Downsizing the $50 Billion Indian Wedding Industry

After the long postponements couples in India are downsizing their weddings, or choosing online ceremonies, shaking up the estimated 50 billion dollar industry out of its COVID limbo. Restrictions and regulations mean that everyone - from vendors to vow-takers- had to learn how to adapt. We meet couples who have walked down the aisle in the middle of the pandemic, to know how they managed their socially distanced weddings. We also meet wedding planners, venue owners and other industry experts to see how the Indian wedding has gotten a makeover.
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  • This video just showed that Noida from UP is much more developed than the capital City Delhi. Just look at the beautiful greeenery and skyline of noida and hundreds of years old unwanted chandni chowk market

    DesipreneurDesipreneur39 minuter sedan
  • My friend got married in the last lockdown at a temple with only 10 people as guests. She is very happy (secretly) coz they managed to save a lot of money

    Hollie GollieHollie GollieTimme sedan
  • I couldn’t imagine pouring my life savings into a singular event that’s not buying a house.

    Rosa PerezRosa Perez5 timmar sedan
  • Ufffff these poor people in the comment section 🤭🤭🤭

    Sounok SSounok SDag sedan
  • The money could have been used to help the poor in India struggling to live and upgrade health care system

    Meenakshi NundlollMeenakshi Nundloll3 dagar sedan
  • Dang I need to move to India. Actually our wedding venue is packed every weekend all summer. Seems like it bounced back after last years got canceled

    Alias BammerAlias Bammer3 dagar sedan
  • I don't understand why weddings and marriage is sooo important so much pressure its not that serious

    Jenita ThompsonJenita Thompson4 dagar sedan
    • Its India bruh. Like few American wear gucci, Louis Vuitton, Supreme tees and flashy stuff to impress others, In India people have lavish wedding to show off.

      Manish ThakurManish ThakurDag sedan
  • I don't get why it's a bad thing to have a small wedding. These things are usually a pissing contest to show off how much you've spent on the wedding. Just keep it simple, close and warm. xoxo

    Jason DayJason Day7 dagar sedan
    • There's some pride in Indian parents to show off how much money they have spent in wedding. My uncle has 2 daughters. He started saving from the day they were born. Usually girls are married way younger than boys. So boys have to manage their wedding funds on their own.

      Manish ThakurManish ThakurDag sedan
  • Too much

    Kelly NunezKelly Nunez7 dagar sedan
  • India finally number one in something. Covid

    ianda richardsianda richards7 dagar sedan
  • here we can't shell out more on weddings🤪

    kellie Clarkekellie Clarke8 dagar sedan
  • And today Delhi is struggling with the second oxygen, no bed, hospitals Full. People dying EVERY day and it's getting much worse... STAY HEALTHY STAY SAFE AND STAY STRONG🙏👍✌️

    Samuel HangmuanthangSamuel Hangmuanthang8 dagar sedan
  • If she doesn't wanna marry you without spending half ur money on a wedding then believe me SHE AINT FOR YOU Brother

    Beloved GeeBeloved Gee8 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact: generally, worldwide, 50% of all marriages fail.

    Jim ParsonsJim Parsons9 dagar sedan
  • My gosh I love India’s beauty from the food to her beautiful people I hope one type in my lifetime I am able to visit such a beautiful place.

    Jessica KlymJessica Klym9 dagar sedan
    • @Gujju Boy Is it going be huge?

      Ashay PallavAshay Pallav7 dagar sedan
    • Dear, Wel come to india, i invite to attend my wedding.... 😉😂

      Gujju BoyGujju Boy9 dagar sedan
  • Couldn't understand the wedding planner at all. She speaks horrible English really fast and with a mask. Can't keep watching. Usually Vice chooses people who can speak English so I don't know what going on here

    SpiceBoy7UK23SpiceBoy7UK2310 dagar sedan
  • Also people take personal loans for weddings in India.

