Relieving My Stress with a One Star Massage | One Star Reviews

After a stressful year, VICE’s Taji Ameen is in need of a massage. However, if you get pampered in a One Star Reviewed massage parlor, is it still a pampering? To find out and put the business to the full test, Taji received an array of wellness procedures, from a foot rub to the full body thai massage.
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Ladda ner



  • Today was the day Taji received a happy ending...

    Julien SarmentoJulien Sarmento6 dagar sedan
    • @phxgen nah, they don’t

      G NOSG NOS2 dagar sedan
    • @G NOS I dated an LMT for four years. I know for an absolute fact that there are licensed massage establishments in my city that have been around for decades and tolerate or even condone "full release" massage.

      phxgenphxgen2 dagar sedan
    • Massage parlors don’t even offer happy endings. Those are sex brothals, not licensed massage parlors SMH small minded assholes

      G NOSG NOS2 dagar sedan
    • Massage parlors don’t even do happy endings.....

      G NOSG NOS2 dagar sedan
    • Is that why the five stars?🤔

      JaxJax3 dagar sedan
  • My man Taji!

    Dean 0919Dean 091913 minuter sedan
  • I was expecting his back to look like Wolverine slashes.

    123agv123agvTimme sedan
  • Why is he so cringe some times

    tooasty breadotooasty breado3 timmar sedan
  • Taji legit makes this show! The editors doing an amazing job!

    Usama DNAUsama DNA6 timmar sedan
  • Your completely copying Philip man!

    Bobby FellmanBobby Fellman8 timmar sedan
  • I love this guy

    naturewalksdnaturewalksd8 timmar sedan
  • Va’couver

  • I went to massage place once for a full body massage ... Lady started jacking me off.....

    Crowwing93Crowwing9314 timmar sedan
  • The people complaining probably wanted a “happy ending” and were angry when a woman of that professionalism refused them. I’d go there! Seems relaxing

    Gertrude LannyGertrude Lanny14 timmar sedan
  • At first glance from someone who keeps longer nails....they 🧢🤣

    Mona Lisa FireMona Lisa Fire16 timmar sedan
  • HAAAAA lol

    quest 77051quest 7705117 timmar sedan
  • Greetings from Poland to all of you:

    Paweł ZielińskiPaweł Zieliński17 timmar sedan
  • Should have asked for a handy

    David DDavid D17 timmar sedan
  • The editing is so funny love this guys

    luffyluffy19 timmar sedan
  • Woah, vancouver , taji call me

    Savage CompilationsSavage CompilationsDag sedan
  • she looks really genuinely talented.

    Thep JupThep JupDag sedan
  • I want that nail scratch golly jeez I dnt like pain but tht doesn’t hurt me. Sheeeesh

  • If his back breaks he did it for us

    Shaqon TaylorShaqon TaylorDag sedan
  • If u bring a camera and tell then about the reviews ofc theyre gonna act different. Not rocket science

    1234qwer1234qwerDag sedan
  • The ones complaining turned over and got happy claws ending

    fla playafla playaDag sedan
  • yung ethan

    Nate MillsNate MillsDag sedan
  • Thats actually the traditional way they massage in Thailand. Also i think the 4 bad reviews were from 1 guy

  • Thai massage is the best. But it's not a relaxing massage, they're pretty intense, but amazing. I think some people just don't know what they're getting into with Thai massage.

    johchadowjohchadowDag sedan
  • He clearly has been going to the gym...his body is more toned compared to the nudist beach episode...good work my man!

    Los Invencibles ARGLos Invencibles ARGDag sedan
  • Taji should lift weights and eat more.

    Julian BluefeatherJulian BluefeatherDag sedan
  • I fucks with this but Philip solo did it first bucko

    Fahk tobiFahk tobiDag sedan
  • Omg where has he. Even

    Girlwho IsntyouGirlwho IsntyouDag sedan
  • I guess he does ANY to get views and make money 💰 😅😅😅

    Benji BaeBenji BaeDag sedan
  • 5:16 Whoever chose this lighting, bravo. lol

    Leonard NeyLeonard NeyDag sedan
  • I feel like videos like this are rude as hell to the people and the business.

    MellyGirlMellyGirlDag sedan
  • This guy is a hero

    Chris LuceChris LuceDag sedan
  • I will actually visit this place looks like they both did a good job to me

    ray wynterray wynterDag sedan
  • He has less of a baby face

    TorontoistaTorontoistaDag sedan
  • 2:52 his face!! 😂😂

    Jade LJade LDag sedan
  • Looking good Taji! 👍 missed u dude!

