The Hidden Symbols of Thailand's Pro-Democracy Protests

Thailand’s pro-democracy protests are a uniquely iconic sight and there is a deeper meaning to the symbols the protestors use. Cultural anthropologist, Edoardo Siani, explains a little known world of symbolism and divine astrology that runs beneath the surface of Bangkok’s protest movement.
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  • This looks like carnaval

    FingerlesFingerlesDag sedan
  • Wow, what a mess of an interview, where the heck do you find that guy, conspiracy theorist chatroom? Red is because of it's represent nation on the flag, the red shirt from 10 years has nothing to do with monarchy, it's us the youth movement who is anti-monarchy. Umbrella because we fucking use it defend ourselves from water cannon. White dove is white dove, it represent peace same as everywhere else in the world, it's from an iconic pro-democracy song - White Dove. And flashlight, well, it's exactly because we use it in concert. Not everything need to have deep meaning behind it.

    jeannedeorleansjeannedeorleansDag sedan
  • Thais are people who hate everything, they are never at peace in spirit.

    kovalskykovalsky6 dagar sedan

    ART DECOART DECO7 dagar sedan
  • The world is such a fascinating place seriously

    TruckerLeeTruckerLee9 dagar sedan
  • 😉

    Toutai PaluToutai Palu13 dagar sedan
  • Hiiipower

    M a a dM a a d17 dagar sedan
  • คนไทยมาทางนี้🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭

    แหม่ม ตระกาลสุภรัตน์แหม่ม ตระกาลสุภรัตน์17 dagar sedan
    • @kawipot wachaiya แน่นอนคนไทยช่วยกัน

      แหม่ม ตระกาลสุภรัตน์แหม่ม ตระกาลสุภรัตน์12 dagar sedan
    • ต่อสู้เพื่อประชาธิปไตยครับ |||

      kawipot wachaiyakawipot wachaiya15 dagar sedan
  • You can tell, these dictator-clowns suck at propaganda, because they rely on lens flares, to imply divinity. This needs more dutch-angle.

    ollj ohollj oh17 dagar sedan
  • This is what you get, when you let literal clowns govern cities.

    ollj ohollj oh17 dagar sedan
  • This has been going on long long time ..its a circle will never stop..its not just about thailand its about the power of the world elite in society

    thailand smilethailand smile17 dagar sedan
  • Goosebumps. Solidarity with our Thai brothers and sisters💕

    Amber JayAmber Jay19 dagar sedan
  • Man I love Thailand. Was there for so long last year and they’re just such pure people.

    GodGod19 dagar sedan
  • What about the duck floats?

    SunkissedguySunkissedguy20 dagar sedan
  • crop tops

    หิวแสง เสรีชนหิวแสง เสรีชน22 dagar sedan
  • Way to be a totally tone-deaf king in 2021. These assholes have nobody to blame but themselves for monarchies being overthrown.

    ShinkajoShinkajo22 dagar sedan
  • Elegiggle Astrology in 2021. Jokes aside, hope the Thai people win the fight and gain true democracy and it sticks!

    seidenstickerjseidenstickerj23 dagar sedan
  • Who’s job was it to photoshop smiles on Cambodian genocide victims?

    Kenneth WilliamsKenneth Williams23 dagar sedan
  • What a weak mini doc. The main reporter voice was annoying and sounded scripted. I expect more quality from Vice

    Robert ChavarriaRobert Chavarria23 dagar sedan
  • Where is the meaning of the duck?

    Kusi’s VlogKusi’s Vlog24 dagar sedan
  • keep protesting and take your democracy!

    Ebbe BEbbe B24 dagar sedan
  • Oh I love being Thai

    Marcus MayerMarcus Mayer24 dagar sedan
  • Vice is a liberal 5th column.

    chiane1968chiane196824 dagar sedan
  • Hey vice if you're seeing this can you please do some more videos on the Hong Kong protests, the Ukrainian civil war, and the South China Sea crisis thank you

    Gwydion RussoGwydion Russo25 dagar sedan
  • the strongest will protect the famiy of divinity and fight outwards whilst the cowardly and weak will turn on their own and fight inwards!! Long Live The King!! 👑🇹🇭💛

    Jek KianJek Kian25 dagar sedan
  • 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

    Jek KianJek Kian25 dagar sedan
  • What about the duck?