    959 Rohan Anand959 Rohan Anand10 dagar sedan
  • My wedding was scheduled on 11th April 2020 things were all set, everything booked & suddenly this covid curtain draws then lockdown in march ...all plans ruined but then with some talks n discussions in family we had an intimate home wedding in June 2020 hoping that next year ll b better so v ll celebrate our 1st Anniversary with alot alot more than could do on our wedding but God has his plans & c this year situation is even worse😞😞 just happy abt 1 thing that v are together this time in this crisis hoping to b such forever😇🤲🏻

    anayah fatimaanayah fatima12 dagar sedan
    • @JATIN thanku

      anayah fatimaanayah fatima3 dagar sedan
    • Happy anniversary in advance 🎉

      JATINJATIN5 dagar sedan
  • Imagine an introvert person and not known by many and at wedding a whole crowd of 500 people comes to watch ur wedding out of which u only know 10 people hardly Ya this a normal wedding in india

    vikram chavanvikram chavan13 dagar sedan
    • 😂exactly with me

      GummuGummu2 dagar sedan
  • Well the vedio aged really well

    Deba Kumar DuttaDeba Kumar Dutta13 dagar sedan
  • All wannabees. 🙄

    Vicky SebastianVicky Sebastian13 dagar sedan
  • well this didnt age well lol

    jashan sandhujashan sandhu13 dagar sedan
  • Selfishness runs rampant there. Stop having kids, sacrifice own pleasure for future adults of your race/ethnicity.

    Luv1234Luv123413 dagar sedan
  • This woman just won't let the guy speak!

    KanhayKanhay14 dagar sedan
  • It’s all black tax money, that these people saved in their lives

    Nitin Jaswal Application DeveloperNitin Jaswal Application Developer14 dagar sedan
  • Hey

    Michael OwinoMichael Owino15 dagar sedan
  • Most Indian are mostly about showoff But just look at their condition of daily life This stupidity needs to be stopped

    BubblesBubbles15 dagar sedan
  • i attended an Indian wedding in Chennai in 2019. It was a 6 days affair. While i didn’t understand most of the lavish rituals, i would still recommend a non-Indian like myself to try attend one. It is both an experience and entertaining, in a good way. :)

    Oey TOey T15 dagar sedan
    • nah covid-19 is more developed ever because huge wedding event

      Ranti AmandaRanti Amanda12 dagar sedan
  • People who are calling it a stupidity does not know that these wedding's help the economy and Indians are good at savings unlike the white race who spends more on expensive cars than education...!

    Sovik MisraSovik Misra17 dagar sedan
  • Dang I don’t even know five people. I’m sure if I was to get married I might as well go to the courts. It’ll just be a waste.

    Shan TalksShan Talks17 dagar sedan
  • Indian weddings were traditionally big events for a host of thoughtful reasons...but just like customs in religions were over time folks forget (& in a generation or so don't even know) the real point & purpose of these events and end up corrupting it for purposes of addition lifestyles have changed drastically with rapid urbanization & the nomadic and demanding nature of today's jobs...what were originally whole extended family events that served as anchors for various other current & upcoming family events in addition to various other dynamics have largely been reduced to mere vanity...not that I blame anybody after all societial & peer pressure will make it overwhelming to not follow suit with the lavish extravaganzas for most people..rather I am just making an observation on the why part...

    Muthu Kumaran LekshmananMuthu Kumaran Lekshmanan18 dagar sedan
  • Stil not shithole like pakistan..

    Bosnia Hercegovina AudiobooksBosnia Hercegovina Audiobooks18 dagar sedan
    • Oh yours country is very nice

      vignesh creationsvignesh creations4 dagar sedan
  • Great

    Pringles foreverPringles forever18 dagar sedan
  • Only pharmaceutical Industry making Tons of $$$$$$$

    HinduHindustankeram KumarHinduHindustankeram Kumar18 dagar sedan
  • downing sizing of weddings is becoming a norm, and the focus becomes on being beautiful couples special day

    Indian Wedding Photographer Bipin DattaniIndian Wedding Photographer Bipin Dattani19 dagar sedan
  • I love the huge typical Indian wedding, but not for myself. I don't even know my extended family and it would be such a headache spending my wedding day trying to please and impress these people I don't know or care about. And I'd rather my father gave me my wedding money for my education instead.

    bitbotbitbot19 dagar sedan
  • First you should wear mask

    iakibashisha lyngdohiakibashisha lyngdoh19 dagar sedan
  • step1-marry Step2-register fake fir Step3-play women card Step 4- get the money Step5- money life

    Celebrate LifeCelebrate Life20 dagar sedan
    • Step 6- repeat

      Youtube banned meYoutube banned me19 dagar sedan
  • The Indian Wedding-Industrial complex melting down. It's great to witness.