    Juliana CromeyJuliana CromeyDag sedan
  • 🌟 ifkyk

    Chris CashChris CashDag sedan
  • Love Taji

    David MDavid MDag sedan
  • The fuckin multiple reviews about the masseuse having claws like a cat 😂

    Deepblue SeedsDeepblue SeedsDag sedan
  • Wow. A bit racist? Spotlight a marginalized minority to utterly barrage them with harassment. Furthermore, the cultural appropriation of going to a massage parlor owned by and run for people of yellow skin skin with slitty eyes, not privileged white boys. Shame. Shame on your channel, and shame on you

    Patrick FogartyPatrick FogartyDag sedan
    • are you trolling or just plain idiotic little patrick?

      Yuppi DuppiYuppi DuppiDag sedan
  • Taji looking great in this video! Love your videos man don’t let Vice work you to hard

    thedarkgreenvanmanthedarkgreenvanman2 dagar sedan
  • the only good thing that has come from vice.

    Phatass sheepPhatass sheep2 dagar sedan
  • My boy Taji

    Ryan PortinoRyan Portino2 dagar sedan
  • "I found a place with MANY one star reviews" It was rated 4.6.....

    It's Ok To Be WhiteIt's Ok To Be White2 dagar sedan
  • Shave your Lower back pubes , disgusting

    Wesley SmithWesley Smith2 dagar sedan
  • This guy literally just steals Philips video ideas WTF

    Montgomery BojanglesMontgomery Bojangles2 dagar sedan
  • Seems like they were pretty cool people. Its a shame so many people write bad reviews on what seem to be just minor cultural differences. A few of your stories lately have been highlighting this, pretty cool. Still sometimes its fun to just see a bad place too.

    Brian CurtisBrian Curtis2 dagar sedan
  • Everyone loves him but I can’t get over that he’s not wearing a mask inside businesses 😕

    janessa wayjanessa way2 dagar sedan
  • boom right to the balls

    MaxMax2 dagar sedan
  • 15cyears for massage school...yea ok

    Poop ScoopPoop Scoop2 dagar sedan
  • How can someone fall assleep when giving a massage while standing up? Some of these review just don't seem realistic but actually affect small business like this one a lot

    Sebastian RudasSebastian Rudas2 dagar sedan
  • Where is his fucking mask??

    mgdriver8503mgdriver85032 dagar sedan
  • Why is he not wearing a mask? I assume this was filmed during the pandemic.

    syntaxerorrsyntaxerorr2 dagar sedan
  • @9:20 What is with the camera pointed down back towards the wall?

    syntaxerorrsyntaxerorr2 dagar sedan
  • "So surprised because he didn't talk to me or my boyfriend" with a deep voice 🤣 Hmm I wonder why.

    a Light in these Dark timesa Light in these Dark times2 dagar sedan
    • @fred smith- king of the lunatics Ofcourse. It was a joke.

      a Light in these Dark timesa Light in these Dark timesDag sedan
    • You know the voiceover they got isn't the same person that wrote the review right?

      fred smith- king of the lunaticsfred smith- king of the lunaticsDag sedan
  • Taji is king maidas- turns 1 star reviews in to millionaire joints

    Tejon 1Tejon 12 dagar sedan
  • You want extra?

    Victor MiclovichVictor Miclovich2 dagar sedan
  • I mean I can't be the only one to think he was getting pegged in the thumbnail?

    MyParentsBasementMyParentsBasement2 dagar sedan
  • This, Most Expensivist, and Hamilton's Pharmacopeia are Vice's gems. Carrying the channel for sure.

    Rachel MRachel M2 dagar sedan
  • Philipsolotv inspired this no kizzy

    Tyler McLachlanTyler McLachlan2 dagar sedan
  • I like them! Customer service can be awful bc you can’t please everyone. Sometimes you meet those bigoted business owners that think they’re right no matter what but it doesn’t seem like they’re the type. Perhaps they’ve improved by reading the feedback from over the years and adapted. One thing if you get a massage let them know during if you want something different, I.e. you want more pressure, etc.

    colorfullights306colorfullights3062 dagar sedan
  • is this adult swim or vice? lol

    mbnjyuty jysdbyjtymbnjyuty jysdbyjty2 dagar sedan
  • Yeah

    Yassir ScottYassir Scott2 dagar sedan
  • The third voiceover of the comment is Jordan Peterson. Don't @ me

    Sentisuba AierSentisuba Aier2 dagar sedan
  • did you atleast get a happy ending ??!!

    papi jiairpapi jiair2 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for being respectful, this could have gone so wrong in so many different ways. Highlighting the fact they are husband and wife was surprising and gave a more compassionate, humanising view of an industry plagued with nefarious characterizations which aren't always true.