    Prawin BoontoPrawin Boonto25 dagar sedan
  • keep pretending you care while 'photoshopping' smiles on the faces of genocide victims eh. vice is pathetic.

    Marcinogen DMarcinogen D25 dagar sedan
    • Yes, vice is.

      RzRz22 dagar sedan
  • Astrology is blatant in all of society. Math Geometry Time and right after is law

    yourdeadgrandpa1 supyourdeadgrandpa1 sup25 dagar sedan
  • Tres de res

    techfreak111techfreak11125 dagar sedan
  • Feel like we need to know more

    Marvin KennethMarvin Kenneth25 dagar sedan
  • These videos are too short

    Marvin KennethMarvin Kenneth25 dagar sedan
  • Photoshop smiles on murdered people again Vice. Just when I thought you couldn’t get any worse with your lying

    Jamez BlackjackJamez Blackjack25 dagar sedan
    • This man is an actual smart person Unlike vice or bbc (bbc support these things)

      RzRz22 dagar sedan
  • Go Thailand. We in Kazakhstan pray for you 🇰🇿♥️🇹🇭

    МеніңҚазақстанымМеніңҚазақстаным25 dagar sedan
  • Dont forget if vice doesnt like the way genocide victims look in photo's these people will photo shop smiles on murdered ethnic prisoners faces to make the chinese communist party happy.

    Black tail37Black tail3725 dagar sedan
  • Power of media and pop culture into transforming protest. Remind me of how much North Korea is trying to keep religion, social society great thinkers books out of their country. Hey perhaps K-pop is all what's needed to let that match.

    A. P.A. P.25 dagar sedan
  • The red shirts did not purposely used red to symbolize the opposite to Monday's color. That's ridiculous.

    Tools ToolboxTools Toolbox25 dagar sedan
  • The narrator sounds Filipino when speaking English🥺😂

    Andrea FarnacioAndrea Farnacio26 dagar sedan
  • You're a wizard duckie potter

    Dan HartiganDan Hartigan26 dagar sedan
  • democracy is overrated

    Piet LashPiet Lash26 dagar sedan
  • I collect rubber ducks so that big yellow inflatable sit duck is Quack Sparrow at my house.

    Benificial BeanBenificial Bean26 dagar sedan
  • They should push for abolishment instead of "reform". For how do you reform such a decadent institution?

    AmaniAmani26 dagar sedan
  • Hamtaro:0

    Ben FlaminiBen Flamini26 dagar sedan
  • I like ducks

    aidenaiden26 dagar sedan
  • Surprised Vice is even covering this story. Sad to think that Thailand will no longer be #1 after China takes it over.

    ShrieqerShrieqer26 dagar sedan
  • Vice editing smiles on Genocide Victims!!!

    Orlando ROrlando R27 dagar sedan
  • Why dont you guys ask someone from Thailand instead of resorting to some mythology bookworm.

    SteroidsR4ChampionssSteroidsR4Championss27 dagar sedan
  • Thailand keep blowing ducks 🦆 and getting shot at. Them folks getting slaughter over there, smh.

    Chris JonesChris Jones27 dagar sedan
  • #clickbait

    rengetsu08rengetsu0827 dagar sedan
  • I think it is funny how they give themselves so many medals. I bet this man does not even have basic military training.

    Daniel BotwoodDaniel Botwood27 dagar sedan
  • Thai people should be careful because China is buying influences in Thailand. There may be another Hong Kong 2.0 with China’s backing.

    MrMeoow91MrMeoow9127 dagar sedan
  • The first woman was holding an edited picture of Obama lol they’re a little behind

    Hey BeachesHey Beaches27 dagar sedan
  • สู้ๆครับ

    Phanu K.Phanu K.27 dagar sedan
  • Came here for the ducks.

    Vinh-Son NguyenVinh-Son Nguyen27 dagar sedan
  • ‘Falsifying history’: VICE media flogged for publishing Cambodia genocide victims’ photos with SMILES photoshopped on their faces.