    MrViyasanMrViyasan20 dagar sedan
  • I’m tired of Vice news trying to cancel culture

    Drew BreesDrew Brees20 dagar sedan
  • looks like attending an expensive Indian wedding is on my bucket list now boys

    Noah PappNoah Papp20 dagar sedan
    • 😁

      Gujju BoyGujju Boy9 dagar sedan
  • wedding in typical india is once in a life time people love to celebrate it.

    some onesome one20 dagar sedan
    • American won't get it since they marry every year

      Manish ThakurManish ThakurDag sedan
  • I hate that parents save money for marriage of their kids, rather than spending them on their education.

    J khajuriaJ khajuria21 dag sedan
    • You're wrong

      Ashay PallavAshay Pallav7 dagar sedan
    • Not everybody does that. In my district you can get married in budget from ₹1500 to ₹1500000. It depends upon person to person. If you so much concern about parents money why don't earn yourself then do wedding ?

      shona manjushona manju9 dagar sedan
  • Lol indians

    Glip KlopsyiopGlip Klopsyiop22 dagar sedan
    • Lol slav

      Manuj MadanManuj Madan19 dagar sedan
  • Incredible how these people describe '50' as not a lot of people. 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️

    MauMau22 dagar sedan
  • I am saving money for last 5 years and now I have money to buy a piece of land in a good location and I am not going to spend on wedding. Wedding should be small and inexpensive.

    akbar aliakbar ali23 dagar sedan
  • Who’s job was it to photoshop smiles on Cambodian genocide victims?

    Kenneth WilliamsKenneth Williams23 dagar sedan
  • Indian weddings are fun tho

    Big EBig E23 dagar sedan
  • So many white people commenting that we rather buy house than spending money on wedding but guys, you know that in few years your wife will take your house and money after divorce. So don't think that you doing something smarter than my indian mates

    Pargat SinghPargat Singh24 dagar sedan
  • Hmmm.... More like *Hindu Weddings* not Indian.

    Adhishree SinghAdhishree Singh24 dagar sedan
  • Leave it, most of the guests are uninvited who comes for free Indian cusine.

    Adhishree SinghAdhishree Singh24 dagar sedan
  • Media has brainwashed people into having big wedding

    Veshane SinghVeshane Singh24 dagar sedan
  • Marriage is like an investment with an inevitable bad return. Why to waste so much of money.

    Bratendu Dey ChakrabortyBratendu Dey Chakraborty25 dagar sedan
  • Indian Wedding = Investment of a Political Campaign. As simple as that. Here we invite people from various walks of life. Like if you had a friend during your days in a hostel, then as you grew up you'll invite his entire family to the marriage. So the extravagant weddings that you see are mostly by the Rich. They can only afford to spend upon inviting in thousands. If not, consider that person to be dumb and ready to go bankrupt. (Although this is a rare phenomenon)

    Karthik VadlooriKarthik Vadloori25 dagar sedan
  • Stop being biased towards us all the time, get your facts right, you guys need to divide the cases by the population im pretty sure we are way behind in 100s, just like you do when you calculate gdp nominal we are no.5 but in per capita we are very poor which shows the real condition of the country as a whole.

    Di FourDi Four25 dagar sedan
  • *Coughing* Dahej

    RahulRahul25 dagar sedan
    • Sab states mei nahi hota bhai. Maharashtra mei nahi hota. Mera native Uttarakhand mei hai aur udar bhi nahi hota

      Manish ThakurManish ThakurDag sedan
    • @ROHIT SINGH YADAV no even my cousin is educated and independent but her in laws asked for 😂😂 2 cars , one flat and clothes for every family members 😂😂. I was like 😅 shadi ke phele kapde nhi phente the kya

      LillyLilly4 dagar sedan
    • Yeh Bihar ya UP nei h 😆

      RoyRoy5 dagar sedan
    • @ROHIT SINGH YADAV Bhai konse duniya mein Rehta hai? Dahej khatam ho India se? Hahahahahahahahahah

      Manuj MadanManuj Madan6 dagar sedan
    • Ab Dahej koi nahi lete....Agar girl is educated and independent

  • Indians feed 1000s of people when a person is born, on his wedding, when he purchases house and even when he dies. This is culture, it can't die. Who feeds people when someone dies? Indians do.

