NYC's Newest Superhero is a Shit-Talking Spider-Man | Side Hustles

We don’t know his secret identity aside from his usual gig as a cook. But we know who he really is. He’s Spider Cuz: a trash-talking New York superhero who makes cash wishing your girlfriend a happy Valentine’s Day and also fights Batman in the subway.
In this installment of SIDE HUSTLES, meet a guy from Bed-Stuy wearing a Spider-Man costume and building a massive following online and in the streets. We’ll follow Spidey as he tries to make bank, establish his brand as an influencer and rapper, and give himself and his daughter a better life.
You s**ttin me?!
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Ladda ner



  • I'm seriously considering quitting my job and acting like a jackass for a living. F*** it. I'll be Deadpool Bro lol.

    Francisco P.Francisco P.Timme sedan
  • Why

  • The exaggerated swagger of a Spider-Cuz

    RobertRobert2 dagar sedan

    BvriBvri3 dagar sedan
  • You know spidercuz go hard cuz he a crip in nyc

    Nguyen NguyenNguyen Nguyen3 dagar sedan

    Darío GallegosDarío Gallegos3 dagar sedan
  • Yo what happened to Peter??!😂😂

    CentPie SenpaiCentPie Senpai3 dagar sedan
  • Legend has it this is really 6ix9ine in disguise.😂

    Lemini VFXLemini VFX3 dagar sedan
  • His IG Page disappeared outta nowhere wtf

    Jose FromtheHJose FromtheH3 dagar sedan
  • Bruh... His IG actually says, "Rest in peace Uncle Ben.."

    D MillsD Mills3 dagar sedan
  • MCU should hire him as a cameo.... I mean come on... Spidey in Tims..

    D MillsD Mills3 dagar sedan
  • He doesn't need to wear a mask

    Victor TVictor T3 dagar sedan
  • Cool dude. You can tell he cares

    DJJEZ1983DJJEZ19834 dagar sedan
  • For the kids? What a joke.

    Seblastoise93Seblastoise934 dagar sedan
  • I seen this dude on union square like 2 weeks ago 🤣 recognized him right away cause of the bandana and the fitted cap

  • Keep doing you Cuz

    Blake DickersonBlake Dickerson5 dagar sedan
  • People like spider cuz go places in life, he’s actually motivational and got a good heart

    Hamza kHamza k5 dagar sedan
  • Are we really gonna just ignore the fact that this is 6ix9ine dressed up in a fuckin superhero costume ?

    izapetizapet5 dagar sedan
  • god bless spider cuz 🥲🥲🥲🥲

    cary goldsberrycary goldsberry6 dagar sedan
  • What his instagram?

    Hitmans AssistantHitmans Assistant6 dagar sedan
  • You gotta be fucking kidding me....

    Jay NJay N6 dagar sedan
  • Side talk nyc baby

    ksonen23ksonen236 dagar sedan
  • Crip Spider-Man I’m done with everything gangsta now

    Dayba GodiswithyouDayba Godiswithyou7 dagar sedan
  • This is the type of guy who is homophobic behind the camera.

    Miss SinisterMiss Sinister7 dagar sedan
  • Haha I thought that was 69 under that costume at first.

    Who feels it Knows itWho feels it Knows it7 dagar sedan
  • Spider Crip

    toxic avengertoxic avenger8 dagar sedan
  • NYC hero

    Lucy GuillenLucy Guillen9 dagar sedan
  • What’s his channel called?

    Aamir MalikAamir Malik9 dagar sedan
  • this guys is real good peeps.

    aero mtbaero mtb9 dagar sedan
  • Respect his crates

    Tyrese CockingTyrese Cocking9 dagar sedan
  • Drinking that cheap hen

    Plate lunch expressPlate lunch express10 dagar sedan
  • Even tho NY is ratchet... New Yorkers are the top hustlers in the East Coast, hands down.