    SimpleHummanSimpleHumman2 dagar sedan
  • Taji you are awesome, don’t ever change what you do. Being calm and awkward is underrated.

    ZJAYZJAY2 dagar sedan
  • Lmao it’s the music that does it

    Howie FeltersnatchHowie Feltersnatch2 dagar sedan
  • Vice still ripping off Philip Solo I see...

    BrianBrian2 dagar sedan
  • Release the sausage castle footage you did a few weeks back!

    VsleepyheadVVsleepyheadV2 dagar sedan

    Joe DirtéJoe Dirté2 dagar sedan
  • 1 star because they DIDN'T talk to them at all? Bruh that would be a 5 star rating from me.

    RetzRetz2 dagar sedan
  • Scooooop

    George HobbsGeorge Hobbs2 dagar sedan
  • I love how Taji looks awkward most of the time.

    Importman2009Importman20092 dagar sedan
  • very intresting concept ....

    Rick TalksRick Talks2 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if it's cause cameras are there. People do change their attitude with cameras around.

    GaziaGazia2 dagar sedan
  • Just goes to show how many lousy yelp ratings are out there that are completely false or written by the completion.

    NYC EntrepreneurNYC Entrepreneur2 dagar sedan
  • lol terry like teddy bear 🧸

    CocoDragonCocoDragon3 dagar sedan
  • "I've been in some pretty awkward situations" Taji's life is an awkward situation

    ThePaul555ThePaul5553 dagar sedan
  • So the secret of those reviews WAS xenophobia after all. I would never have imagined! Xenophobia? In America?

    Aoshi KearunAoshi Kearun3 dagar sedan
  • Ethan looks skinny here

    Ashley BarajasAshley Barajas3 dagar sedan
  • it sucks that Taji's job resembles hell week, where pledges have to endure the bizarre, humiliating and painful. Working for Vice is like pledging a frat.

    SSG PlayboySSG Playboy3 dagar sedan
  • Wait was that a real gulp? Also, was that the sound of a guy climaxing in the background lololol?

    Hispanic TitanicHispanic Titanic3 dagar sedan
  • Mmhmm, these guys are weird. Id pay extra for the digging in of nails...

    Hispanic TitanicHispanic Titanic3 dagar sedan
  • Fifteen years of massage school is quite a long time. They're massage PhDs!

    Butterfly BluesButterfly Blues3 dagar sedan
  • Love your review. #keepemcoming

    Rita RodriguezRita Rodriguez3 dagar sedan
  • I feel like I've seen a lot of your body, and yet we are strangers.

    Marissa SeelyeMarissa Seelye3 dagar sedan
  • I think she meant they were in school 15 years ago not for 15 years

    Ann CarrAnn Carr3 dagar sedan
  • Taji needs his very own TLC show bruh goddamn😂😂😂

    Threeoh6ix 66Threeoh6ix 663 dagar sedan

    Matthew ReynoldsMatthew Reynolds3 dagar sedan
  • This guy literally make vice. Taji be risking his life on these one star reviews

    Yoo B!Yoo B!3 dagar sedan
  • that Krussia shirt is fire!!!!!

    John LiJohn Li3 dagar sedan
  • I’m glad you have them a 5 star ! I don’t like Yelp because a lot of times ppl are really picky and complicated that they’ll leave a review over anything with out realizing that these reviews may very well put hard working ppl out of business! I think it’s always best for you to go in and experience for your self !

    Joel VazquezJoel Vazquez3 dagar sedan
  • reminds me of christafa from the sopranos

    pirkkacubepirkkacube3 dagar sedan
  • so glad Jeff from American Dad got his own show

    uu3 dagar sedan
  • Protect vice employees at all costs

    Tarek TahanTarek Tahan3 dagar sedan
  • i wonder how this guys job interview looked like 🤔

    takumi fujiwaratakumi fujiwara3 dagar sedan
  • Everything is better when u put a camera infront of it

    PoisonousBadgePoisonousBadge3 dagar sedan
  • taji needed this back massage the way he’s been carrying vice on his back these past couple years

    V SotoV Soto3 dagar sedan
  • Honestly one of the best shows on vice!

    Duncan LloydDuncan Lloyd3 dagar sedan