
  • Religion is an opium

    chel chelchel chel4 dagar sedan
  • Carrots are as bad as heroin ?! my kid is off to a bad start.

    David TorresDavid Torres4 dagar sedan
  • What’s wrong with believing in aliens, look at how many people believe in the ultimate alien

    Official_KingG 26Official_KingG 264 dagar sedan
  • He needs to hurry up with the Kool-Aid......

    Adam SmithAdam Smith4 dagar sedan
  • Unfortunately with the cynical attitudes that we have in place today if Jesus Christ came back and opened a church he would be called a cult leader and a con man

    Sincity NewsSincity News4 dagar sedan
  • None of the beliefs are unusual and are standard in New Age. Lower astral fauna leeching on imbalanced chakra areas (base chskra corresponding to sexual organs.) Even the alcohol one and that one is true btw. The men who become drunken wife beaters are "not themselves" beyond being drugged. Its a belief of mainstream Islam too and why they dont drink alcohol. The word alcohol comes from arabic, al ghul, where we get the term "goul" as a ghost . He's definitely a con man out to exploit people though through the New Age community...they dont go from zero to this in one step, they are usually already part of the wider NA community.

    Sarah HarrisSarah Harris4 dagar sedan
  • I can assure you the people.....this guy is a fake!!!! Cause I am the real Messiah! I am the one and only TRUE Messiah! Want to join my club message me.

    BladeMasterz916BladeMasterz9164 dagar sedan
  • He can't believe people are believing him

    Taylor KinghamTaylor Kingham4 dagar sedan
  • Eating one meal a day will get you closer to god Well of course it will Starvation kills look at africa

    D ChapoD Chapo4 dagar sedan
  • Lock this dude up

    cup of tae with 3 dollars worth suga with kookiescup of tae with 3 dollars worth suga with kookies4 dagar sedan
  • I'm broke asf now I'm jesus

    cup of tae with 3 dollars worth suga with kookiescup of tae with 3 dollars worth suga with kookies4 dagar sedan
  • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Isabela Lins Costa FonsecaIsabela Lins Costa Fonseca4 dagar sedan
  • Seems lucrative! He'll never be bankrupt again

    Moshe DelerbMoshe Delerb4 dagar sedan
  • Wow I wish I have 1% of his talent to convene people in somthing which isn't exists at all Jesus Mohmad Buddha etc etc etc made people follow them too crazy people in always in search of God Man 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Rohit KumarRohit Kumar5 dagar sedan
  • Aliens AND Double Orgasms? Where do I sign up?🤪

    Tim OreanTim Orean5 dagar sedan
  • These are r d kind of Idiots who live among us.

    Mithun JoseMithun Jose5 dagar sedan
  • Jebus never played tennis !! Cult leader = manipulating predator, all of them. Usually pedophiles, not all of them but sex is usually always involved.

    S KS K5 dagar sedan
  • See ladies great things happen when we crap.

    Clem Cadidle hopperClem Cadidle hopper5 dagar sedan
  • What if all these people who claim to be 'God/Son of God' would meet up? What would happen?

    HaathatersHaathaters5 dagar sedan
  • New competitor for Scientology

    laurentHKlaurentHK5 dagar sedan
  • The title made me chuckle 😂

    shree R.shree R.5 dagar sedan
  • So incredibly sad that people are willing to follow a cult , these people are looking for a religion that fits what they want to believe, instead of believing in the bible. We all have freedom of choice, but the cost may be quite dear in the end. God has offered us an incredible gift, and all we must do is love him, ask for forgiveness , except Christ as our Savior and turn away from sin.

    C MC M5 dagar sedan
  • Why do cult leaders turn out to be pedophiles all the time...

    MeandsushirollMeandsushiroll5 dagar sedan
  • White people problems.

    Planning my death Sleepy daysPlanning my death Sleepy days5 dagar sedan
  • "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." Also, there is no such thing as reincarnation. "It is appointed unto man to die once, and then the judgment."

    Tyrone GoochTyrone Gooch5 dagar sedan
  • Without the sound, this looks like an Abba video.

    Tyrone GoochTyrone Gooch5 dagar sedan
  • Ask him to site his references or he gets an F on this project.

    ADHD LightADHD Light5 dagar sedan
  • Sounds like any ordinary religion to me..

    ADHD LightADHD Light5 dagar sedan
  • Just came to confirm that ain’t no blk folk in this

    Mo BeyMo Bey5 dagar sedan
  • what

    yeahyeah5 dagar sedan
  • Still don't understand how people fall for this crap.

    musicjnky1982musicjnky19825 dagar sedan
  • Guy knows how to party

    joze kjoze k5 dagar sedan