    SupernovaSupernova10 dagar sedan
  • I hope the producers of into the spiderverse are watching because you need to get him into that sequel

    Grant ReidGrant Reid10 dagar sedan
  • Mad respect to spider cuz come through San Jose be the best thing

    henry brookshenry brooks10 dagar sedan
  • Soooooo NY tho 😆, love it!! He's affordable too!!

    Flipflops_with_socks_onFlipflops_with_socks_on10 dagar sedan
  • What happened to the ig tho?

    XZSVXZSV10 dagar sedan
  • Eggs benedick 😂

    Rebecca LevyRebecca Levy10 dagar sedan
  • bro turned a new york superhero into an even more new york superhero

    Brayden CooperBrayden Cooper11 dagar sedan
  • FAX FAX LOL...

    c8v8c8v812 dagar sedan
  • Karens back at it again.

    Brent goffBrent goff13 dagar sedan
  • It would’ve been funny if he took off his mask and he was 100% white😂

    Maika HaraMaika Hara13 dagar sedan
  • Never seen are heard of him But I may have a new adopted Hero to root for only draw back is the Subway series hat Real spiders rock the Hard Rock Yankees NY not the da Fluer da toilet one like the Dogs that somehow be down trodden Muts like the other team and Knicks to pull down the Nets because that's what it do then what your left is Dog Mess Flys and Gnats stop the sufferage and try succotash

    Joe CurryJoe Curry13 dagar sedan
  • This is amazing and surprisingly moving. Get it SpuderCuz.

    Brian T.V.Brian T.V.13 dagar sedan
  • Gangsta spiderman

    Cobra 1984Cobra 198413 dagar sedan
  • Thats 69 undercover

    Hockey DaadHockey Daad13 dagar sedan
  • I love batman but spider cuz you cool

    Your DaddyYour Daddy14 dagar sedan
  • where do they sell a bottle of Hennesy that size for 22.99 in NYC.

    SwazsSwazs14 dagar sedan
  • man he s a good boy but damn can t be taken seriously in that spidey costume

    Patrick BonziPatrick Bonzi15 dagar sedan
  • I thought only black people were allowed to say the n word.

    عباسي عبارعباسي عبار15 dagar sedan
  • Vice is desperate for a story.

    fractured but Not Brokenfractured but Not Broken16 dagar sedan
  • Don't get shot please

    Christian KielerChristian Kieler16 dagar sedan
  • Love one another

    n hn h16 dagar sedan
  • Crip.. much luv and success to you and yours..

    G 7G 716 dagar sedan
  • Why’s this guy talk and sound exactly like J.I The Prince of N.Y. It’s also suspicious he said his music “just dropped on Spotify.” This guy is definitely J.I.

    ProCeProCe17 dagar sedan
  • Yo this dude actually funny and he got that drip tho.

    PushMidNowPushMidNow17 dagar sedan
  • Spider-Cuz might not be the hero we want but he’s the hero we need

    Michael DavisMichael Davis17 dagar sedan
  • Hope bro dont get a cease and desist

    Hey Look It's That Guy.Hey Look It's That Guy.17 dagar sedan
  • Spider cuz coin 🪙 $

    Sergio PortilloSergio Portillo17 dagar sedan
  • 🤦🤦

    dee *dee *17 dagar sedan
  • he's just making new yorkers look like a joke 🤨👎

    dee *dee *17 dagar sedan
  • Only in NY

    TyBeenTrillTyBeenTrill17 dagar sedan
  • Reminds me of DOOM. In a completely different setting. Leaving you intrigued and wanting more.

    Mr NosajMr Nosaj18 dagar sedan
  • came here cuz Adam22 told me *cuz got heart, real heart ❤🕷*

    LeBeautifulLeBeautiful18 dagar sedan
  • I literally was having the worst/craziest trips off the shrooms the other day and I lie to you not this video SAVED ME ... spidercuz I’m smoking on that Martha Wayne pack for you my guy! Keep it going pls never stop

    Mauricio HernandezMauricio Hernandez18 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    William AdamsWilliam Adams18 dagar sedan
  • Miles Morales have grown up so fast

    Ben BasyarBen Basyar18 dagar sedan
  • Goofy

    grease addiktzgrease addiktz19 dagar sedan
  • alright im going to bed now...goodnight yall

    Ayoo EZAyoo EZ19 dagar sedan
  • Mad respect for Spidy cuz

    LuckyLOKOLuckyLOKO19 dagar sedan
  • Wondering what happened to his Instagram? Only three weeks since Vice put this out and I can’t find his page.