    Donald DuckoDonald Ducko27 dagar sedan
  • The more modern our society the closer we will ALL come together

    Gavnasty 00Gavnasty 0027 dagar sedan
  • White giy explaining how Thai culutre works which he gets it wrong. Lmao I'm a Thailand and this doesn't make sense. Vice = fake news

    Jacob CJacob C27 dagar sedan
  • "Dilawan" is a worldwide problem. Yellow is the new black

    TheAngryDonutTheAngryDonut27 dagar sedan
  • What's up with the three finger salute?

    Desultory DilletanteDesultory Dilletante27 dagar sedan

    Scorpio7500Scorpio750027 dagar sedan
  • I support the king

    OnlyBonzoOnlyBonzo27 dagar sedan
  • RIP DMX and Prince Philip! 2 true gangsters! All dogs go to heaven 🕊️🖤

    That GuyThat Guy27 dagar sedan
  • F*ck capitalism... said the man who failed in life due to making bad decisions.

    JOHN WALTERJOHN WALTER27 dagar sedan
  • Monarch Buddhism Prostitution

    vida maxvida max27 dagar sedan
  • Take note ANTIFA and BLM. This is how you protest. They're religiously confused but they have the American Spirit. I wasn't aware they put Buddha - a man - above God. I think he's reading into the phone lights a little too hard. They were at a concert.

    Anthony BuccieriAnthony Buccieri27 dagar sedan
  • It’s clear that these colour revolutions are not spontaneous. They even use the same symbols as the umbrella used in HK and the yellow ducks in Brazil.. The symbolism is just one of the tactics used on hybrid warfares.

    Mateus GuimarãesMateus Guimarães27 dagar sedan
  • Woke culture is what leads to this. Those are the seeds 🇨🇳 is planting to start banning things that are offensive. Is why it needs to stop.

    Bryan PBryan P27 dagar sedan
  • Thailand’s pro democracy COSPLAY.

    GGGliderGGGlider27 dagar sedan
  • I suspect there is more to the story. Is there a part 2?

    iamJohngalt67iamJohngalt6727 dagar sedan
    • When there where live broadcasts of the fall of the wall of Berlin, people did not ask for a part 2, but they joined the people that they saw on TV, and became part 2.

      ollj ohollj oh17 dagar sedan
  • Great video,keep it up!🌏🌐🧭🌏

    Cristina Lexy Reef TankCristina Lexy Reef Tank27 dagar sedan
  • I am sorry that might be what Thailand teaches as Buddhism but non of that you say from the piramid to astrology is not buddhis.

    Dimitri KarunaratneDimitri Karunaratne28 dagar sedan
  • Protests in Thailand: Cute blowup ducks 🦆🐥 Protests in USA: *BURN DOWN THE WENDYS*🔥💥

    Lily FlowerLily Flower28 dagar sedan
    • Perfect depiction of protest VS riots

      Backyard ForgeBackyard Forge21 dag sedan
  • king rules🤣

    Radu LinieRadu Linie28 dagar sedan
  • all of that but nothing on the duckie floats,,, y'all really click-baited us huh

    Ishaan MenonIshaan Menon28 dagar sedan
  • Nobody cares. It`s borin

    mynewnamemynewname28 dagar sedan
  • The Thai are pro capitalism and America is pro socialism . The times are a changin

    No Show JoeNo Show Joe28 dagar sedan
  • Bro, the king needs to seriously go

    Commander CodyCommander Cody28 dagar sedan
  • But there are still a lot of Thais who support the monarchy if they where yellow

    Dillan MohottigeDillan Mohottige28 dagar sedan
  • Sadly the majority of you woke libs voted in an administration who will never protect anyone from their best friend China...

    TT28 dagar sedan
  • What about the ducks!

    nokeechianokeechia28 dagar sedan
  • I love learning about other cultures. I want to be able to communicate without degrading others points of view. This was very informative. Thank you

    Sal CrawSal Craw28 dagar sedan
  • The yellow rubber ducks. They were first used in the Hong Kong protests. They were "smiling, cute and designed to ridicule" the China government. The Thais did the same, but figured out they added protection against water cannons and chemical sprays. They are passed to the front and held as shields. Yellow is the color of Thai Royal loyalists. Thus the symbol of the military "shooting water and chemicals" at itself.