    Mercedes BenzMercedes Benz25 dagar sedan
    • 4th highest female suicide rate in the world

      lastlegslastlegs14 dagar sedan
    • Only Hindus do that.

      Adhishree SinghAdhishree Singh24 dagar sedan
  • video is kind of misleading . these weddings are organized by the upper class urbanites . they already have a house so no worry for that . they also have enough money for a luxury honeymoon . they dont take debt , they are rich . and whatelse will they save money for . this is what they want in life . dont hate on them

    WhenWhen26 dagar sedan
  • BC Last Mai Ghar Mai Chai Bana Rahi Hai Papa Ki Pari Spent Lakhs of Rupees in Wedding Ab Koi Nahi Puchega Reality Mai Jio Ye Sab Bollywood Obsessed Weddings Hai And Wedding Planner Girl is Real Life # Thug Charging in Lakhs and Go To Chandi Chowk And Seelampur To Fullfil Clients Requirement

    Deepak MaanDeepak Maan26 dagar sedan
  • You know i don't know most of these relatives india youth have no independence it look like we have to pay back our parents because they spent all their money on our education

    axel mannniaxel mannni27 dagar sedan
  • Some people who are not indians need to understand we love living with our family and taking care of them ❤️💖 it's a long tradition in not only India I guess whole South Asia and also 😁not everyone in India is poor lol 🤣 all these weddings you are watching here they come from a business background family mostly not all and me being a genz never had a problem seeing people spending so much 💰 in their wedding 😉if I also become financially stable definitely will have a wedding like this 🙄u all gotta understand especially westerners most indians love to get married like this not everyone thinks of divorce also like u all do duhhh and we got the lowest divorce rate not bcoz of society yes in some part but not everywhere 😃 ok stop FUCKING looking down on other Culture like this

    ReehaReeha27 dagar sedan
    • Shut up kpoop

      Glip KlopsyiopGlip Klopsyiop22 dagar sedan
  • Many people are crying here for such a lavish and costly wedding so look guys it's their money how they wants to celebrate is their personal choice so please don't make fuss about it.

    RudrakshaRudraksha27 dagar sedan
  • In pakistani weddings two things important first toyota prado and land cruiser second ak47

    iam salngoiam salngo28 dagar sedan
    • Lol!

      Glip KlopsyiopGlip Klopsyiop22 dagar sedan
    • Ak47 🙄 Really??

      RudrakshaRudraksha27 dagar sedan
  • Vice should check out the malabar muslim wedding their grandeur and sources of money mostly black

    All the bestAll the best28 dagar sedan
  • It's weird when u don't know half of the people who u invite and ur parents do

    James CarterJames CarterMånad sedan
    • Sometimes my parents take me weddings whom I don't know. This is how India works.

      Manish ThakurManish ThakurDag sedan
  • Those big fat juicy dowries get me all hot... just like imagining I could marry out of my caste into a higher one without the hassle of reincarnating!

    null contextnull contextMånad sedan
  • Honestly covid 19 shouldve been way more deadly. That would have helped the earth to start healing. The rich dont care about anything other than themselves

    Javier AmbrizJavier AmbrizMånad sedan
  • As an Indian I get judged everyday because I don't want to spend my and my dad's whole life savings and also I don't want to invite every 500 people on my wedding who remember me only when they talk shits about me and my family.🤣🤣 What's wrong with having a cute little wedding with the people who really care about you? This is bizarre and pointless in so many way. Just imagine you have spent your/your dad's whole savings on your wedding and then you hear from your relatives that the chicken was overcooked or the the bride/groom is not that good looking.🙄🙄

    Tania SealTania SealMånad sedan
  • Those who aren't happy, try to show that they are happy by pouring money.

    Prime MoronPrime MoronMånad sedan
  • new generation of india believe in court-marriage

    pratham yadav vermapratham yadav vermaMånad sedan
  • Insufferable whiners, it's a pandemic, stay indoors

    Rajeesh MararRajeesh MararMånad sedan
  • Modern weddings are such a waste of money.