    Tina NotaroTina Notaro19 dagar sedan
  • Stan Lee would be ashamed.

    Emma FrostEmma Frost19 dagar sedan
  • He's weirdly wholesome. More power to Spider Cuz

    misterdoctorsurgeonmisterdoctorsurgeon19 dagar sedan
    • Ik the end was rly wholesome

      ike anselike ansel15 dagar sedan
  • I saw a spiderman guy try to fight somebody when I went to new york it was entertaining

    Chico LeeChico Lee20 dagar sedan
  • Just what stan lee envisioned

    RJ LongRJ Long20 dagar sedan
  • Should have been in “into the spider verse”

    Michael MiguelMichael Miguel20 dagar sedan
  • Spider cuz spider cuz, he rep his hood, fuckin batman up

    makmakmakmak20 dagar sedan
  • Kinda want a spidercuz action figure

    Rusty BeeRusty Bee20 dagar sedan
  • Think his insta got shut down. JJ win.

    green49285green4928520 dagar sedan
  • Bro has spare spidey outfits...Still rocks the same dirty-mouf suit tho.. Where's Ja??

    MrSeedofdeathMrSeedofdeath20 dagar sedan
  • I guess this is what jr smith whenever he doesnt ball.

    Beeman 2892Beeman 289220 dagar sedan
  • So uhm, he’s just swigging through the mask all the time?

    deekiodeekio21 dag sedan
  • Cali love! SpiderCuz!

    Rickey CrawfordRickey Crawford21 dag sedan
  • When they say only in New York believe it!!!

    isaachaaze3isaachaaze321 dag sedan
  • I accept you spidercuz

    joseph hawkjoseph hawk21 dag sedan
  • The hero NYC and America needed.

    Sean NoeSean Noe21 dag sedan
  • Great energy! I like him

    Lydia HallidayLydia Halliday21 dag sedan
  • He only wants Batman to top him off 😂😂😂

    Mrs. EdwardsMrs. Edwards22 dagar sedan
  • How the hell you cross Marvel with DC? Also, you better send Disney a cut or dark lord Mickey will haunt your dreams.

    Jim ParsonsJim Parsons22 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if he's black?😆

    Msota 2Msota 222 dagar sedan
  • ''I'm for the kids. I walk around drinking Hennessy!'x Lmao

    Raj ARaj A22 dagar sedan
  • BIG UPS Spider Cuz :)

    Tu BraynZTu BraynZ22 dagar sedan
  • In our little corner of the spider-verse. Spider Cuz is our universe spiderman.

    Koto KnightKoto Knight22 dagar sedan
  • Spider cuz rules

    Robert WillisRobert Willis22 dagar sedan
  • So nobody goin talk about Mr Hoffman

    O u t r o S p a c eO u t r o S p a c e23 dagar sedan
  • Ay yo..... I’m from Cape Town South Africa. Man I just want to say mad Love and Respect Cuz

    MoRe PoWeRMoRe PoWeR23 dagar sedan
  • Who’s job was it to photoshop smiles on Cambodian genocide victims?

    Kenneth WilliamsKenneth Williams23 dagar sedan
  • This dude the real Spiderman

    l3ravoVidsl3ravoVids23 dagar sedan

    Eat MailEat Mail23 dagar sedan
  • I love you💕🌷💕🌷💕🌷💕🌷💕🌷💕🌷💕🌷💕

    Pacific OceanPacific Ocean23 dagar sedan
  • When his emotion broke- shyt felt real.....and how he talks abt his daughter... Very cool..

    Sean-Stefan Tonio SampsonSean-Stefan Tonio Sampson23 dagar sedan
    • Ik he mad wholesome

      ike anselike ansel15 dagar sedan