    MaxmartinMaxmartin28 dagar sedan
  • The irony is that Buddha was an atheist...🤣

    Pramod R SankarPramod R Sankar28 dagar sedan
  • Democracy is good for developing countries. Not so much for advanced civilizations.

    No VelasNo Velas28 dagar sedan
  • Love Thai, especially Ambiiyah

    Jomer BiasonJomer Biason28 dagar sedan
  • hong kong started this

    ricky wongricky wong28 dagar sedan
  • Support to the people in Thailand, from Chile.

    Chilena Promedio AprueboChilena Promedio Apruebo28 dagar sedan
    • support to chile from canada 🇨🇦

      Alex KaterynaAlex Kateryna12 dagar sedan
  • Brave people and they're rare

    I'm OldI'm Old28 dagar sedan
  • Looks like they have a potato problem as well.

    Passionata DancePassionata Dance28 dagar sedan
  • Indian-chinese mix = South-east asia.

    Кипчак ПриволжьяКипчак Приволжья28 dagar sedan
    • *Mix of cultures from these countries with local customs

      Кипчак ПриволжьяКипчак Приволжья28 dagar sedan
  • Long live the Thai monarchy.

    Edward PetersonEdward Peterson28 dagar sedan
    • no

      SparrowSparrow28 dagar sedan
  • The meme wars never end

    Whyisthisathing ?Whyisthisathing ?28 dagar sedan
  • This is typical of pre christian pagan societys.God kings can be traced to ante diluvian hybrid -humans who had bred with fallen angels.They were identified with the "seed of the serpent" in scriptures.

    john delongjohn delong28 dagar sedan
    • Dude there is no God, it's all bullshit to control the masses

      A KA K28 dagar sedan
  • I hope they will succeed where Hong Kong has failed. They will give inspiration for future protests against tyranny across the world.

    TaeLisa ShipperTaeLisa Shipper28 dagar sedan
    • @Alex Kateryna basically, Hong Kong protesters are against being controlled by China. Thai protestors are being agitated by outside forces (social media ) and Thai's that want to be the power structure After!, an "overthrow". USA/Soros can not conquer Thailand so easily as it has strong culture, values, religion, pride. This is same formula for what they did to USA. Destroy their religion,family values, create hate between groups. Divide old from young. Now look at USA. The President is surrounded by soldiers and barbed wire to protect him from the people. The "students/demonstrators" won but the country is lost. A Kingdom with out a King is just another country on the map.

      pitchamai kongchanpitchamai kongchan12 dagar sedan
    • @pitchamai kongchan why is what they said against what you said though?

      Alex KaterynaAlex Kateryna12 dagar sedan
    • What ????? You are comparing Hong Kong to Thailand ????????? Thailand is a Kingdom and the USA is trying to overthrow the govt to put in it's Thai billionaire working with US State you homework.

      pitchamai kongchanpitchamai kongchan26 dagar sedan
  • You are wrong. About many things. I live in Thailand. You are wrong. Stop trying to figure out our culture. Vice is so out of touch

    schizophrenicscienceschizophrenicscience28 dagar sedan
  • ジャパニーズハムスター🐹🐹🐹

    カネコアヤノの猫カネコアヤノの猫28 dagar sedan
  • There's another pretty interesting place doing alot of unique non-violent protests against an oppressive country trying to assimilate it and kidnap its people. Massive trade empire? Britain turned its back? Should do a video on that one.

    MFnDahkMFnDahk28 dagar sedan

    mill bmill b28 dagar sedan
  • wth is happening. is world war 3 coming or something?

    Faishal AziziFaishal Azizi28 dagar sedan
  • Exile Myself from Earth and got cloned on Uranus 💉.🩸 🧪🍆💦🧪🛸🪐 #Reddawn #Killarmy

    Akbarrel YeshuaAkbarrel Yeshua28 dagar sedan