    A SajjadA SajjadMånad sedan
  • lol at getting married in today's society

    Balboa BagginsBalboa BagginsMånad sedan
    • Right? Who trusts anyone else anymore. I mean I don't.

      Manuj MadanManuj Madan19 dagar sedan
  • Well in Hinduism there is no concept of divorce so it's once in life time in fact it's like once in 7 life's (Hindus believe in reincarnation)

    Bin Jong unBin Jong unMånad sedan
    • @Manuj Madan oh... I thought you were saying that divorce rate are form other religions only 😅😅

      Bin Jong unBin Jong un18 dagar sedan
    • @Bin Jong un Huh?? I said there are other religions living in India and not just Hindus. Tu bhakt hai kya???

      Manuj MadanManuj Madan18 dagar sedan
    • @Manuj Madan so what are you saying Hindu people live their whole life with someone they don't even like.. Really now..... And it's not like "You have to live with him for reset of your life " there's no restrictions It's just Hindus want marriage to be a secret not just some agreement.

      Bin Jong unBin Jong un18 dagar sedan
    • @Bin Jong un And not only Hindus live in India.

      Manuj MadanManuj Madan18 dagar sedan
    • @Manuj Madan chill dude.... I was just putting up the fact and it's not like they have to follow that seriously ..... I mean there are divorce in India too

      Bin Jong unBin Jong un18 dagar sedan
  • Really could have used subtile..the mask, the speed of her talking and the accent 😝

    Majin DydyMajin DydyMånad sedan
  • It's different of culture.. Everyone sacirfy for full family future.. Just go through. 1. Indian start saving from birth of their kids.. Boy birth like grandfather or father will secure for his future home, and mostly will complete before his marry. Girl birth also they start caring saving for her merry... So they spend a lot.. 2.hindu merry once and with one in life... They love sacirfy purely and truely 3.very less divorce cases than West culture.. All there are much closer much caring for their family till end Older people stay with them with care love, They spend as they have that much saving for same purpose...

    True voiceTrue voiceMånad sedan
  • Having a wedding with less but closest people and lot of love is way better than lots of people and less love. Grand rich wedding is just a Capitalist concept. Wedding must be simple but after wedding party should be hard.

    Siddharth KaleySiddharth KaleyMånad sedan
  • Half the people on this video weren’t wearing their mask properly no wonder cases are high.

    Nancy CNancy CMånad sedan
  • Its fake its not 50bilion they don't have that much their government Gpd in year is 30billion

    Gang RO&Gang RO&Månad sedan
    • @Gang RO& oh god dumb you are 😂😂😂

      RudrakshaRudraksha27 dagar sedan
    • @Akash Dobhal yes ma'am Gpd is Gross Domestic Product

      Gang RO&Gang RO&Månad sedan
    • Do you even know what GDP is?

      Akash DobhalAkash DobhalMånad sedan
  • Alot of parts in mexico its kind of similar with the tradition of making a big wedding, you are kinda of forced to invite alot of people from distant relatives to friends of friends, it would be considered rude if you dont even if its people you hardly ever talk to. I think its pointless.

    Chaqua LiadorChaqua LiadorMånad sedan
    • I guess Latin America and South east Asia (India Pakistan Bangladesh Nepal) have somewhat same tradition

      Manish ThakurManish ThakurDag sedan
    • Can you tell me How can someone join a cartel ?

      rainbowxxbatrainbowxxbatMånad sedan
  • Band baja barat is a Bollywood movie based on Indian wedding industry

    Sanu KumarSanu KumarMånad sedan
  • Yup Wedding is a business as every father want their son /daughter wedding to be a grand event

    Sanu KumarSanu KumarMånad sedan
  • I think this development is very positive.

    Sues AnnaSues AnnaMånad sedan
  • He definitely love bitches❤🤣🤣

    Minecraft HindiMinecraft HindiMånad sedan
  • Does this impoverish middle class Indians?? I would prefer to pay off my mortgage quickly rather than live in debt for a few days of fun...what about the financing of it?? how does it work...

    Diarmuid HayesDiarmuid HayesMånad sedan
    • Parents pay for it usually from the money they saved working for life 30 years lulz

      Manuj MadanManuj Madan19 dagar sedan
    • Nope, not exactly. Indians believe in savings, either it be in bank deposits, multiple houses/plot or jewelries, the first thing we're taught is about savings. Nd moreover bcoz most of us r family oriented, the finance of wedding is managed by the imigiate family as whole. Also the lavishness depends on what's in yr pocket.

      Megha SharmaMegha SharmaMånad sedan
  • Vice should shed some light on the cast system in India, not the rich-ass weddings.

    Vixen MonsoonVixen MonsoonMånad sedan
  • As an Indian, I hate Indian weddings. Pathetic and tacky, lots of violence and evil behavior goes on. Greed. It is a terrible tradition.

    Jules LJules LMånad sedan
  • Here comes all those blind Indians that are offended 😂😂 and will defend anything

    Akki BajajAkki BajajMånad sedan
  • The lady who said government should be giving some kind of hope to the hospitality industry should know this - A communicable disease of such proportions; there's no hope other than a secure vaccine.

    Tejomoy DasTejomoy DasMånad sedan
  • Please interview Stephen Chow from shaolin soccer

    Likao OzLikao OzMånad sedan
  • Can't imagine how embarrassing getting divorced must be after showing off to your entire family lmao.

    César JeriCésar JeriMånad sedan
    • Divorce rate in India is ***0.22%*** Literally lowest in the world! Its a cultural phenomenon that marriage is the biggest celebration a person can have in lifetime, that explains everything.

      YajurvedhYajurvedh18 dagar sedan
    • Divorce no ways they commit for seven lives...

      True voiceTrue voiceMånad sedan
    • Reason why divorce is lowest in india ...

      seekingTHYSELFseekingTHYSELFMånad sedan
  • In America they still spend way too much money, when you consider the high incident of divorce rates, its a bad bet. In NYC, its over $60,000 on average. And I am sure that doesn't include ancilliary expenses. I think you are better off having a modest wedding and putting that money into savings or a down payment on a house.

    San AnsaSan AnsaMånad sedan
    • A big fat wedding costs about $100,000 in India. Divorce rates are very low as compared to US. So they don't mind spending such huge amount.

      Manish ThakurManish ThakurDag sedan
  • Couple at 2:15 look like they bleach

    JaneJaneMånad sedan
  • Intimate wedding 100 people, wow that seems like alot of people to me

    A. M.A. M.Månad sedan
    • Sometimes it's 1000. And happiness manages very well

      True voiceTrue voiceMånad sedan
  • Yeah my uncle spent almost 120000 dollars for wedding including a BMW car in new delhi

    brick medusa 6080brick medusa 6080Månad sedan
    • @Glip Klopsyiop why??

      brick medusa 6080brick medusa 608022 dagar sedan
    • So weird

      Glip KlopsyiopGlip Klopsyiop22 dagar sedan
    • @Veshane Singh sorry my uncle has 2 daughters now

      brick medusa 6080brick medusa 608024 dagar sedan
    • can your uncle adopt me

      Veshane SinghVeshane Singh24 dagar sedan
    • @Artshitistic HER I don't even have a girlfriend and I'm thinking about a wedding lmao

      brick medusa 6080brick medusa 6080Månad sedan
  • Last week marked my 2 years anniversary of my marriage. I remember around 400+ guest just from "my side" alone. As of today I received about 7 congratulation messages about my anniversary! 🤔😑

    Fred GalaxyFred GalaxyMånad sedan
    • They were present for free food. Let that sink in

      Manish ThakurManish ThakurDag sedan

    raibhan s jadhav rsjraibhan s jadhav rsjMånad sedan
  • Wedding organizer were charging huge money when their was no pandemic. so they can survive 100 year without earning. In india ,simple marriage is a's mandatory to spent huge money even though you don't want to.

    Kartik MandaviaKartik MandaviaMånad sedan
  • Best way to save money is to get married during the lockdown, so you can't invite so many people, it's a economy way of getting married, so you don't fall into debt 🤔

    Birry SundBirry SundMånad sedan
  • Take that money and feed your starving homeless people India

    Jonny PeeJonny PeeMånad sedan